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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Struggling with the Mind

Why do I let my mind play games with me?  Sometimes my thoughts are over the place.

'Bridges falling down, killer pumpkin eaters, blind mice with carving knives... I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!' by Love, Jason
     I  should be  following the Weight Watchers plan and be counting my points, but when it comes to counting points I procrastinate.  That would mean I would have to watch what I put into my mouth and I'm just not feeling that at this point. Sometimes,  I just don't want to think about what I am putting into my mouth.  I know I would feel better, plus I would feel better about myself. This is where my mind is.

Mind, Body, Spirit (and Food Court). by Veley, Bradford 

     I fell if  I don't have control of my eating, I don't have control of anything in my life.  When stressful things pop up and I'm eating right I can deal with them easier.  But, when I am not eating right and stressful things pop up I feel like I just lose it.  The hardest part of any program is getting started. Today I am making myself accountable to the Weight Watchers program.  I have come to far to go back to a place, where I don't like myself. 

A Colorful Cartoon of a Woman Falling Into a Toilet Bowl - Royalty Free Clipart Picture  It is time to get off the pot and do something.

                   Do you struggle with your mind? 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Listening to my body

Last year as I was training for my first 20k race.  I disregarded what my body was telling me.  My motto has always been NO PAIN NO GAIN. 

My training was going really  good. Than I heard at the gym that some people were going to be doing the P90X.   I thought it couldt hurt.  So I started doing P90X  twice a week. I did the Plyometric DVD it had  alot of jumping in it.  After 3 weeks of doing P90X my knee started to hurt.  I started  icing my knee twice a day and doing some exercises hoping  that would do the job. At the time  I was still trying to run every day. Every day I ran my knee was getting worst.  Than one day I couldn't  run at all without being in so much pain.  So I took a week off because of the pain.  I bought a brace thinking that it would give me  alittle more support for my

The next day I went out for a run with the brace on  and only got 1/3 of a mile before it started hurting.  I decided to go to Fitness Sports where I buy my running shoes to see if they had another brace that might be a better choice.  They thought I should try this brace made by Cho Pat .

It couldn't hurt so I bought one and went home and tried it out the next day.  I was able to run about a  mile before it started hurting.  After the pain started I would try walking for a bit than try to run a little bit.   One day as  I'm putting on the Cho Pat brace I got to wondering if  I put the first brace on and than put the Cho Pat brace over it I would probably  get even more support for my knee.

 I was able to run several miles at a time before it started  to ache and than I would just slow down. June 2010 I was able to do my first 20k race and did it in 2 hrs.

 I have been trying to do that Run Less Run Faster training.  I have been doing it for about  3 weeks. When I'm  running I am experiencing alot of pain in my groin. It hurts alot  when I try to go at a faster pace. I have taken a couple of days off of running do to the pain I'm having in my groin. I have been icing my groin daily and doing some exercises.  I guess you might call me a COLD MOMMA.  I don't want to stop doing the RLRF but, I don't think I have a choice.  I don't want what happen last year with my knee to set me back  this year with my groin.

 So I'm listening to my body and going back to my old training plan.  I have to remember  I don't have to be fast.  I just have to  make it across the finish line.  My hat goes off to everyone  that is doing the RLRF it is tough. 

Do you listen to your body?
Have you had any set backs with your training?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Saturday, February 12, 2011


     Did my first race of  the year this morning the  Red Flannel Race.   The temperature was great at 26 degrees which was  better than last year when it was  22. 

      It was a little different this year running the  Red Flannel Race , because my running partner could not run it with me do to  her son having  a basketball game. At the starting line I  was  making sure my garmin had located it's satellite and my music was on and running.  All was good.

      As I am on  my 3rd mile I see a Moose believe it or not.  I didn't have my camera so I couldn't take a picture.  But, later when I was getting stretched out by one  of the students from the Des Moines University lo and behold the Moose came in to get stretched to.  I had my camera so I got a few  pictures of the Moose so you could see for yourself. 

