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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Crazy busy weekend/ BTB Sunglasses Winner

The winner of the BTB Sunglasses is Jen over at Running With The Girls.  Jen email me at pinkhatrunner@hotmail.com  with the sunglasses you want and mailing info.  Congrats Jen

Last week was a busy week leading up to a very busy weekend. I worked M,T,W, F at the bank. Thursday I had off, but had a ton of errands to run, plus pickup Parker's Tux for prom.  Friday worked at the bank all day and then got ready to go shake my bootie over  at the Raccoon Music Hall.  

The Rumbles was the band that was  playing there. The Rumbles only come to Raccoon Music Hall once a year.

We had an awesome time at the Raccoon Music Hall.  We all danced our hearts out.  It was sad to hear that this would  be the last time they would  be playing at the Raccoon Music Hall. They have decided to call it quits. SO SAD.  Where am I going to shake my bootie now.  Ended up being a pretty late night.  Haven't had a late night for a long time. 

Me, Nickle and Mike
Nickle and I were getting our picture taken and when we looked at the proof,  we notice Mike was in the picture.  How did that happen. We didn't even notice him till we looked at the proof.

Saturday morning got up around 6am to get ready to go to work at the bank. When I got off at the bank, I was suppose  to meet Mac at Marc Stephens Hair Salon.  She was getting her hair put up for prom.  I was so excited to get to spend time with the girls while they all got their hair and makeup done.  I had so much fun.  When the  hair and makeup were done  we went to Mac's house to take some prom pictures. 

Me,Parker and Mike

Parker and Mac

Parker so wanted to wear his cowboy hat to the prom, but Mac really didn't want him to. So he compromised and took some pictures with it on before the prom.  I think he look very handsome in that cowboy hat.  HE'S JUST A COUNTRY  BOY.

After pictures at Mac's, all the girls were meeting up at Morgan's house for group pictures.  Got some awesome group pictures.

Group pictures done, now  they are off to Gino's for supper. While they were at supper, we all decided to go have supper to kill time till the Promenade.

Megan,Cole,Mac,Parker,Sophie and Logan

After supper we headed on over to the school to watch the Promenade. Their was so many gorgeous dresses, not having any girls I don't get to enjoy all the girly things, so this was so much fun for me. I love fashion.  After the Promenade at Mac's school they rush over to Parker's school to do his Promenade. Parker's school is a little different than Mac's school in that all the kids drive up  to the red carpet and than get out of the vehicle and walk up the red carpet.  They have  parking attendant that park the kids car for them. You never know what some kids are going to drive up in.  When my oldest boy had his senior prom he wanted to use his dad's new John Deere Tractor.  His date was all for that.  So Parker wanted to keep the tradition going, so he decided to drive his dad's John Deere Combine, his date was alitte worried about getting out and down the ladder in her shoes and dress. Mac did awesome.  You never know what you will see the kids driving up in our Promenade.

Mac and Parker getting out of the combine

Since, I had so much going on Friday and Saturday,   We decided to do our long run on Sunday. I really wasn't wanting  to do that, but didn't have much of a choice.  So I dragged  my butt out of bed at 5am to get ready to go run.  When I stepped outside to see how cold  it was, I was not happy. It wasn't just cold it was also windy. 

Not only did I not want to do this long run, I didn't eat right or hydrate right Friday or Saturday. My own fault, but I was so busy I wasn't really thinking about the long run till Sunday morning when I dragged my butt out of bed.  Needless to say those 18 miles kind of sucked.  We got the 18 miles in, but it was not pretty. It started  to mist just as we're finishing up.  All I wanted to do was go home take a hot shower and go  back to bed.  When I got home it was close to lunch time so I knew I needed to get the guys something for lunch, so turned the oven on and baked up some chicken strips and fries. They like gravy to put over their chicken strips so I whipped up some gravy. I set it out on the table  and told them I was going to bed to take a nap. When I woke up, they were all  napping. We also were suppose to go to a Birthday party at 2pm, but the little girl got sick, so they cancelled it. You don't know how happy that made me.  They rescheduled the Birthday  party for next Sunday.

This Saturday I'm running the Drake Relay Off Road Half Marathon. I've ran several 20k and several marathons, but never a half marathon. I'm kind of getting excited to run this race. It has some hills, which I hate,but I welcome the challenge. 

                            How do you deal with busy weekends?

                             Are you racing this weekend?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sunday last day for BTB Sunglasses Giveaway

These sunglasses are awesome at keeping out the rays and glare from  the sun. No slippage on the nose area or around the ears.

Sunday , April 22,  is the last day to enter the BTB Sunglasses Giveaway.

Is anyone else having a hard time finding the time to blog?   When I've been on a computer all day at work the last thing I want to do is sit down in front of another computer.  Sometimes Life Just Get In The Way of  my blogging. I hope everyone's training is going great.  My marathon training has been awesome. Training with my running partners make those long runs so much more enjoyable. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Handful Bra Winner

Congrats to Suzy over at Running On My Time on being the winner of the Handful Bra Giveaway.

