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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bringing in the Gold

 I love this time of year.  As I'm driving down the country road or highway I see fields of beans that  are ready to be harvested.  They have a brownish gold  cast to them.   At harvest time when  I go by a field of beans I  always say look at that  "FIELDS OF GOLD". 

My hubby is always so  happy when he gets to go to the field. He finally gets to see and harvest the finally product, he has worked so hard at all summer.  We got a new combine this year.  So my hubby has to get everything programed to just the way  he wants it.  Let me tell you with all this new technology, it's hard on us older people.  What ever happen to the simple things in life.  He's  finally getting it programed just the way he wants it, but with a few choice words.   If you have sensitive ears you probably  wouldn't of  wanted to be around.  Ha Ha!  
I rode with him most of the morning to see where all the new  gadgets were, that way  I would know how to run it when he took the beans to  town.
It runs  a lot like the old one, but with  a few more technical things. 

                                             Can you tell we love  our JOHN DEERE GREEN

This morning I worked out with Jackie Warner and got an easy 3 miles in, before I had to go help my hubby in the field.   I was so glad I did my 12 miler yesterday.  I wouldn't of had  enough time  to do it this morning.  When I started my legs where feeling so heavy and tired.   I was thinking to myself this is not going to be a very good run. I hate  it when I have negative thoughts, before I even get started.  I  know I will  feel better, when  I get done.    It took at least a mile and a half before I actually started to feel like I was going to get through this run this morning.   When I finally got done I looked at my garmin and to my surprise my pace was pretty good.   My splits were 10.23,10.09,9.53.  Holy Crap! A Negative split "SWEET".   I really didn't think I had it in me this morning. Just goes to show you that, you should always try even if you are not feeling it.  More than not you will do better than you thought.

Have you ever thought you didn't do so well  in a race and  than you ended up with a  PR?

                                   Are  you enjoying this great Fall weather?


  1. wow!!!! that field of gold is absolutely incredible! great job on your workout Penny! marathon day is almost here :)

  2. What a beautiful field! Negative splits are always something to get excited about!

    My current 5K PR was set in a race where I didn't even run the whole time and walked several times. I had poison ivy on my foot but was too stubborn not to run. I just wanted to finish even if it meant a bad time and what do you know? New 5K PR!

  3. Did you ever see the recent Geico commercial where it looks like the gecko is standing in a field of grain, but it's actually just a patch of dead grass in some parking lot when the camera zooms out? Sorry.. random thought.

  4. Love this post, but I bet you knew I would! I love that song too. I love seeing the golden fields of wheat and then just the stubble. Another hard year of work and worry in the books! Great!

  5. Sometime my best times are when I'm totally not feeling it. Love the Fields of Gold...beautiful. Enjoy the harvest!

  6. Great job on your run! It always takes me a mile or so to get into a run, so I try to push those negative thoughts out of my head right at the beginning. Have a great weekend!

  7. That is beautiful scenery! I'll bet it's incredibly rewarding to see the fruits of you labor.

    I always know how I am doing in my races b/c I check my mile splits all the way through. I tried going w/o my watch once but hated it, so apparently I crave feedback!

  8. Way to go on the negative splits! You are getting speeeeedy!!!


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