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Friday, September 30, 2011

We've Been FLOCKED

Sometime last night we were FLOCKED.  The  After Prom Committee is trying to raise money for our After Prom party for next year.  One of the ways they raise money is to put the Pink Flamingos in someones yard, telling them they have been FLOCKED.  In order to get rid of the Pink Flamingos you have to donate money to the After Prom Committee.  I think this is a great fundraiser.


      Who doesn't like Pink Flamingo's in their front yard?


Awesome weather we are having here in Iowa.   It was in the high 40's this morning.  Boy it was hard getting out of bed this morning.  I haven't been sleeping very good lately. You don't think it could of been all the Mimi Cinnamon rolls I ate last night.  My mother in law sent Mimi Cinnamon rolls home with my hubby.   I have been looking at those Cinnamon rolls for 3 days now and I couldn't resist any longer.  Even knowing that one was not going to cut it. Come on they are Mimi Cinnamon rolls.  I indulge in  four Cinnamon rolls or maybe 5, OK I lost track.    Pastries and bread are my downfall.  I literally cant stop at one. I knew I was going to be feeling like a  Couch Potato in the morning.

 I really wasn't  looking forward to running this morning.   Feeling like a Couch Potato.  The great thing about having a running partner is they make  you accountable. Otherwise, I might of just stayed in bed.  I couldn't stay in bed, because I was meeting  D and R at 5 am to get a run in.  We headed out of town on the highway.   If I wouldn't of been with D and R I wouldn't of ran  on the highway in the dark. Like I've said before I'm petrified of the dark. Imagine that, considering I have to run in the dark every morning.

We only did 3 miles because D and R are doing their long run on Saturday. I was lucky enough to get my long run in earlier in the week.  Than I went off to the gym and had my time with Bob Harper.

Do you feel like a Couch Potato when you eat something that isn't so healthy for you?

                                  Are you running a race this weekend.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bringing in the Gold

 I love this time of year.  As I'm driving down the country road or highway I see fields of beans that  are ready to be harvested.  They have a brownish gold  cast to them.   At harvest time when  I go by a field of beans I  always say look at that  "FIELDS OF GOLD". 

My hubby is always so  happy when he gets to go to the field. He finally gets to see and harvest the finally product, he has worked so hard at all summer.  We got a new combine this year.  So my hubby has to get everything programed to just the way  he wants it.  Let me tell you with all this new technology, it's hard on us older people.  What ever happen to the simple things in life.  He's  finally getting it programed just the way he wants it, but with a few choice words.   If you have sensitive ears you probably  wouldn't of  wanted to be around.  Ha Ha!  
I rode with him most of the morning to see where all the new  gadgets were, that way  I would know how to run it when he took the beans to  town.
It runs  a lot like the old one, but with  a few more technical things. 

                                             Can you tell we love  our JOHN DEERE GREEN

This morning I worked out with Jackie Warner and got an easy 3 miles in, before I had to go help my hubby in the field.   I was so glad I did my 12 miler yesterday.  I wouldn't of had  enough time  to do it this morning.  When I started my legs where feeling so heavy and tired.   I was thinking to myself this is not going to be a very good run. I hate  it when I have negative thoughts, before I even get started.  I  know I will  feel better, when  I get done.    It took at least a mile and a half before I actually started to feel like I was going to get through this run this morning.   When I finally got done I looked at my garmin and to my surprise my pace was pretty good.   My splits were 10.23,10.09,9.53.  Holy Crap! A Negative split "SWEET".   I really didn't think I had it in me this morning. Just goes to show you that, you should always try even if you are not feeling it.  More than not you will do better than you thought.

Have you ever thought you didn't do so well  in a race and  than you ended up with a  PR?

                                   Are  you enjoying this great Fall weather?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Hippie Runner Winner/ Running Buddies

Congrats to the winners of the Hippie Runner Giveaway.  The winner of the Belt is Amanda @ MissZippy and the winner of the 4Headband is Marcia @ The Studly Runner.  

 Thanks everyone for participating. Send me an email  with your address and I'll get the items sent out to you.   

