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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

LARABAR Review/Giveaway

A while back I was sent some LARABAR'S to try.  

I received the  Carrot Cake,Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Banana Bread, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter & Jelly.  They also sent me one of the  Jocalat  Chocolate Mint Bar to try.  I love Chocolate Mint as much as I love  peanut butter.
LARABAR'S  are Gluten Free, Kosher. No Food Colorings, Additives, Preservatives. LARABAR'S  contain approximately 23-32 grams of carbohydrates.

LARABAR'S are good for a Raw Diet or if you are a Vegan/Vegetarian.

            LARABAR and JOCALAT are made entirely from plant-based foods.

LARABAR is a delicious blend of unsweetened fruits,nuts and spices.  Made from whole food, each flavor contains no more than nine ingredients.  Pure and simple, just as nature intended. 

                           I can't decided which one I want to try first.  

I finally decided to try the Peanut Butter & Jelly first.   Mainly because I'm obsessed with anything peanut butter.   My twin sister  just happen to be at my house when I got the LARABAR's.  Does that mean I have to share?  I hate  sharing my food, but she is my twin sister.  Being the nice sister that I am, I gave her half of the bar. She really liked the taste of the LARABAR.  I loved the texture of the bar and the taste was great.  It tasted just like peanut butter and jelly

Dated, Peanuts, Unsweetened Cherries, Sea Salt
Dates, Peanuts and Chocolate Chips

Carrots, Dates, Almonds,Walnuts, Raisins, Pineapple and Coconut

Banana Bread - Bananas, Dates and Almonds

If placed in the freezer or outside in cold temperatures, LÄRABAR will become firmer, but will not freeze. Similarly,  LÄRABAR (with the exception of the flavors containing chocolate chips) will not melt when heated.

JŎCALAT is an organic chocolate food bar made from fruits, nuts and Fair Trade Certified™ chocolate. Each flavor contains no more than seven simple, organic ingredients that are deliciously rich, without added sugars, and  free of dairy, soy, and gluten. With JŎCALAT, we're committed to the use of Fair Trade Certified™ chocolate and organic ingredients.

Organic Dates, Organic Almonds, Unsweetened Chocolate and Organic Cocoa Powder
I love anything Chocolate Mint, but this one was  not my favorite.  I think it has to do with the Unsweetened Chocolate and Cocoa Powder.  I prefer  milk chocolate and mint.  The mint  flavor in this bar was great, it was the chocolate flavor that I was not liking very much.

 I thought the LARABAR'S were very filling.. The LARABAR  worked great for me..  I was  at  the Iowa Beef Expo recently, where a cheeseburger was costing  $5.00.  I hate to pay that for a  freak in cheeseburger, plus it's  not the healthiest food to eat.  When  I go to these things I   tend to act like a bag lady.  I'm always packing, food that is.  I put one of the LARABAR's in my purse so I would have something to eat if  I got hungry.   It was great, I didn't have to worry about it melting or turning mushy in my purse.  It was as firm as when I put it in my purse.  YOU GOT TO LOVE THAT.  You don't know how many times I've put other bars in my purse in case I got hungry, only to be  disappointed that it was in no condition to eat when I was ready for it.

LARABAR'S  has no more than nine ingredients in their bars, compared to other bars that have a lot  of  ingredients in them. EXAMPLE Power Bars
Harvest - Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip - Box of 15

So if you are looking for a great bar that you can carry with you anywhere.  Give  LARABAR's a try you won't be disappointed.

One of my lucky followers will have a chance to win this sampler pack of 16 bars.

Separate comments for each entry.

1) Mandatory- Become a follower of my blog, if not already. 1 entry
2) Like LARABAR on  Facebook  and let them know the Pink Hat Runner sent you. 1 entry
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5) Share giveaway via Facebook, Twitter, blog. 1 entry

                                      US residents only
                    The winners will be chosen by random.org
                                          on 3/11                                        

Disclaimer-The Federal Trade Commission mandates that I let you know that LARABAR, provided me with the products free of charge. However, the opinion expressed is solely my own.


