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Saturday, September 10, 2011

YMX - Winner

This morning up at 5 am so I could get my workout in before I headed off to work.  The plan for today's workout was 40 minutes with Jackie Warner DVD and a 4 mile run.   I haven't taken a day off from running, since before my 14 miler on Wednesday. My legs are starting to tell me they need a day off for recovery.  My workout with Jackie was great like always. Love her DVDs.   It was still dark outside so I had to take a little time and get all my running gear on, so people would be able to see me in the dark. 

The first mile my legs were just plain feeling heavier.    I was having a hard time getting into a good rhythm. By the time I got done with the 4 miles, I  was  thinking my splits were not going to be  so good.  So when I  got done and checked to see what my splits were on my Garmin,   I was very happy.  I was surprised because I didn't feel like I was running faster than I usually do.  I know it was only 4 miles, but for me it was a good run.  Anything in the 9's these days makes for a happy girl.

Avg Pace
Summary                                       00:39:08                            4.01                                           09:45
100:10:13 1.00 10:13
200:09:51 1.00 09:51
300:09:34 1.00 09:34
400:09:22 1.00 09:22

                                        The Winner of the YMX

Is  #70,  Kim K @  Finally Fit 2011 http://finallyfit2011.blogspot.com/p/before-and-after.html.   Kim is a wife, SAHM & nanny, and a new runner living in gorgeous Az.  Kim has lost 20 lbs and is feeling awesome and looking great.  Kim did her first ever 5k race April 22, 2011.  Kim ran the race in 30.52.  That is awesome Kim.    So stop by an check out  Kim @ http://finallyfit2011.blogspot.com/

Kim shoot  me an email  pinkhatrunner@hotmail.com  with your address and shirt size and YMX will get it sent  out to you.

Thanks  everyone  for  participating in the YMX  giveaway.

Do you  have  days where you just don't feel like running, but you get out their anyway and  actually do better than you normally do.?


  1. Yayyyy! This is SICK! Thank u so much!!!

  2. congrats to the winner!

    Yes, I find the days were I lack motivation, are the days I go out there and kick butt! I guess something kicks into gear and then my mind is made up!

  3. I always seem to do better on the days I don't have the motivation initially. It is funny how that works!


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