No running  this weekend. I was hoping to do a 12 miler, but that  just  didn't work out.  But, this morning I met D and R to go running.  We got started around 5 am and  than R needed  to go to the bathroom so we headed  on out to a country road so she could do her thing.   About 2.5 miles into it D's leg started to cramp.  D told us to go ahead and he would see us Wednesday. So R and I  just kept on  running. Boy, what a great morning to run at 4 miles R needed to go to the bathroom again so she headed on over to Casey's and I  decided to just keep on running.   My plan was to do at least 5 miles this morning, but I was feeling so good I decided to get one of my longer runs in this morning.   By the time I got done I had gotten in 10 miles this morning. Boy it just felt so good to run, since I didn't get any running in this weekend.   I was worried about D's leg cramp and wondering how he was doing.  Bless his heart he put a note on my car telling me he was OK and would see me Wednesday. Than I stopped at the gym to get a drink of water and R was they finishing her workout.  Everyone is accounted for, so off to home I  go.  D and R are running the IMT Des Moines Marathon too.  R has ran several marathons, but this is D first marathon. I'm not afraid to ask people if they would like to run with me in the mornings. I had heard D was going to do the marathon and he had been running in the morning.  I seen D at a football game and asked if he would like a running partner.  Low and Behold he said sure. How sweet is that. Than two weeks later R texted me and said she gave up the YMCA and was going to start going the the gym I go to in town.  I honestly couldnt believe it.So right now I have two running partners and am loving it.  God works in mysterious ways

 Saturday was the  Homecoming Dance for our school. My son doesn't like to dance a whole lot and decided not to go.  His friend Jake and his girlfriend decide to go out with my son and his girlfriend. They  went to a movie and out for supper, than went over to Jake's house afterwards.   

But Mom and Dad  went out and partied.  Our friends that we go camping with have a daughter that is a senior too and she wanted to have a homecoming party before the dance.  So her Dad grilled out  for the homecoming event.  He grilled deer, lamb, chicken, brisket, potatoes their's no reason for anyone  to go home hungry that's for sure.   We had an awesome time.  We didn't even  get home till  around 1 am.  I'm not use to those late hours.  That is kind of why it was a no running weekend for me. I  had planned on doing  a 12 miler on Sunday, but I literally couldn't get my butt out of bed, I was so tired.  OK,I use to be a party animal when I was younger, but not anymore.  In order for me to do a long run I need my beauty sleep. 

                                           Are you in tapering mode?

                                    Are you running a race this weekend?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Get Motivated with Beachbody. com DVD's

The last couple of weeks I have been doing my Turbo Jam  DVDs.  Turbo Jam constantly keeps me moving.  I love all the kick boxing, punches it has in it. The music really pumps me up and keeps  me  motivated.  Especially  the days  when I'm so tired in the morning.

I have also tried P90X, these DVDs will kick your butt.  Their is a couple of P90X DVDs I literally cant get all the way through. 

If  you are not familiar with Beachbody.com  they have a wide variety of awesome workout DVDs, all of which will kick your but.

P90x- Get ripped in 90 days with Tony Horton's 12 extreme workouts using the science of Muscle Confusion.

P90x2- is a completely new 90-day extreme program that continues to build on your P90X results.

Insanity Workout - Transform your body in 60 days with the most intense workout program ever put on DVD. Shaun T will push you past your limits to get you the hardest body you've ever had. 

Asylum Workout - Go from average to elite in 30 days with Shaun T's 6 DVD sports performance-based workouts. 

Body Beast - is in the development stages and will be released soon. 

Go check out Beachbody.com you will love their DVDs.

                             Do you like working out to DVDs?

                    What is you favorite  workout DVD?

   Don't forget to enter my Hippie Runner Giveaway HERE ends  9/25. Their will be 2 lucky winners.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

" Yes" My last 20 miler

I had planned on running my last 20 miler Friday morning.  I didn't sleep worth a crap.  When I woke up it was raining outside.  Boy I was feeling kind of happy about that, because than I could put it off one more day. Especially since I didn't sleep very good the night before. I really wasn't feeling this run at all.