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Absoultely Nothing - Pride Socks Winner

It seems like the last few months, I've been having  a lot of ups and downs when it comes to my workouts. One day I'm energized the next day I have no energy to do a workout.  I know this is something  I go through  every year.  I was  just wishing  that  maybe, I could skip  this  year with the ups and downs. I feel like I'm constantly going back and forth with my thoughts.   It's like my mind is telling  me one thing and I'm trying to tell it another.  It's a constant battle  with my thoughts. Somedays I just wish I could shut it off.

Turn it off

 I'm however, still  making  it to the gym and running with my running partner,but I'm only doing the minimal workout I can do with Rachele. My normal workout when I'm feel energized would be working out with her for an hour and than do another hour by myself, but I just haven't had the energy to do the extra hour after she leaves, sometimes I feel like I don't even have the energy to workout with her for an hour.  I get so tired of trying to figure it all out. I can't seem to pin point if it is something like depression or I'm just plain burnt out.

This is all I want to do. ABSOLUTELY  NOTHING

                                The winnerof the Pride Socks is Jen over at Running With the Girls

 Jen is a mother of two children, BQ'er qualifier, a marathoner, teacher, and wannabe farmer?
Congratulations Jen.  Shoot me an email at pinkhatrunner@hotmail.com with the two pairs of socks you would like. and your address.  I will forward it to Rachel. 
                               Thanks everyone for participating

                   Do you ever get burnt out on exercise?

                  Does your thoughts ever drive you crazy?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Beef Expo and Long run

Had a great time at the Iowa Beef Expo last weekend.  Parker ended up getting 5th in his class.  He was showing  a breeding  heifer.  Last fall the boys decided to put their money  together and buy a  heifer to show at the Expo and  the County fair. They are hoping to show it at several other shows this summer to.  

I'm not a big picture taker, but when it comes to my boys, I tend to do a little better.   Friday we got to visit with Parker's girlfriends parents.  They have 3 kids and all  3 of them were doing Showmanship.  Parker decided not to do Showmanship.

Cody, Marrissa and Parker's girlfriend MacKenzie

 Showmanship  is the one area of exhibiting beef cattle over which you have the most control. In showmanship, you are judged on your abilities to control and present your steer or heifer to bring out its best characteristics. Advanced planning and hard work are the key to becoming a good show person. Showing beef cattle not only generates enthusiasm and competition in the show ring, but also teaches valuable lessons that can be used in day to day life. These lessons include responsibility, learning about work and determination to reach a goal, winning graciously and losing with dignity.   

Mackenzie showing her steer for Showmanship

Saturday we got to skip the Expo, due to one of the animals not getting registered right. That meant that no one was showing on Saturday 'Yes'.  I was kind of happy about that, because my running partner was doing a long run with the girls and I really want to join them. I've been so busy lately  that I haven't been able go with Rachelle and run with the girls.

Tide to Go Instant Stain RemoverWas super excited about running with the girls.  Rachele and I drove into DSM and parked at the bike trail.  Our plan was to run 6 miles together, than meet up with the other girls and do another 6, with them.  It was a chilly start, but no wind 'YES'.  We got about 2 1/2 miles out and wouldn't you know it I get a freakin bloody nose. I've been having them lately on my runs.  I normally can get them stopped without stopping , but not this morning.  My bloody  nose actually  felt like it was getting heavier. I didn't have a choice I had to stop and take care of my bloody nose. I told Rachele to go on I would catch up with her.  Thank goodness for the paper towel that I always carry when I run, otherwise I might of been in a pickle.   It took several minutes before I finally got it stopped.   I ended up getting blood on my white shoe that I just washed  the night before because I  stepped in a water puddle the other morning.  I was not happy, blood stains "Are you kidding me".  Blood Stains  are hard to get out.  As soon as I got back to the car I pulled out my trusty Tide Pen and worked on those blood spots. I don't go anywhere without my trusty Tide Pen.  

The girls were waiting for us when we got back to the car.   I got another paper towel and took a drink and than we were off for another 6 miles.  It was so much fun running with the girls. I loved all the conversation we were having during our run.  It made the run go by so  much faster. 

