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Friday, September 30, 2011

We've Been FLOCKED

Sometime last night we were FLOCKED.  The  After Prom Committee is trying to raise money for our After Prom party for next year.  One of the ways they raise money is to put the Pink Flamingos in someones yard, telling them they have been FLOCKED.  In order to get rid of the Pink Flamingos you have to donate money to the After Prom Committee.  I think this is a great fundraiser.


      Who doesn't like Pink Flamingo's in their front yard?


Awesome weather we are having here in Iowa.   It was in the high 40's this morning.  Boy it was hard getting out of bed this morning.  I haven't been sleeping very good lately. You don't think it could of been all the Mimi Cinnamon rolls I ate last night.  My mother in law sent Mimi Cinnamon rolls home with my hubby.   I have been looking at those Cinnamon rolls for 3 days now and I couldn't resist any longer.  Even knowing that one was not going to cut it. Come on they are Mimi Cinnamon rolls.  I indulge in  four Cinnamon rolls or maybe 5, OK I lost track.    Pastries and bread are my downfall.  I literally cant stop at one. I knew I was going to be feeling like a  Couch Potato in the morning.

 I really wasn't  looking forward to running this morning.   Feeling like a Couch Potato.  The great thing about having a running partner is they make  you accountable. Otherwise, I might of just stayed in bed.  I couldn't stay in bed, because I was meeting  D and R at 5 am to get a run in.  We headed out of town on the highway.   If I wouldn't of been with D and R I wouldn't of ran  on the highway in the dark. Like I've said before I'm petrified of the dark. Imagine that, considering I have to run in the dark every morning.

We only did 3 miles because D and R are doing their long run on Saturday. I was lucky enough to get my long run in earlier in the week.  Than I went off to the gym and had my time with Bob Harper.

Do you feel like a Couch Potato when you eat something that isn't so healthy for you?

                                  Are you running a race this weekend.


  1. A house in our neighborhood got flocked but I had no idea what it was for. It looked so cool!

  2. I always feel gross after not eating healthy food. You should have seen me in my pumpkin ice cream coma! lol

  3. The couch potato picture is great! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. That flocking idea is very cute and I agree, a good fundraising tactic. It is visible, and cute.

    Nice going on the run in the dark. Company is good.

  5. Yeah, unhealthy food makes me feel lethargic but usually pumps my inner drive to get active. :)

  6. You've been Flocked! That is so funny! My friends in high school used to 'fork' people's lawns. They would buy a jumbo box of plastic forks and stick them, tines down, all over people's yards. A less annoying version of TPing I guess. :)

  7. we get those flockings around here too!!
    Thanks for sharing the givewaway love! Remember-for each new follower referral you send you get 2 bonus entries-and the new follower does too!!
    THaNks :)

  8. the flocking...hilarious!

    Yes, I feel terrible when I eat not-so-healthy things but I tell myself I gotta give in and splurge every now and then :)

  9. Hey! I'm glad you found my blog, because I'm excited to be reading yours as well!

    I definitely feel queasy when I eat "too much of a good thing." I try to eat what I want, but keep the portion size in moderation (if it's something unhealthy).

    Awhile ago, someone said that "nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels." I try to remember that quote when I feel like I want to get off track in a bad way.

  10. Lol! Great fundraiser! Good luck with your race this weekend! It's an easy week for you and I bet those cinnamon buns have loads of carbs that you can use to load up on ;-)

  11. The flamingos Rae so cute! What a great idea. Mink cinnamon rolls. I doubt they'd last three days here.

  12. oh my gosh that is the cutest idea!! I totally love it.

    I am running for Breast Cancer awareness this weekend, wohoo!

    I am not eating as well as i would like with this work conference and yes it is making me feel gross

  13. That is fantastic! Great way to raise money. We are in a really wooded area with Coyotes so hubby won't let me run in the dark.

    Any fast food makes me feel like mud.


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