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I am a farmer's wife,runner and a mother of two boys. I help my husband with our farming business. I did my first marathon in October 2010 and loved every minute of it. I'm now looking to do my 4th marathon in Little Rock, AR

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Love running in the morning

Got up this morning and got my workout in. Did 3 miles on the treadmill and got some strength training in. The whole day at work I kept thinking I really wanted to go home after work and get another 4 miles in. But,people that know me know that I'm not a person that works out in the evening. So when I got home I went right into the house put on my running gear and went for a 4 mile run. It was great. I decided to run on a gravel road by my house instead of going into town. I thought maybe running in the country would give me some new scenery. As I was running I loved looking at the cows grazing in the fields. As I ran by some houses I wondering what the people where doing inside. Loved listening to different dogs barking. I tried to just take in all the elements of running in the country vs town. Hope I can do another evening run soon.


  1. Hi! thanks for the follow and for joining my giveaway. Thought I'd drop by and check your blog out. Adding you to my blog roll =)

  2. Thats Julie. I love reading your blog.


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