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Friday, October 14, 2011

Good Luck Runners

I will be running the IMT Des Moines Marathon on Sunday.   Theirs  a few other bloggers that will be running the IMT Des Moines Marathon also.     


Full Marathon
Jim @50 After 40
Kerri @ TutuRunner

Half Marathon
Angie @ Barefoot Angie Bee

Hartford Marathon on Saturday


Kari @ Running Ricig is running the Hartford Marathon.
Stephanie @ Running to Health is running the Hartford Half Marathon.


                                          "GOOD LUCK RUNNERS"                 

                      Are you running a race this weekend?


  1. GOOD LUCK PENNY!!!! I hope you have a great race. Have fun and run hard. :)

  2. Good luck Penny ... have a great race!!! I know you'll be awesome!

  3. Good Luck Penny! Hope you have a great race!

  4. Good luck Penny! You will be great! Have fun!

  5. You've got this girl! Rock it!

  6. Good luck Penny. I'll be thinking about you when I'm running the Detroit Marathon on Sunday!

  7. No racing for me this weekend. Hoping for a few miles, the first in two weeks.

    Good luck and have a great race Penny!!

  8. Good luck Penny! You're going to do great!


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