 SO I went to  the gym and just did the bike for 30 minutes, elliptical for 30 minutes and 40 minute Bob Harper DVD.   I was hoping that Saturday would be a better day to run, maybe the sun might just be out a little.

When I got up this  morning it was  cloudy and gloomy.  DARN IT.  The sun was suppose to be out at least a little.    I get all my running gear on and head to town to drop all my water bottles off, so I will have something to drink during my run.    As I'm driving to drop my bottles off  it's starting to mist outside. DARN IT.    It's not looking good but I don't have a choice I need to get this 20 miler done today.  

My leg were feeling really good as I was starting out.  It felt like my legs just new what they were suppose to be doing. BOY, I like it when I can get that feeling.   At mile 6, I  stop an take a Gu and get a drink.  I get back on the road and keep on truck in.   At mile 10, I'm feeling  so good I actually  think I could go on for ever.   Than mile 12 comes my stomach is starting to give me fits.  I'm think this is not good.  Trying to find a ditch when cars keep going by is kind of hard sometimes, but I found one and let loose.  Feeling alittle better. I get back on the road and keep on trunk in.    As I'm running back into town my stomach is starting to feel funny again. I try to keep on running, but my stomach is turning and I  really need to take another dump, BADLY. Thank  Goodness there is a Casey's store up the street. I'm running a little faster hoping I will make  it to the bathroom and I'm  also praying that know one is in the bathroom or all Hell is going to break loose. I mean that literally. To my relief no one was in the bathroom.   Do you remember that old  Alka Seltzer commerical  that went like this Plop Plop Fizz Fizz OH What a relief it is. That is totally how I was feeling at that moment.

By now I just want to get this run over with, because my stomach is not agreeing with me.  I still have 6 miles to go. I get started running again and decide to just take one mile at a time.  At mile 18, I had to make another pit stop and decide to go ahead and take my last Gu.  I'm saying to myself I only have 2 miles to go I can get this done.  So I got back out there and finished those last two miles. 

One Happy Girl

I'm one happy girl.  I got my last 20 miler in and now it's  tapering time for me till the  marathon.  As I was  running I started  to have negative thoughts like can I do this marathon by myself. Doing this last 20 miler has given me more confidence that I can and will do this marathon solo.  I know all to well those last 4 mile will suck, but they are doable. 
                            I will conquer my fear and rejoice in it. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Night Football

                                             FRIDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL

 My son is a senior this year and plays football for Earlham High School.    I  love watching him play football, even though I have a hard time keeping my eyes on  him with the helmets on.   He is a linebacker on offense and a tackle on defense.  Now,  do I watch football on TV or go to any NFL or college  football games. That would be a NO.   Let just say your children have a way of making you do things you normally wouldn't do.  For one thing I'm not a fan of  cold weather, but you will see me at every game whether the sun is shining or it is snowing out.    The game to night is 1 hour and 15 minutes away from where we live.  Good thing we only have three far away games.    I enjoy driving to the away games, but don't look forward to the long drive home when you are getting  tired from  a long day.

It's  hard to believe that this will be our last high school football season.   When your babies are small you don't think they will ever get old enough to do things on their own or  go off to college.  Believe me those  years go by  so fast. 

I'm  looking  forward to seeing my boys grow into young men.   It truly is an amazing journey. 

      Do you have a daughter or son that is graduating this year?
          How are you handling their last year of High School?

        Don't forget to enter my Hippie Runner Giveaway.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's Official " MARATHON"


Today I sent my  money into IMT Des Moines Marathon to switch from the half to the whole Marathon.  I'm excited, but at the same time very nervous. I know I have put in the training for this Marathon.  I know I will finish. Will it be as great as last year, I don't know.  I only know that not crossing the finish line is not an option.  I know the last 4 miles will kick my butt, but even knowing that I just feel it  in my heart that I'm suppose to do another  marathon. I  know if I  didn't switch to the whole marathon, I would regret it later on.  After all I have put in a lot of training miles, not to do this marathon.  I  welcome the challenge of another  marathon. Which is kind of weird for me to say, because this is so out of my comfort zone.