Sunday we all got up around 4:30. Mike and the boys took off for the Expo and I got the cooler packed and my bag full of goodies.  Picked up my sister at the park and ride and than off to the Expo.   Cody and Marrissa showed right after we got there.  Their animals placed 6th and 7th.  After they showed we had to wait a while before it was time for Parker  to show   The  boys were working really  hard to get the heifer ready.  That heifer was getting  pampered more than me. 

The heifer stayed calm the whole time Parker was showing it. That is always a fear, that your animal will act up while you are showing. Their was  a lot of animals that were really antsy and were getting away from the kids.  I felt so sorry for the little kids that were showing and their animals were literally dragging them  around the ring.   Those little kids  were hanging  on for  dear life. I learned something new this year.  If your animal gets away from you twice your disqualified.  I had not heard that one before. 

Parker's heifer got 5th in it's class

      Don't forget to entry my Pride Socks Giveaway -ends 2/26

                                          Do you carry a Tide Pen with you?

                                          Does your children show animals?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Iowa Beef Expo

                                             Iowa Beef Expo

As we say "WHERE'S THE BEEF"

Going to the Iowa Beef Expo today.   My sons girlfriend shows in Showmanship today.  Sunday my son and his girlfriend, along with  brother and sister will also be showing their animals.  My oldest son  is the one that gets the heifer  ready to show.    I love going to the Iowa Beef Expo, it gives us some great family time.  

I love to see my boys working together, because when they were little they fought all the time.  Even when they were in high school.  

Had a great run this morning with Rachele.  We got 5 miles in, it was a little breezy though.  Than I headed back to the gym and got 30 minutes on the elliptical, along with 2 miles barefoot on the treadmill.

Off to the Iowa Beef Expo.  

Have you ever been to the Iowa Beef Expo?

  Don't forget to entry my Pride Socks Giveaway -ends 2/26

Monday, February 13, 2012

Big Production vs Community Theatre

On Saturday my twin sister and I went to see the musical " West Side Story" at the Civic Center.    I was kind of disappointed in the big production.   The big production didn't follow the same story line that  I've  seen in the past. This production had a lot of sexual in doe windows, which I didn't think was necessary.  I also  saw several young kids at this production.  Seeing  those sexual in doe windows just turned me off to the whole musical. Why did  they have to ruin the musical by putting that garbage in it.

WestSide StoryAbout 5 years ago we went to see "West Side Story" at a community theater where people voluntary their time to be in the play.  Let me tell you it was awesome.  I  literally was glued to my chair watching this play.  The story line was different, than what  I seen Saturday. This play had no sexual in doe windows.  I enjoyed it so much more.  Plus I paid a lot less money  to see the  community production, than I did for this  big production Saturday.

It has been kind of chilly and windy here the last  several week . I can run in the cold, but when it comes to  the wind I have to think about it a  little bit more.The last few weeks have been tough in the mojo department. It has  taken everything I got to get to the gym. However I am making it to the gym, but I'm not staying as long as I normally would. I just haven't had much mojo in me the last several weeks.

The one thing I'm  most  thankfully for this winter  is my running/workout buddy.  Their has been days I'm just to tired from not getting  enough sleep and working  more at the bank. My running/workout partner is what keeps me accountable, when it comes to getting my workouts in daily.  When I don't get my butt out of bed to  go and met her for our run or  workout, I feel like I'm letting her down and I hate that feeling.   The other side of that is I've  had a lot of different running partners  in the past, my first running partner that I had when I started working in the small town I live in passed away all of a sudden  8 years ago, OH how I miss him.  The next running partner  hurt his back and couldn't run anymore,  than one decided she want to do other kinds of exercises so she joined a gym that did  kickboxing  and she doesn't run very much now, one wanted to walk more than she wanted to run, so we went our separate ways.

 So having Rachelle as a running/workout partner means a lot to me and I don't want to screw this great partnership up, by not showing up to get our run or workout in each morning.  I love that she will run outside in the winter, some of my other partners were not to keen on  running in cold weather.  Running  outside in the winter is a must for me in order to keep my weight off.


