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Saturday, September 17, 2011

" Yes" My last 20 miler

I had planned on running my last 20 miler Friday morning.  I didn't sleep worth a crap.  When I woke up it was raining outside.  Boy I was feeling kind of happy about that, because than I could put it off one more day. Especially since I didn't sleep very good the night before. I really wasn't feeling this run at all.

 SO I went to  the gym and just did the bike for 30 minutes, elliptical for 30 minutes and 40 minute Bob Harper DVD.   I was hoping that Saturday would be a better day to run, maybe the sun might just be out a little.

When I got up this  morning it was  cloudy and gloomy.  DARN IT.  The sun was suppose to be out at least a little.    I get all my running gear on and head to town to drop all my water bottles off, so I will have something to drink during my run.    As I'm driving to drop my bottles off  it's starting to mist outside. DARN IT.    It's not looking good but I don't have a choice I need to get this 20 miler done today.  

My leg were feeling really good as I was starting out.  It felt like my legs just new what they were suppose to be doing. BOY, I like it when I can get that feeling.   At mile 6, I  stop an take a Gu and get a drink.  I get back on the road and keep on truck in.   At mile 10, I'm feeling  so good I actually  think I could go on for ever.   Than mile 12 comes my stomach is starting to give me fits.  I'm think this is not good.  Trying to find a ditch when cars keep going by is kind of hard sometimes, but I found one and let loose.  Feeling alittle better. I get back on the road and keep on trunk in.    As I'm running back into town my stomach is starting to feel funny again. I try to keep on running, but my stomach is turning and I  really need to take another dump, BADLY. Thank  Goodness there is a Casey's store up the street. I'm running a little faster hoping I will make  it to the bathroom and I'm  also praying that know one is in the bathroom or all Hell is going to break loose. I mean that literally. To my relief no one was in the bathroom.   Do you remember that old  Alka Seltzer commerical  that went like this Plop Plop Fizz Fizz OH What a relief it is. That is totally how I was feeling at that moment.

By now I just want to get this run over with, because my stomach is not agreeing with me.  I still have 6 miles to go. I get started running again and decide to just take one mile at a time.  At mile 18, I had to make another pit stop and decide to go ahead and take my last Gu.  I'm saying to myself I only have 2 miles to go I can get this done.  So I got back out there and finished those last two miles. 

One Happy Girl

I'm one happy girl.  I got my last 20 miler in and now it's  tapering time for me till the  marathon.  As I was  running I started  to have negative thoughts like can I do this marathon by myself. Doing this last 20 miler has given me more confidence that I can and will do this marathon solo.  I know all to well those last 4 mile will suck, but they are doable. 
                            I will conquer my fear and rejoice in it. 


  1. Oh how i wish i could say i just did my last 20 miler or last long run. Way to hang tough and get thru the GI issues. I hope you enjoy the taper and kick butt running the marathon!

  2. Go girl!!! I have had tummy issues a bit, I have head to plan my routes with potty access just to make sure. Rock the taper!!

  3. Enjoy tapering!!! What a relief to get in your last long run, now you can sit back and rely on your training and give you legs a chance to recharge! Great job!

  4. Way to get it done!!! So sorry you had tummy issues, that's a tough one on a long run! Yeah for the taper!

  5. Glad you got through it...that is a TOUGH run when your tummy acts up!

  6. Way to go!! Sounds like a tough one. If you got thru that you will be fine on race day!! You will have the adrenaline and other people around you and porta pottys :)

  7. enjoy the taper...great 20 miler! Amazing! I will ONE DAY, complete a marathon too :)

  8. yeahhhh taper time!!! you made it! and you conquered the 20...even with crazy stomach issues ;) you are AMAZING! you totally got this marathon...solo or not...you GOT IT!

  9. GREAT JOB!!! You are doing so awesome with your training. Sorry about the tummy issues...I have learned how to be super careful about what I eat before long runs and races and to plan routes with potty stops available.

    Congrats! Enjoy the taper!

  10. AWESOME!! Way to go - I have every confidence in you that you will rock your marathon! I felt so much better after my 20 mile run. I figured I would run-walk-crawl the last six if I had to - and I didn't! ;)

    Way to go on this amazing accomplishment!!

  11. great job!! that was great you made it through!

  12. Bad weather and an incorporating stomach are not ideal conditions to do a 20 miler, but they are great training for what might happen on the real day. You should be proud of yourself and it really should give you confidence that you can do this by yourself. Great job! Now enjoy the taper!


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