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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just not feeling it.

Got up today and  I new I had to get my long run in, because the weather is not looking good  here for most of the week. We are in a rainy spell.  My training calls for only 10 miles but I'm really wanting to push it to  12 miles. 

 When I started I thought I would wear my running shoes for this long run because I hate when my feet get cold. I new with the vff's my toes would get cold, because it was chill this morning. 

Got all my stuff on and headed to town.   I'm feeling pretty good, not liking the cold but I'm just going to getter done.    The first 3 miles I was trying to pick it up a little. Mainly because  I've been trying to go faster on the treadmill and wanted to see how that would help me on the pavement.  The first 3 miles I was feeling pretty good .  At 5 miles I'm thinking I'm really not feeling this long run today.  By the 6th mile my stomach is rolling and I'm thinking, I freak in need  to find a bathroom.  I hate when that happens. It doesn't happen to me that much so I can't complain.  After the potty break I'm thinking maybe I will just do 9 and call it a day.

 The next 3 miles were tough. I'm stilll  not feeling it. But, darn it I only have 3 more miles to go to reach my goal of 12 miles.   So I   decided to  just keep pushing threw it.  After the 10th  mile my stink en hamstring is killing me and my hip too.   So I decide to stop and put on my vff's for the last 2.2 miles to see if that  would  help with my hamstring and hip.   After about the first half mile my hamstring and hip are feeling  so much better and I was able to get my last 2.2 miles in.  I am slowly becoming a believer of these minimalist shoe.

 I really  need to buy some minimalist shoes that you can wear socks with, so I can  keep on  trucking in my minimalist shoes in cold weather.  I will probably never be a barefoot runner, because I have a fear of getting something in my foot and having to go to the Doc and get it out. I don't think so, I hate needles, especially when it comes to my feet. I do have socks for my vff's but there are like wearing gloves vs mittens.  I need  all of my toes together.

Here is what Chief recorded

Mile 1-  10.21                                                  Mile 7- 12.46
Mile 2-  10.07                                                  Mile 8- 10.32
Mile 3 - 10.00                                                  Mile 9- 10.44
Mile 4 -10.32                                                   Mile 10- 11.13
Mile 5 - 10.23                                                  Mile 11- 11.49
Mile 6 - 11.14                                                  Mile 12- 11.32

   Anyone know of some good minimalist shoes that you can wear socks with and all my toes are together?

     How are you coming on your transition to minimalist shoes or barefoot running?


  1. Awesome job on pushing through your run. I am glad that you finished up with no pain. I have had so many feet/hip problems in the past month it is definitely making me consider transitioning to minimalist shoes. Just gotta bite the bullet and try it out I guess :) have a good day!

  2. Great job pushing through and getting your 12 miles!! Hate when mother nature calls in the middle of a run.....usually happens when I DON'T want to stop. Never tried minimalist but you have peaked my interest.

  3. Good job for getting it done! It is the days that you do not want to go that make you much stronger =)

  4. Penny,
    My nike frees are minimalist shoes. I can wear socks with them. If I hit a puddle though, which can happen often if its raining (or with the melting snow) it would go right through the top. I have not tried the finger shoes so I can not tell you how they compare. But I can tell you I love my nike frees!

  5. Hmm...the Merrell BF shoes are getting good reviews as are the New Balance miminalist. I also have a pair of Terra Plana Evo's (got them at cost--they are expensive!) and I know you can fit socks in them.

    I am having top of foot pain pretty badly from my barefooting exploits. Wearing shoes this week in an effort to help it.

  6. I wear pearli izumi streak IIs which are their "minimalis" shoes. (of course the term minimalist covers a broad range of shoes...but worth checking out)

  7. I love my Merrell Pace Gloves and do usually wear socks in them. They don't have as much ground feel as the Vibrams, so you have to pay more attention to form, but I think they will be my "go to" shoes in the winter.

  8. I've worn Injinji socks with my VFF's, their toe running socks. Check em out.

  9. Try a pair of 5$ aqua socks from walmart.

  10. Nice job pushing through!!

    My brother has a pair of Newtons and loves them.

  11. Great job on going after the 12!! I love when I push it long instead of choosing to drop short of my planned mileage...especially if I'm NOT feeling it - THAT just makes it that much more of an accomplishment.

    I wear my Nike Frees with socks.

  12. Way to push through and get in your 12...

    I have never tried the minimalist shoes...

    Thanks for the encouragment for this weekend! :)


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