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Sunday, April 3, 2011

St.Patrick Race Recap

Didn't have to get up early to day for the St. Patrick  race because,  it didn't start till 11:00.  I'm not a fan of late start races but Oh well.   I got there early because I didn't have time to pickup my packet on Saturday.  I  also wanted to take some pictures before the race, so I would have some to put on my blog.  My running partner and I dressed  up for this race. I love to dress up, it makes the  race that much  more fun. 

When Kerri from Tutu Runner did her recap on her St.Patrick race, I absolutely loved  her tutu she was wearing.  I commented on how I wish I had a tutu to wear at my St.Patrick race.  Lo and behold she sent me a tutu . How awesome is that. 

Kerri runs with Team in Training.  She ran the Chicago Marathon last October 2010.  She sells tutus ( any color any size) to raise money for the leukemia and lymphoma society, to fund Blood Cancer Research.
 So if you like my tutu, checkout the Tutu Runner .

  It was pretty windy today  and we were running into the wind till, around mile 4.  The last mile was all downhill, baby. Boy I was loving that. I need to start packing my water with me even on short races because, it was pretty warm here by 11:00 .  They only had one water stop for the 5k at 1 mile and for the 10k at 5 miles. I was dying of thirst.   At mile  4  a couple of guys in a  SUV  offered  me a cold  bottle of water  to take a drink.  I told them they were sweet hearts. I was really needing that drink, I was dying of thirst.

My Chief
1-Mile 10:03
2- Mile - 10:13
3-Mile - 10:42
4- Mile - 10:51
5 - Mile - 11:24
6 - Mile -10:55
Not the best times, but as I say I'm work in progress.  Time 1:04

Here is a couple of picture with the tutu's. The tutu's were a big hit at the race.

Did you have a race today?

Have you ever wore a tutu in a race?

Was the weather nice in your area?


  1. Ok, you look so awesome! LOVE the green tutu!!! :)
    And great job on the race, especially with wind.

    I am with you on not liking late starts. Sounds like it was lots of fun though. Congrats!

  2. Love the cute outfits! It's great because when you are in pain and someone says CUTE OUTFIT it makes you smile =)

  3. Love the tutus! One of these days I'll race in one. ;o)

  4. Love the tutu! AND I love the Tutu Runner. My Monday Morning Dance Party is dedicated to her tomorrow!

  5. Sassy outfits! You guys look great. I only dress up for Halloween runs so far, and usually as a pirate! Arrgh. It is a fast pirate costume.
    :-) Congrats!

  6. I so love a race costume! I haven't done the tutu, but I did a tiara in the St. Patty's day race here in KC. Our weather was awesome this weekend!! Great job on the race.

  7. your outfit is AWESOME. I can't say that I've ever run in a tutu

  8. Love your outfits! Especially the socks! I love running in costume! It helps me not get too stressed out!

  9. I love your outfit!! I've never worn a tutu for a race. I think it would bother me, but who knows.


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