This morning we ran 5 mile in the snow. I love running in the snow.  It actually felt like a heat wave  this morning with the temps being a little higher than it was over the weekend.   We had  to be a little careful, due to the snow covering the slippery spots.  We almost had a few slip ups, but we were able to stay on our feet. 

Don't forget to entry my Pride Socks Giveaway HERE it ends 2/26

                                              Do you run with a partner?

                               Do you like going to musicals?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pride Socks Review/Giveaway

Rachel from Pride Socks sent me a couple of pairs of socks to review. 

                              How Pride Socks got started.
Can  you imagine waking up everyday and having to fight with your other siblings for a pair of socks  that don't have holes in them. That is exactly what Rachele was dealing with.  Fighting  the fight everyday  created this  passion in Rachele to  become obsess with socks. 

With Pride Socks in the making, Rachel   wanted to create a brand and a product that brings people back to the good ole days of being a kid.  Running around the neighborhood, riding big wheels, and lacing up roller skates with no particular destination in sight but an entire world open to endless possibilities.

 She  also wanted her customers to feel a sense of freedom for when they wear their Pride Socks.  When someone feels that sense of freedom they are naturally proud of who they are and feel empowered to accomplish anything they set their mind to!

The tube socks are made of: 75% Ring Spun Cotton, 14% Nylon, 7% Acrylic, 4% Spandex.

The low cut socks are made of: 43% Olefin, 20% Polyester, 19% Sul-Cool Polyester, 7% Acrylic, 6% Spandex, 5% Nylon

Pride Socks are Rainbow tube socks and they come in many different lengths.  They come in 10" Baby Rainbow Striped Socks, 14" Kids Rainbow Socks, 19" Rainbow Striped Socks, 22" Rainbow Striped Socks, 25" Rainbow Striped Socks, 35" Rainbow Striped Socks and Low cut Rainbow Socks in Med and Large.  

Pride Socks also has athletic rainbow striped anklets, which offer some flair for your exercise routine. Rock these socks at the gym or running a marathon. The high tech fabric assures performance and moisture control for the weekend warrior. 

Athletic Anklet- Small
Pride Socks also  offers: 
 Rainbow Beanies

Fits most teenagers/adults comfortably and are made from our own tube socks!  Definitely one of a kind!
White Beanies
Black Beanies                                                               

 Arm/Leg Warmers
These arm/leg warmers are 17" long and are ideal for all ages and styles.

Arm and Leg Warmers
Pride Socks are always available for order on their website, but if you would prefer to see them in person, check out these retailers who sport  Pride Socks  threads.  Find retailers HERE.

So when Pride Socks sent me a couple of  pairs of their socks, I thought I was in heaven. I immediately went and got  my workout outfits to see which outfits these socks would go with.  I love  adding  color to my workout outfits.  When I put the Pride Socks on they felt so soft and cushiony.  I could of kept them on all day.  
I got several short runs in these colorful looking  sock.   Running outside this time of year, your feet can get a little  cold at times.  These socks kept my feet as snug as a bug in a rug on a cold winter day.  I didn't notice any chaffing or blisters with these great looking socks. 

You can wear Pride Socks in so many different ways. Making this collage was so much  fun and brought back so many good memories.  I even dug out my old roller skates and my old straw hat.  I couldn't wait to sport these awesome socks at the gym.   So go check out Pride Socks  HERE  and put some color and style into  your outfits.



At Pride Socks they  want everyone to be proud of who they are so you have the confidence to     achieve your dreams. 

Rachel at Pride Socks is graciously offering one of my followers  two  pairs of socks.  I'm  excited that one of my followers will get to add some color to their  outfits.

                                    How To Enter Pride Socks Giveaway

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                Follow by RSS Feed, Email or Google+.
1) (Mandatory) - Become a follower of  my blog, though
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3) Facebook, Blog, twitter,etc about giveaway. 1-entry for each

4) Visit Pride Socks HERE and let me know which two you would pick if you win.

                                 US residents only
                    The winners will be chosen by random.org
                                          on 2/26                                                        

                                                        GOOD LUCK

Disclaimer-The Federal Trade Commission mandates that I let you know that Pride Socks, provided me with the products free of charge. However, the opinion expressed is solely my own. 



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