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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I posted in early March that I was going to start back on the WW plan.  WW has a new plan , so I had to got to a meeting to learn how this new plan works.   So now that I understand the new plan, I needed to get the stuff to work the plan.  If you read my last post.  You know I have been trying to get one of the new calculator so I would know what the point value of my food was. 

Sunday night I had a revelation.   I realized that my mind set was not ready to start counting points and  a food journal back in March.  I have been making EXCUSES.  EXCUSES  is exactly how I gained a lot of weight in  the past.

Sunday night I didn't sleep worth a darn.  My inner thigh was aching all night. You don't think it could be because my husband had me picking up rock out in a field and putting them in a 5 gallon bucket. But that's not all, I had to carry that bucket full of rocks to the pickup truck by the road and empty the bucket in the back of the pickup.  The freak in wind was so strong I thought I was going to blow away with the  bucket full of rocks.  And I wonder why I have leg and back issues.  The plus side of that I got lots of sun.  Always try to find something positive in what ever you do.

I had planned to get up extra early  on Monday and get 12 miles in before work.  I was so freak in tired, I shut the alarm off and slept till 7.00.   By now I'm thinking this is  not going to be a good food day. Mainly because when I'm tired I like to eat comfort food.  I packed my lunch with the mind set of counting points.   I was able to stay focused through out the day. Remembering whatever I put in my mouth, I had to count.  I even counted my French Vanilla Cappuccino.  After work  I was  able to get  in one hour  on the elliptical.

Since I didn't get the 12 miles done yesterday morning, I'm still obsessing on how to get them in.  I got to thinking if I can get a good night sleep,  I will get up extra early and get those 12 miles in this morning.  The alarm went off at 4.00 so I got up and got all my running gadgets on.  I was  hitting the pavement by 4.44 by what my  Chief showed.

 I'm trying to transition over to minimalist shoes.  I have a pair of the VFF''s    The farthest I have run in them is 7 miles. So this morning my goal was to do at least 9 miles in my VFF's and 3 miles in my running shoes.   By 9 miles my feet were hurting so I new my feet were telling me enough.  Boy when I put those running shoes on it felt so weird.  I really like the way my feet feel in the VFF's.

My Chief
Mile 1- 11.07
Mile 2-10.35
Mile 3-11.05
Mile 4-11.06
Mile 5-11.07
Mile 6- 11.31
Mile 7-11.30
Mile 8 -11.37
Mile 9-11.21
Mile 10- 11.09
Mile 11-10.57
Mile 12-11.07
Average pace -11.11

Two days down counting and journaling. It takes how many days to change a habit?  (21 days) OH Goodness, I  still have 19 more days to go to change my bad habits.  Hey it is two days  down that I didn't have last week.. So my MOTTO is  NO EXCUSES AND WORK IN PROGRESS.

                                         How is your week going?

                                          Are you  making Excuses?

                           Are you trying to transition into miminalist shoes?


  1. my week is going okay. definitely full of excuses and negativity so I needed a quick little trip to blog land to feel re-motivated, encouraged and inspired.

    GREAT job on your run today and way to listen to your feet! I would like to try out some minimalist shoes but have been too scared to do so yet! have a great night :)

  2. Oh well we all have our excuses...my favorite is that I have too much homework. Congrats on the run you inspired me to get out there and run tomorrow =)

  3. I am way too good at making excuses!! Great job on the first two days of changing your habits =)

    And way to go on the run. You are smart to listen to your body. I'm trying to get better at that.

  4. Excuses are often my middle name! It's too cold, it's okay to have more ice cream because I've not had good things to eat all day, so what's one more bad thing!

  5. I have been making excuses about running more often. I really need to fit speed work back into my schedule.

  6. I've been wearing Nike Frees for about 7 months now. I don't know that I'm going to go any more minimalist at this point because they are working for me...

  7. Those are some awesome miles in vffs! I'm pretty sure my mileage in mine is about a miles worth of running. i do use them for walking though!

  8. I have been wearing Nike Frees for about four months and love them. I am going to stick with them for awhile.

    Good Job on your run!

  9. Nice run!

    I have to get back to tracking.... Tomorrow is the start of a new WI week for me. No excuses, I need to do it!

  10. I thought about switching to minimalist shoes, but haven't made the leap yet. BTW, I was in Iowa this week. I love Iowa and love running there - Ankeny area ... flat, flat, flat!!!

  11. I think what is key though, you have recognized your excuses and now you can switch in to a different mental mode! that's what I had to do a couple weeks ago


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