I have never taken the time to do this before, but will in the future. It felt great
     I finished the race in 48.32 that was better than last year when I finished it in 53.15.  I was feeling pretty good about my time.  My garmin showed  
                                                             1st mile @ 9.29
                                                               2nd mile @ 9.24
                                                             3rd mile @9.52
                                                              4th mile @10.27
                                                               5th mile @9.06 
I would have to say I slowed down a little bit at the 4th mile, but was able to pick it  back up on the last mile.  I had a great time running with all those people.  Cheers to many more races.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Working on doing Run Less Run Faster training

I have noticed alot  of runners are doing the Run Less, Run Faster training.  I will  say they have  sparked my interest.  So I got the book and read it.  I wasn't quiet getting the running workouts especially on a treadmill. I emailed  Run with Jess and she helped me understand it a little better.  So this morning I thought I would try it. 

10 min warm up @ 5.0
10 x 400m  @ 7.0
400m RI @ 6.0
5 min cool down @ 5.0
Pace 9.40

When I got done I had ran 6.20 miles. My goal was to do 6.50.  The treadmill where I workout out only  allows you to run for 60 mins than you have to start over.  What a pain.  I couldn't  believe after I  ran at 7.0 how slow 6.0  felt.  I have along ways to go but always up for a new challenge.  .

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011

My relationship with running

 I have always felt that I have a love-hate relationship with running.  Their are times I love running  and can't wait for the next run.  Than their are times like right now where I feel I am only running enough to stay in shape. 

Reasons I love to run:
1.  I love the way I feel after a run
2.  I love the way it helps me stay in shape
3.  I love to eat
4.  I love a good challenge
5.  I love being outside enjoying the fresh air
6.  I love having a running partner

I sometime think my hate relationship is weather induced.

Reasons I hate to run:
1.  I get tired of running in the cold
2.  I don't enjoy running by myself
3.  I don't like putting on all the clothes to go for a run
4.  The treadmill gets boring after so many miles, but I'm thankful I have a treadmill to run on when it is cold

As you can see my hate relationship seems to pertain to winter weather.  My running partner has not wanted to run outside this winter, so I have been on my own.  I should probably take this as a challenge and just suck it up.

On another note.

Wishing it looked like this outside
On sat I thought I would change my routine and run later in the morning, when it would be a little warmer outside.  Plus, I really wanted to stay in my nice warm bed a little longer.  Got up and had my coffee and toast.  Kind of  thinking about running around 11.00.  But, at 10.30 had unexpected company.  So had to postpone my run till later in the day.  Normally if I don't get my run in the morning I tend to obsess all day about getting it done.  So at 2.30 decided I better get it done or it was not going to happen.  I wanted to run outside because it was a pretty nice day and the beginning of next week was going to be in the single digits.  Got  my running clothes on and got started on my run.  I was able to get 6 miles in.  It was a tough 6 miles.  After I got done with the 6 miles I remembered why I don't like to run in the afternoon.  It's so much harder for me to do it in the afternoon vs morning. 

 Like this morning got up and ran 3 miles outside  and it felt good.  In the morning I don't have to think about it.  I just do it.  So my question to myself is do I really hate running?  I don't think I hate it, but I am not enjoying it as much as I would like right now. 

What is your relationship with running?

Are you an early morning runner or afternoon runner?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What is a foam roll and what is it used for?

A foam roll is a cylinder that looks like this .

They come in different sizes, colors and densities.   Different colors have different densities.  White foam rolls tends to be softer, where as a blue foam rolls tends to be harder.

The most common purpose of the foam roll in exercise is for the massage-like-effects it can produce.  This technique is often referred to as 'self-myofascial release'.  To produce the effects of massage you usually use the foam roll in conjunction with your own body weight by lying on the foam roll with the affected muscles directly on top of the roll.  By slowly rolling over the target area of the affected body part you are essentially massaging the muscle.  The foam roll is the most effective way to stretch, strenghten and relieve muscle pain throughout your body.  The foam roll can improve our flexibility, massage away muscle tension and reduce overall recovery time.

I got a foam roll, because I was having some muscle pain in my right buttocks. The heating pad and stretching exercise were just not working.  When I first tried it, it was kind of awkward.  When I started to roll on the foam roll I could feel it like kneading the soreness of the muscle.  It hurt like hell, but it was such a good hurt.  Just to finally get some relief to that aching muscle. 

Rolling on the foam roll  for my aching right buttocks

Using it for some soreness having in calve muscle

Exercises using the foam roll

I use my foam roll daily. It's my new best friend. It can be used in so many different ways.   How do you use your foam roll?


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