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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Decision to do my first marathon

I did my first marathon October 17, 2010.  What an awesome experience.  After my running partner and I did the Dam to Dam race which is a 20k.  She got a brainy ideal to run a marathon. I thought she was crazy, their was know way I was running a marathon.  So as she was  training to run a marathon we did not run much together.  I thought a marathon was unreachable for me. But I really wanted to run with her because time and miles went so much faster than running by myself.  So I decided to just train with her but still not do the marathon.  As the miles went up I thought this is crazy I should just do it.  But  I wanted to run a 20 miler before I commited to doing the marathon.  I got the 20 miler in and decided I had done most of the work already I just as well do it with her.  So needless to say I did my first marathonn October 2010. I loved every minute of it and hope to do another one this year god be willing.

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