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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Loving my Yurbuds

I have had a lot of different headphones over the years.   I use to use Koss over the head headphones with preset buttons. I cant get them anymore. So had to find some other running device.  Decided to try a shuffle with headphones that went over my head.  I love my shuffle and headphones.  Needless to say over the head headphones are getting harder to get.  I did however find one made by Nike and loved it. But the part of the connection from the cord to the headphones got a short in it.  I did email Nike and complained that I had only had the headphones for 6 months and they sent me another pair.  The Nike headphones I only use when I have a race.  So I have kept looking for headphones  that I can use on  my normal running days.  Then one day I remember that at the IMT Des Moines Marathon  Expo their was someone there promoting the Yurbuds.  So I got on the Internet and investigated them.

Yurbuds claims:
1.  Won't fail out
2.  Ultra -soft comfort
3.  Exceptional sound
4.  Sweat proof

Here is a picture of the Yurbuds.  They fit right on your ear buds.  You put them in your ear and than turn the Yurbuds so the canal is going down into your ear canal. 

Here is a picture with the Yurbuds in my ear. They are as snug as a bug in a rug.

I ran 8 miles with the Yurbuds. I thought they were everything the said they would be.  I even accidentally pulled  on the cord  several times and they never fail out. The sound was amazing.  The sweat did not make the Yurbuds slip or slide out. The Yurbuds were very comfortable and soft I couldn 't even tell they were in my ear.  I would recommend these to anybody. They are great. I just wish I wouldn't of waited so long to get some.  Know matter what kind of running I am doing I will be using my  Yurbuds. 

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have not tried Yurbuds yet, but they sounds like the answer to annoying head phones!!


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