My running partner that ran the marathon with me last year will not be running beside me.  I will be running this one Solo.  My running partner will however,  be doing the half marathon.   I'm one lucky GIRL, because my running partner is going to meet me at mile 22, that way she can help me get through the last 4 miles, which I'm dreading.   I'm also  one lucky girl to have such a great running partner and friend..  One good thing about this marathon being close to home, is  that  I  know a couple of other people that will be doing this marathon.  So while  I'm running I will be on the look out for them. Hopefully, that will help me keep my mind off of running 26.2 mile.   "I HOPE".

Jim from 50 After 40 will be running the IMT Des Moines Marathon to.   Jim is working on running 50 Marathons in 50 States.   I'm hoping I can meet up with him, before the marathon and get some pictures.   Jim's  wife is Michael  from Slowly Tri-ing  and I hoping she will be coming to, so I can meet her.                       

Have you ever decided to  switch from doing a half to a whole marathon?

                                          Have you gotten to meet other bloggers?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Hippie Runner - Review/Giveaway

The great people at Hippie Runner sent me a  Go Belt which is an  Expandable Belt, along with some of their 4Head Headbands to try out.

I used the Go Belt which is a Expandable gear belt on a 18 miler.  I liked that it had two separate zippered pockets.  I put my phone in one and my extra Kleenx in the other.  I don't run anywhere without my Kleenx, because my nose runs all the time. The separate pockets work  great  when you have to carry  several different things on your run. I also loved that the pockets are a little different in size. When I put my phone in the smaller pouch, I couldn't believe how Expandable it was. The Go Belt also has 4 utility loops for your  Gu, energy bars, inhalers, etc.   I used them for my Gu. I thought it was a little tough to get my Gu in the utility loops, but once I got them in they were there to stay. One of the things I didnt like about the pockets was that they are not waterproof.  My kleenx got all wet.  Also included are re-usable ties to attach your race number to the belt.     The  Go Belt  is lightweight and fully adjustable to fit any waist size.  So if you are looking for a great running belt go check Hippie Runner.

Two different sized  zippered pockets
4 utility loops
adjustable waist belt
when I wore the pockets in the back I  didn't notice any bouncing. It fit  perfectly  in the curve of my back.
2 re-useable ties to attach your bib number

not waterproof
I like to wear my pockets in the front sometimes when I run.  Plus, I like to wear the belt down low on my hips. So when I had it in the front, I did notice a little bouncing with the pocket. When I wore it more around my stomach I didn't notice any bouncing.

I also received some 4Head Headbands to review. 

I wore this headband on my 18 miler and it worked real well for me.  As most of you know I have issues with sweat running into my eyes when I run, plus I wear glasses.  It's   kind of hard to keep wiping sweat from your eyes when you have glasses on.   The 4Heads Headbands kept  the sweat from running down into my eyes.   It fit really well around my  head. It wasn't to tight or to lose.  The material is soft and stretchy.  The 4Head Headbands are made with  material that dissipates moisture and allow for quick evaporation.   The 4Head Headbands come in many different  colors, fun patterns and slogans for you to choose from.  Hippie Runner offer a great deal, for every 4, 4Head Headbands you buy  you get one free.  How awesome is that. 

Hippie Runner sent me an extra Go Belt and 4Head Headband to giveaway.  I will  be picking two winners one for the Go Belt and one for the 4Head Headband.

One follower will win this Go Belt

One follower will win this 4Head Headband

                                                     HOW TO ENTER

1) (Mandantory) - Become a follower of  my blog, if not already.  1-entry
2) Like Hippie Runner on facebook  HERE and tell them the Pink Hat Runner sent you. 1-entry
3) Visit Hippie Runner website HERE and let me know what you like. 1-entry
4) Facebook, Blog, twitter,etc about giveaway. 1-entry for each

                             The winners will be chosen by random.org on 9/25
                                                       Good Luck!

