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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sweating Buckets/20 Miler

Got up early this morning, so I could get my 20 miler in before this weekend.   Not a good day to do a 20 miler. The temps when I got outside was 73 degrees and I think the humidity wasn't far behind.  Last weeks 18 miler started out in the 50's.  I sure could of used those temps again this morning.  I know we don't always get to choose what kind of weather we are going to run in. Darn It. That sure would be nice. 

I was meeting Dan to go running this morning. When I got to the school where we were meeting, NO Dan. He texted me later and said he over slept. Crap I was really hoping we could run 5 to 6 miles and than I would be on my own for the rest.  Running 6 miles with someone else would mean that many less miles I would have to run by myself.  

It's  5 am and pitch black, which means I have to wear my headlamp and reflective vest. Plus,  my running belt with my phone and fuel. Before I went to the school I  went around town and deposited water bottle at different locations so I would have water.  It is way to hot and humid not to enough water today.

I decided to run around town till it started to get light outside.  The first 10 miles felt pretty good even though I sweating buckets of water. By mile 12, I  was starting  to feel pretty tired and drained. The heat and humidity was sucking out all of my energy.   How your mind wants to play with you, when you start to get tired.   When I hit mile 15, my feet where starting to  hurt. I have been wearing Kinvara 2 and the balls of my feet, after so many miles just burn and some times I will have tingling in them.  I put an insole in them to see if that would help.  The insole did help alittle.  Not sure this is the shoe for me. But, I  need to figure it out before Marathon time.  I would say the last 4 miles I did the walk, run  thing. I was reaching the point of no return.  I was doing what ever I could to get through these last 4 miles.  I was never so happy to see 20 miles on my Garmin.  I'm so glad that run is over.   I hope my next long run I will be doing in cooler weather.

                                                  Me after today's run.

Exhausted Female Marathon Runner Drinking Water Clipart Illustration by Ron Leishman

How do you mentally get threw running in the heat and humidity?

Have you ever had problems with the ball of your foot?

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  1. WOW YOU ARE TOUGH. Great job for not giving up even though your plan had to change and not for the better. Running in the heat is HARD. I know it all too well. 73 is cold for me!!! ha ha!
    We finally are in double digit here...no more 108! Hopefully it will stay that way. this 20 miler will pay off on race day. that is for sure!

  2. Nice going. You reallly pushed hard to get that 20 miles done. Good for you!

  3. good for you for toughing it out!! This extreme heat is the suck now! Fall please come for the fal marathoners!!

  4. Wow nice job!! Seriously that's tough. The most I've had to run in this heat and humidity has been 10 miles and that about killed me. You totally rocked it! Hope you get some cooler weather your way soon.

  5. I hate running in the heat. I try to have an ice cold drink before a run I know will be sweltering. A slushy before is the best. I also try to use positive self talk. I have a tendency to be a little negative with myself. I am working on telling myself "I am strong enough to handle this".

  6. Nice job! 20 miles is a loooooonnnggg way to go....well done!

  7. you are so strong for pushing through that run!!! so inspiring! it is so tough for me to push through heat so usually I just have to listen to my body and if it is too much...I usually compromise and say I will go out later or try again another day! congrats on a successful run!

  8. what a strong woman you are :) AWESOME JOB!

    Ok, I look like that picture AFTER 5 miles, not sure what I'd look like after 20!!!! Geez!

    I run awful in the heat and humidity, but lately it's been BETTER around here, so if it stays well, hope I'll push through longer runs soon!

  9. wow great job getting through it! I usually run inside, I'm lame! (for this kind of weather). Killer you had to run alone too. I would have given up.

  10. Nice job! Humidity is the pits! Way to get er done. As you'll see in my post today, I mentally break long runs up into manageable parts.

  11. I'm excited for the day that I can run 20 miles. Getting there though!

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  12. Great job getting the run done despite the heat and humidity! I like to get them done before the weekend if I can help it too.

  13. Good job and nice to "meet" you. I found you through See Mom Run Far and felt I had to stop by and say HI after seeing your comment about wishing your husband would support your running more. Awesome blog!


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