Suzy email at pinkhatrunner@hotmail.com with your address, color and size.  Jody from Handful Bra's  emailed me to let me, that they were out of nude small, cocoa small, pink medium.

Had a awesome 18 miler on Easter morning.  I ran with my old running partner, boy we had a lot of catching up to do.  The last two miles were getting tough, but we pushed through it and got it done.  On April 28th I'll be running the Drake Relay Off Road  Half Marathon.  This will be my first half marathon. Kind of feeling excited about it. I've ran a marathon and other races, but I've never done a half marathon, feeling pretty pumped about doing an half marathon.

I'm so happy to get this week over. I've been working full time at the bank, since November.  I'm suppose to be a part time girl.  I'm missing my part time status.  I'm thankful that I can earn the extra money, especially since I've got a boy in college and another one going to college  next year, but I'm still missing my part time status.  I'm starting to get a little stress about getting all of the graduation stuff done. Thank goodness for my mother-in- law, she worked really hard to get all the invitations printed and made labels for me, so I could get the invitations out this week  .I have the best mother-in-law.

Hubby got started with planting on Wednesday.  He got a couple of days in before the rain came.  

             Planting begins

   Don't forget to enter the BTB Sunglasses Giveaway ends 4/22

Sunday, April 8, 2012


How many of you did the Jelly Bean Virtual Race?   I did!  I was able to get the 5k,10k and half in last week.  What an awesome week it was too.

Today is the last day to enter the Handful Bra Giveaway.

BTB Sunglasses Giveaway - ends 4/22

Saturday, April 7, 2012

BTB Sunglasses Review/Giveaway

With this awesome weather we've been  having, I bet you're looking for some sunglasses to wear this summer. Look  no more, BTB Sunglasses has given me the opportunity to try out a pair of their sunglasses and do a review. 

  I picked  the 200 Series, with  polarized lenses.  When the sunglasses arrived they were in  a little black pouch to protect them from scratches.


200 Series features 

  • BTB Sport Optics Lenses provide 100% optic clarity (De-centered lens)
  • BTB Sport Optics Styles offer HD (High Definition) Lens Technology
  • BTB Sport Optics Lenses provide complete UVA & UVB protection
  • BTB Sport Optics Frames are made from Grilamid TR-90 & designed using an 8 to 10 Base Curve
  • BTB Sport Optics Offer a "Formed Fit" for comfort
  • BTB Sport Optics Temples & Nosepieces are made from a hypo- allergenic material and coated with an Anti-Bacterial agent for heavy perspiration environments
  • BTB Sport Optics exceed ANSI, OSHA & Military Impact Specifications
  • BTB Sport Optics Lenses are "Ballistic" rated
BTB Sunglasses are the best $100 sunglasses you can buy for under $50!

BTB Sunglasses offer:

 • 100% optical clarity using HD (High Definition) technology 
• Optimal Focal Point Lenses 
• Complete UVA and UVB Protection 

• “Form-fitted” for user comfort 
• Temples and nosepieces crafted from TPR hypoallergenic material and coated with an anti-bacterial agent 
• Featherweight Design 

• Rugged frames made from Grilamid TR90 
• “Frame Flex” technology construction 
• “Ballistic” impact rated lenses 
It's taken me a while to do my review for BTB Sunglasses , mainly because I've been  running in the early mornings, when sunglasses are not necessary.  Finally getting some  running in  during the daylight. YES


I loved the way these sunglasses fit. I didn't have any slippage from the nose piece.   They fit very comfortable on my face and around my ears.  When I bent over to pick up my Kleenex that I dropped on the ground they didn't fall off,  which is a plus. That's  happened with other brands of sunglasses that I've worn before.  From the looks of  the sunglasses the frame might  look like they are a  little heavier  than most frames, but that is not the case. These sunglasses are very lightweight. The  lenses in the BTB sunglasses I picked also  had polarized lenses.  I really liked the polarized lenses, they did a really great job of filtering out the reflected light and glare.  It's that time of year when we'll be wearing sunglasses more, so hop on over to BTB Sunglasses website and check out their awesome sunglasses.

Loving these sunglasses

A portion of each sale is donated to BTB Foundation – a 501C that helps to actively promote youth participation in all ball sports for a healthier and active lifestyle.

Would you like to win a pair of your  very own BTB Sunglasses. This is your lucky day.   One of my followers will have a chance to win a pair of BTB Sunglasses for their very own. How sweet is that? 

Separate comments for each entry.

1Mandatory- Become a follower of my blog, if not already.
 1- entry
2) Like  BTB Sunglasses Facebook and let them know the -
Pink Hat Runner sent you. 1- entry

3) Follow me on  Twitter- . 1- entry

4) Follow me on Facebook. 1- entry

5) Share giveaway via Facebook, Twitter, blog. 1- entry

                                                          US residents only
                                         The winners will be chosen by random.org  
                                                                on 4/22  
Disclaimer-The Federal Trade Commission mandates that I let you know that BTB Sunglasses provided me with the products free of charge. However, the opinion expressed is solely my own.


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