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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Working on doing Run Less Run Faster training

I have noticed alot  of runners are doing the Run Less, Run Faster training.  I will  say they have  sparked my interest.  So I got the book and read it.  I wasn't quiet getting the running workouts especially on a treadmill. I emailed  Run with Jess and she helped me understand it a little better.  So this morning I thought I would try it. 

10 min warm up @ 5.0
10 x 400m  @ 7.0
400m RI @ 6.0
5 min cool down @ 5.0
Pace 9.40

When I got done I had ran 6.20 miles. My goal was to do 6.50.  The treadmill where I workout out only  allows you to run for 60 mins than you have to start over.  What a pain.  I couldn't  believe after I  ran at 7.0 how slow 6.0  felt.  I have along ways to go but always up for a new challenge.  .

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  1. Isn't that annoying?! Mine does that too--on longer runs I'm going to stop at an even distance and start over so math isn't an issue! I am using RLRF too, so it will be fun to follow each other!


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