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Friday, February 18, 2011

Listening to my body

Last year as I was training for my first 20k race.  I disregarded what my body was telling me.  My motto has always been NO PAIN NO GAIN. 

My training was going really  good. Than I heard at the gym that some people were going to be doing the P90X.   I thought it couldt hurt.  So I started doing P90X  twice a week. I did the Plyometric DVD it had  alot of jumping in it.  After 3 weeks of doing P90X my knee started to hurt.  I started  icing my knee twice a day and doing some exercises hoping  that would do the job. At the time  I was still trying to run every day. Every day I ran my knee was getting worst.  Than one day I couldn't  run at all without being in so much pain.  So I took a week off because of the pain.  I bought a brace thinking that it would give me  alittle more support for my

The next day I went out for a run with the brace on  and only got 1/3 of a mile before it started hurting.  I decided to go to Fitness Sports where I buy my running shoes to see if they had another brace that might be a better choice.  They thought I should try this brace made by Cho Pat .

It couldn't hurt so I bought one and went home and tried it out the next day.  I was able to run about a  mile before it started hurting.  After the pain started I would try walking for a bit than try to run a little bit.   One day as  I'm putting on the Cho Pat brace I got to wondering if  I put the first brace on and than put the Cho Pat brace over it I would probably  get even more support for my knee.

 I was able to run several miles at a time before it started  to ache and than I would just slow down. June 2010 I was able to do my first 20k race and did it in 2 hrs.

 I have been trying to do that Run Less Run Faster training.  I have been doing it for about  3 weeks. When I'm  running I am experiencing alot of pain in my groin. It hurts alot  when I try to go at a faster pace. I have taken a couple of days off of running do to the pain I'm having in my groin. I have been icing my groin daily and doing some exercises.  I guess you might call me a COLD MOMMA.  I don't want to stop doing the RLRF but, I don't think I have a choice.  I don't want what happen last year with my knee to set me back  this year with my groin.

 So I'm listening to my body and going back to my old training plan.  I have to remember  I don't have to be fast.  I just have to  make it across the finish line.  My hat goes off to everyone  that is doing the RLRF it is tough. 

Do you listen to your body?
Have you had any set backs with your training?


  1. Congrats on your win Pink Hat! Keep me in mind when you send your sticker out!

  2. I listen to my body now, in the past when I pushed through the pain I made it worse, so I definitely learned my lesson!


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