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Monday, April 18, 2011

It's my Job & Jelly Bean Virtual Race

Last week I got up early to go the gym and work out like I do most mornings.  Got in 40 minutes weight training and 30 minutes on the elliptical.  When I got up I just felt like I wanted to be color coordinate. So I put on my pink skater socks, pink and black shorts, pink top and I can't leave out my new Bondi Band that's black with pink lettering that says, Run Happy.  Boy, I was feeling pretty stylish.   Sometimes it just makes me feel better if I look more put together on my runs.

So after my workout of course I have to go to Casey's and get my cappucino.  When I got to Casey's their were some FFA kids getting some food  before they had to get on the bus to go to the FFA Convention.  Their was this girl  that my son knows at Casey's and I said hi and told her to have a good time at the convention.  My son is in FFA and was going to the convention to.

Later that night my son comes home and I went downstairs to talk to  him.  I asked him how the convention went and a few other questions. Than I mentioned that I seen mac short for McKenzie.  He goes I know, she told me she liked your pink socks.  I'm thinking Sweet she likes my pink socks.   I'm one hip mom.

 Than my son says to me, do you have to wear those pink socks.  I'm thinking  hell  yes,  I love those pink skater socks.    So than I asked him if I embarrassed him. He's reply was YES. Doesn't he know by now that It's  my Job to embarrass him.

I remember all to well when my mom embarrassed me.  It wasn't anything that she intentionally tried to do. It is just the way I  perceived  it.   So, from on now I will try really hard not to embarrass my son around girls.

5k or 10k Virtual Race

I'm doing the Jelly Bean Virtual Race 10k.  Got up this morning to get it done so I  could  cross it off my to do list for this week.  It was a little chilly out and of course the freak in wind was blowing.  I probably could of ran outside but was not feeling like I wanted to put all those extra clothes on . So I opted for the treadmill.  I  tried upping  the mph to go a little faster for so long and than backed  it down a little.  I would say it actually felt good to go a little faster. 

I've been kind of gun shy of the treadmill.  About a month or two ago I was having some issues with my grown area and hamstring. It got to wear it hurt to much to run . Went to a Physical Therapist and she gave me some exercise and I'm doing a lot better.  So, yes baby I'm on the run again.

                                             Have you ever embarrassed your kids?

                                          Are you doing the Jelly Bean Virtual Race?

                                             Have you been dealing with an injury?


  1. Haha yes to all of the above! I think I'll knock out the Jellybean tomorrow. Our weather sucks as well. Bleh.

  2. Way to complete the jelly bean virtual! I need to do this this week--did you take a pic of yourself?? I think Jess is awarding a prize to the best costume! :)

  3. Jess, I sure did in my orange hippy outfit. I was hoping I looked like a orange jelly bean .

  4. eeek! everyone is doing the jelly bean virtual race! I really need to get in on this for sure. Plus I could do it on my own time...sounds awesome. I have never done a virtual race before but really want to give one a try at some point.

    I don't have kids but I definitely remember the days of my mom embarrassing me and of course I CANNOT WAIT to embarrass my own kids some day. haha!

    Also been dealing with an injury that then leads to pain in other areas every time I think I am "healed"...blah. But going to the doc this week to hopefully help me come up with a plan for strengthening my legs for running again :)

    have a good week! oh and I LOVE all things pink..especially socks...so I think it is awesome that you wear them a lot :)

  5. Thanks Julia, You should hop on the wagon and do the Jelly Bean Race. That is the nice part you can split into 1 mile runs or anyway you want to get it done.

  6. Oh I love embarrassing my kids! You're right, it's our job! I could be so much worse too. I like yelling out the car window, "I love you!" And I'm glad you're on the run again. It's always scary coming back from an injury and hoping you don't do it again.

  7. my mom is one of my dearest friends now, but as a kid I don't think she could have done anything that I wouldn't have found embarrassing :)


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