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Monday, February 13, 2012

Big Production vs Community Theatre

On Saturday my twin sister and I went to see the musical " West Side Story" at the Civic Center.    I was kind of disappointed in the big production.   The big production didn't follow the same story line that  I've  seen in the past. This production had a lot of sexual in doe windows, which I didn't think was necessary.  I also  saw several young kids at this production.  Seeing  those sexual in doe windows just turned me off to the whole musical. Why did  they have to ruin the musical by putting that garbage in it.

WestSide StoryAbout 5 years ago we went to see "West Side Story" at a community theater where people voluntary their time to be in the play.  Let me tell you it was awesome.  I  literally was glued to my chair watching this play.  The story line was different, than what  I seen Saturday. This play had no sexual in doe windows.  I enjoyed it so much more.  Plus I paid a lot less money  to see the  community production, than I did for this  big production Saturday.

It has been kind of chilly and windy here the last  several week . I can run in the cold, but when it comes to  the wind I have to think about it a  little bit more.The last few weeks have been tough in the mojo department. It has  taken everything I got to get to the gym. However I am making it to the gym, but I'm not staying as long as I normally would. I just haven't had much mojo in me the last several weeks.

The one thing I'm  most  thankfully for this winter  is my running/workout buddy.  Their has been days I'm just to tired from not getting  enough sleep and working  more at the bank. My running/workout partner is what keeps me accountable, when it comes to getting my workouts in daily.  When I don't get my butt out of bed to  go and met her for our run or  workout, I feel like I'm letting her down and I hate that feeling.   The other side of that is I've  had a lot of different running partners  in the past, my first running partner that I had when I started working in the small town I live in passed away all of a sudden  8 years ago, OH how I miss him.  The next running partner  hurt his back and couldn't run anymore,  than one decided she want to do other kinds of exercises so she joined a gym that did  kickboxing  and she doesn't run very much now, one wanted to walk more than she wanted to run, so we went our separate ways.

 So having Rachelle as a running/workout partner means a lot to me and I don't want to screw this great partnership up, by not showing up to get our run or workout in each morning.  I love that she will run outside in the winter, some of my other partners were not to keen on  running in cold weather.  Running  outside in the winter is a must for me in order to keep my weight off.


This morning we ran 5 mile in the snow. I love running in the snow.  It actually felt like a heat wave  this morning with the temps being a little higher than it was over the weekend.   We had  to be a little careful, due to the snow covering the slippery spots.  We almost had a few slip ups, but we were able to stay on our feet. 

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                                              Do you run with a partner?

                               Do you like going to musicals?


  1. The last musical I saw was Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat with Donnie Osmond. So it's been awhile but it was beautiful!

    I don't remember there being any sexual innuendos in the musical either. I've seen it many times and I think that would have turned me off to.

    I do run with a group but it's not regularly.

  2. agree about running partners! finding one that you just mesh with is so important and a great motivation to stick with it through the winter! glad you have that person this winter :)

  3. I absolutely LOVE musicals!!!!!! love love love :) big, small whatever - give them to me :) I saw west side story at a festival and it was pretty good.

    run alone, but a group for my long runs!

  4. love musicals SO much but rarely am able to go :( as for running buddies..I LOVE THEM but I am usually unable to find one. most of my friends and family, sadly won't give running a chance. They always tell my husband and I how they "wish" they could run or want to lose weight and run, but can't...and then come to excuses, so I'd love running buddies and I'll keep working on them DAILY until one caves and tries it out!!

  5. I love musicals and sometimes the smaller productions are much more enjoyable than the big ones. The only exception for me has been Phantom of the Opera. I saw it at the Fox Theater in Atlanta and it was amazing!


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