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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Struggling with the Mind

Why do I let my mind play games with me?  Sometimes my thoughts are over the place.

'Bridges falling down, killer pumpkin eaters, blind mice with carving knives... I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!' by Love, Jason
     I  should be  following the Weight Watchers plan and be counting my points, but when it comes to counting points I procrastinate.  That would mean I would have to watch what I put into my mouth and I'm just not feeling that at this point. Sometimes,  I just don't want to think about what I am putting into my mouth.  I know I would feel better, plus I would feel better about myself. This is where my mind is.

Mind, Body, Spirit (and Food Court). by Veley, Bradford 

     I fell if  I don't have control of my eating, I don't have control of anything in my life.  When stressful things pop up and I'm eating right I can deal with them easier.  But, when I am not eating right and stressful things pop up I feel like I just lose it.  The hardest part of any program is getting started. Today I am making myself accountable to the Weight Watchers program.  I have come to far to go back to a place, where I don't like myself. 

A Colorful Cartoon of a Woman Falling Into a Toilet Bowl - Royalty Free Clipart Picture  It is time to get off the pot and do something.

                   Do you struggle with your mind? 


  1. Everyday is a struggle for me.. I am such a control freak.

    I struggle with controlling time. There is never enough time in the day to get everything I need to get done.

    Way to recommit to WW. You can do it!

  2. The mind is a great and yet daunting thing. I just posted about me vs. my mind. It sounds like we are on the same wavelength here.

  3. Many friends in my book club follow WW--they like the meetings the most! Do you attend a group?

  4. Jess, I am a lifetimer. I dont go to meeting because the meeting dont fit into my schedule and are to far away from where I live.I became a Lifetime when I worked in Des Moines but now I work in a small town and it is not as convenient.

  5. oh yes. I think everyone struggles with themselves. I sure struggle every day when I get out of bed. Or before I workout when its cold outside. Although it seems like my mind has gotten stronger in fighting off the cant do attitude.

  6. Hi Penny! Thanks for becoming a new follower and I love your blog, so I'm following you now as well! I understand your thoughts completely. My mind and my body often tell me a million different things.

  7. I struggle to eat well all of the time. I eat WAY more candy than a person should eat in a day which means I end up sacrificing those calories when they could have been used for real nurishment. Good luck with WW!

  8. my blog is about me doing WW...and i lost 13 lbs- started feeling good and now have fallen off the wagon and am having BIG trouble getting back on- ugh

    hang in there and just keep starting over every day until you get it right.


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