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I am a farmer's wife,runner and a mother of two boys. I help my husband with our farming business. I did my first marathon in October 2010 and loved every minute of it. I'm now looking to do my 4th marathon in Little Rock, AR

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Loving my Yurbuds

I have had a lot of different headphones over the years.   I use to use Koss over the head headphones with preset buttons. I cant get them anymore. So had to find some other running device.  Decided to try a shuffle with headphones that went over my head.  I love my shuffle and headphones.  Needless to say over the head headphones are getting harder to get.  I did however find one made by Nike and loved it. But the part of the connection from the cord to the headphones got a short in it.  I did email Nike and complained that I had only had the headphones for 6 months and they sent me another pair.  The Nike headphones I only use when I have a race.  So I have kept looking for headphones  that I can use on  my normal running days.  Then one day I remember that at the IMT Des Moines Marathon  Expo their was someone there promoting the Yurbuds.  So I got on the Internet and investigated them.

Yurbuds claims:
1.  Won't fail out
2.  Ultra -soft comfort
3.  Exceptional sound
4.  Sweat proof

Here is a picture of the Yurbuds.  They fit right on your ear buds.  You put them in your ear and than turn the Yurbuds so the canal is going down into your ear canal. 

Here is a picture with the Yurbuds in my ear. They are as snug as a bug in a rug.

I ran 8 miles with the Yurbuds. I thought they were everything the said they would be.  I even accidentally pulled  on the cord  several times and they never fail out. The sound was amazing.  The sweat did not make the Yurbuds slip or slide out. The Yurbuds were very comfortable and soft I couldn 't even tell they were in my ear.  I would recommend these to anybody. They are great. I just wish I wouldn't of waited so long to get some.  Know matter what kind of running I am doing I will be using my  Yurbuds. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Living History Farm Off Road Race

Tree and I before the race

Me crossing one of the creeks

Tree at the bottom of a steep creek

We took the Hard Road
Last November I was lucky enough to do the Living History Farm Race. It takes place at Living History Farm in Urbandale, Iowa with is a historical museum site. Living History Farm is located on 500 acres of farmland. The race consisted of 7 miles of rough terrain and creek crossings. I have always wanted to do it, but just a little to chicken. It is  the unknown that scares me the most. My running partner and I decided we would do it just for fun and not worry about time. The Living History Farm race is a race where people can wear costumes. So we decided to dress up and have fun with it. We dressed up as two hippies. Their was so many costumes it was unbelievable. Their ended up being 8000 participant's instead of the 7500. OH well the more the merrier. When we had to cross the first creek I looked at Tree and said you go first. It looked pretty steep to me. The other problem was how are we going to get up on the other side. Their was so many people running in this race we were actually walking at times or waiting to cross a creek. I would have to say I am hooked on this race. I never had so much fun. Believe it or not dressing up is way out of my comfort zone. But I would do it again in a heart beat. It is already on my calendar for this year.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Love running in the morning

Got up this morning and got my workout in. Did 3 miles on the treadmill and got some strength training in. The whole day at work I kept thinking I really wanted to go home after work and get another 4 miles in. But,people that know me know that I'm not a person that works out in the evening. So when I got home I went right into the house put on my running gear and went for a 4 mile run. It was great. I decided to run on a gravel road by my house instead of going into town. I thought maybe running in the country would give me some new scenery. As I was running I loved looking at the cows grazing in the fields. As I ran by some houses I wondering what the people where doing inside. Loved listening to different dogs barking. I tried to just take in all the elements of running in the country vs town. Hope I can do another evening run soon.

Gear Review and Giveaway: Go Girl Sport

Gear Review and Giveaway: Go Girl Sport

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dam to Dam 20k

Loving the finish line
I love reading other  post.  I like to hear their stories.  I  would say my journey started last year. My running partner and I thought we needed  something to motivate us. So we decide to do  some 5k races. We enjoyed ourselves so much we decide to do some 10k races.  The one race we  really wanted to do was the Dam To Dam race which is a 20k. I had never ran more than 6 miles and Tree my running partner had not ran more than 3miles.  So we thought that would be a good challenge for us. I remember when we did our first 9 miles we thought their is not way we are going to do this, but we just kept taking on step at a time.  Tree has to go to the bathroom  so when we decided to do Dam to Dam I told her I would keep running slow  so she could catch up with me.  That is where the pink hats come in.  We thought we needed to wear something so she would be able to see me up a head.  So we found these pink hats. They worked great plus it was raining pretty good before and  during the race.  The hats helped block some of the rain, plus I wear glasses.  By the end of the race my glasses kept fogging over so I had to turn my hat around just so I could see where I was going.  I looked like a dork, but a happy dork. We finished in 2 hours.  It was one of the most amazing accomplishment that I had done. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could do a 20k.  So my moto is NO PAIN NO GAIN.  

Time for food

Tree and I after we had finish the Dam to Dam

Friday, January 21, 2011

Vacation in Colorado

Was on vacation last week in Colorado what a beautiful state.  I loved waking up and looking at the mountains.  We went snowmobiling, dog sledding, horseback riding, skiing and a sleigh ride.  We even made it to the Western Stock Show in Denver.  We had a great time. Did not get any running in that week.  When we left it was going to get in the 50's.  As we got closer to Iowa it got colder and colder.  Got up on Sunday and decide I really needed to run no matter how cold it was 4 degrees.  I tried not to over think running outside in the cold.  My moto is just do it, so that 's what I did.  The first mile or two was a little chilly but after that it was all good. It felt great just to be outside. Trying to get back into a routine after a vacation that is hard for me.  I have made it to the gym 5 days this week so far. Yahoo.  Have to get motivated because have a race coming up.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Decision to do my first marathon

I did my first marathon October 17, 2010.  What an awesome experience.  After my running partner and I did the Dam to Dam race which is a 20k.  She got a brainy ideal to run a marathon. I thought she was crazy, their was know way I was running a marathon.  So as she was  training to run a marathon we did not run much together.  I thought a marathon was unreachable for me. But I really wanted to run with her because time and miles went so much faster than running by myself.  So I decided to just train with her but still not do the marathon.  As the miles went up I thought this is crazy I should just do it.  But  I wanted to run a 20 miler before I commited to doing the marathon.  I got the 20 miler in and decided I had done most of the work already I just as well do it with her.  So needless to say I did my first marathonn October 2010. I loved every minute of it and hope to do another one this year god be willing.


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