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Monday, September 26, 2011

Hippie Runner Winner/ Running Buddies

Congrats to the winners of the Hippie Runner Giveaway.  The winner of the Belt is Amanda @ MissZippy and the winner of the 4Headband is Marcia @ The Studly Runner.  

 Thanks everyone for participating. Send me an email  with your address and I'll get the items sent out to you.   

No running  this weekend. I was hoping to do a 12 miler, but that  just  didn't work out.  But, this morning I met D and R to go running.  We got started around 5 am and  than R needed  to go to the bathroom so we headed  on out to a country road so she could do her thing.   About 2.5 miles into it D's leg started to cramp.  D told us to go ahead and he would see us Wednesday. So R and I  just kept on  running. Boy, what a great morning to run at 4 miles R needed to go to the bathroom again so she headed on over to Casey's and I  decided to just keep on running.   My plan was to do at least 5 miles this morning, but I was feeling so good I decided to get one of my longer runs in this morning.   By the time I got done I had gotten in 10 miles this morning. Boy it just felt so good to run, since I didn't get any running in this weekend.   I was worried about D's leg cramp and wondering how he was doing.  Bless his heart he put a note on my car telling me he was OK and would see me Wednesday. Than I stopped at the gym to get a drink of water and R was they finishing her workout.  Everyone is accounted for, so off to home I  go.  D and R are running the IMT Des Moines Marathon too.  R has ran several marathons, but this is D first marathon. I'm not afraid to ask people if they would like to run with me in the mornings. I had heard D was going to do the marathon and he had been running in the morning.  I seen D at a football game and asked if he would like a running partner.  Low and Behold he said sure. How sweet is that. Than two weeks later R texted me and said she gave up the YMCA and was going to start going the the gym I go to in town.  I honestly couldnt believe it.So right now I have two running partners and am loving it.  God works in mysterious ways

 Saturday was the  Homecoming Dance for our school. My son doesn't like to dance a whole lot and decided not to go.  His friend Jake and his girlfriend decide to go out with my son and his girlfriend. They  went to a movie and out for supper, than went over to Jake's house afterwards.   

But Mom and Dad  went out and partied.  Our friends that we go camping with have a daughter that is a senior too and she wanted to have a homecoming party before the dance.  So her Dad grilled out  for the homecoming event.  He grilled deer, lamb, chicken, brisket, potatoes their's no reason for anyone  to go home hungry that's for sure.   We had an awesome time.  We didn't even  get home till  around 1 am.  I'm not use to those late hours.  That is kind of why it was a no running weekend for me. I  had planned on doing  a 12 miler on Sunday, but I literally couldn't get my butt out of bed, I was so tired.  OK,I use to be a party animal when I was younger, but not anymore.  In order for me to do a long run I need my beauty sleep. 

                                           Are you in tapering mode?

                                    Are you running a race this weekend?


  1. That would be a late niGht for me too. Nice job on that run this morning!

  2. I am hoping to run a 5k this weekend, if my shin isn't still hurting. Congrats to the winners! I love my Hippie Runner belt.

  3. Congrats to MZ and yay for the headband! Will email you!
    Great homecoming fun for the parents!
    No taper or running for me this weekend due to injured reserve (got myself a classic taper cold though) but I'm volunteering at a 5k so as close to a race as I can get!

  4. doing a 5K this weekend and my son will be doing his second, 1K...hope it's a nice weekend!

    Congrats to winners of your giveaways...wish I would have won!!!

  5. Tapering and loving it. Only have to get 5 miles in this weekend for long run.

  6. 18 days!! woo hoo! so excited for you girl...and love that you found running partners unexpectedly! great job...love the runs where it just feels good to be out there :) it is frustrating to taper at times but at the same time i enjoy it because I feel like I can just enjoy it...i have put in the work and the goal is almost here :)


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