Disclaimer-The Federal Trade Commission mandates that I let you know that Hippie Runner provided me with the products free of charge. However, the opinion expressed is solely my own.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

YMX - Winner

This morning up at 5 am so I could get my workout in before I headed off to work.  The plan for today's workout was 40 minutes with Jackie Warner DVD and a 4 mile run.   I haven't taken a day off from running, since before my 14 miler on Wednesday. My legs are starting to tell me they need a day off for recovery.  My workout with Jackie was great like always. Love her DVDs.   It was still dark outside so I had to take a little time and get all my running gear on, so people would be able to see me in the dark. 

The first mile my legs were just plain feeling heavier.    I was having a hard time getting into a good rhythm. By the time I got done with the 4 miles, I  was  thinking my splits were not going to be  so good.  So when I  got done and checked to see what my splits were on my Garmin,   I was very happy.  I was surprised because I didn't feel like I was running faster than I usually do.  I know it was only 4 miles, but for me it was a good run.  Anything in the 9's these days makes for a happy girl.

Avg Pace
Summary                                       00:39:08                            4.01                                           09:45
100:10:13 1.00 10:13
200:09:51 1.00 09:51
300:09:34 1.00 09:34
400:09:22 1.00 09:22

                                        The Winner of the YMX

Is  #70,  Kim K @  Finally Fit 2011 http://finallyfit2011.blogspot.com/p/before-and-after.html.   Kim is a wife, SAHM & nanny, and a new runner living in gorgeous Az.  Kim has lost 20 lbs and is feeling awesome and looking great.  Kim did her first ever 5k race April 22, 2011.  Kim ran the race in 30.52.  That is awesome Kim.    So stop by an check out  Kim @ http://finallyfit2011.blogspot.com/

Kim shoot  me an email  pinkhatrunner@hotmail.com  with your address and shirt size and YMX will get it sent  out to you.

Thanks  everyone  for  participating in the YMX  giveaway.

Do you  have  days where you just don't feel like running, but you get out their anyway and  actually do better than you normally do.?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sweating Buckets/20 Miler

Got up early this morning, so I could get my 20 miler in before this weekend.   Not a good day to do a 20 miler. The temps when I got outside was 73 degrees and I think the humidity wasn't far behind.  Last weeks 18 miler started out in the 50's.  I sure could of used those temps again this morning.  I know we don't always get to choose what kind of weather we are going to run in. Darn It. That sure would be nice. 

I was meeting Dan to go running this morning. When I got to the school where we were meeting, NO Dan. He texted me later and said he over slept. Crap I was really hoping we could run 5 to 6 miles and than I would be on my own for the rest.  Running 6 miles with someone else would mean that many less miles I would have to run by myself.  

It's  5 am and pitch black, which means I have to wear my headlamp and reflective vest. Plus,  my running belt with my phone and fuel. Before I went to the school I  went around town and deposited water bottle at different locations so I would have water.  It is way to hot and humid not to enough water today.

I decided to run around town till it started to get light outside.  The first 10 miles felt pretty good even though I sweating buckets of water. By mile 12, I  was starting  to feel pretty tired and drained. The heat and humidity was sucking out all of my energy.   How your mind wants to play with you, when you start to get tired.   When I hit mile 15, my feet where starting to  hurt. I have been wearing Kinvara 2 and the balls of my feet, after so many miles just burn and some times I will have tingling in them.  I put an insole in them to see if that would help.  The insole did help alittle.  Not sure this is the shoe for me. But, I  need to figure it out before Marathon time.  I would say the last 4 miles I did the walk, run  thing. I was reaching the point of no return.  I was doing what ever I could to get through these last 4 miles.  I was never so happy to see 20 miles on my Garmin.  I'm so glad that run is over.   I hope my next long run I will be doing in cooler weather.

                                                  Me after today's run.

Exhausted Female Marathon Runner Drinking Water Clipart Illustration by Ron Leishman

How do you mentally get threw running in the heat and humidity?

Have you ever had problems with the ball of your foot?

 Don't forget to entry my YMX Tribal Sea Run Tee giveaway.


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