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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy and Pissy


       I  had to get my long run in today or it was not happening.  I got to bed early, just so I could  make sure I got some good sleep time in. But of course, my son is in the field  disking and comes in around 1.30 in the morning.   My husband is a sleep in his chair waiting of our son to come  home so he can go back out and finish  disking   in case it rains.  M didnt hear P come in and woke up around 2:30 and woke me up to see if I had heard from P.  I said yes he got home at 1:30.  M said he was suppose to wake  me so I could finish  disking the  field. 

   By now I am wide awake, that has been how it has been the last several days.  Not a lot of sleep. I might not have little ones but I still have big ones that makes for sleepless nights.  So I finally got out of bed at 6:00 it took me  way to long to get all  of the running gear on.  What ever happen to just throwing on some shorts ,shirt,bra,socks, tennis shoes and running. It was 6:50 by the time I started hitting the pavement.  BUT I'M HAPPY

Mile-1 -10.46
Mile-2- 10.35
Mile-5- 10.36
Mile- 6- 10.29
Mile- 7 - 11.38  Here I had a turnaround and was running into the wind, just kept plucking away at it.
Mile -8 - 11.25
Mile- 9- 11.30
Mile - 10- 11.10
Mile - 11- 11.37  My quads and hamstrings were killing me. Still plucking away.
Mile - 12- 10.50

I'm glad that's over.  Actually it felt good to feel my quads hurting I havent felt that since my marathon last October.  It tells me I'm pushing myself  and that is all good. 


      I called the  800 number at WW to see when the new point calculators would be in  at the meeting locations, so I could pick up one.  Mined you this was 3 weeks ago.   I dont get into Des Moines as much as I use to.  I was working for the bank in West Des Moines, so I thought on my lunch hour I would run to the meeting and pick up a point calculator.  I get there an I'm looking for the calculators,  I dont see any,so I ask the lady where the point calculator are, she says they have not recieved them yet. I just wasted my lunch hour and they dont have any. I was not happy I was actually very pissy.  The lady was real nice and understood why I was mad.  She told me to fill out this comment sheet and she would send it in.

     I  just think if WW is going to change the program and market it, that they should have the products that people need to do the program. I know I can use the  point calculator on the computer that is not the point, because when I go to the store I have know way of determining what the point value is.   You can probably tell I dont like change very well. I'm having a hard time adjusting to this new program  anyway and not having a point calculator is making it that much worst. 

                  Did you have a good run today?

                           Do you get  pissy ?

                 Do you adjust to change very well?


  1. I completely suck at adjusting to change (unless of course it's change initiated by ME.) Haven't run yet, but will... YOU had a great run! Wow!

  2. Nice job on your long run! My run was hard today and I only did 4 miles. I am really nervous for Saturday because I have 15 miles mapped out.

    That is really frustrating about the WW calculator. I wish we could get products online so we didn't have to go to meetings to get them.

  3. My run today was poor. Short and slow because i have a bug hanging on. But I'm glad i did something.
    That is ridiculous about the WW pts.

  4. 1. No my run sucked ass this morning.
    2. I was really pissed that ALL of the treadmills were taken up at the gym.
    3. I am not a go with the flow type of gal at all unfortunately.

    On the ww calculater.. do you have ipod because you can download the app and that would work for calculating points.

  5. Good run! I sure do get Pissy....

    Running later this evening...

  6. nice job on your run :)
    I get pissy and cuss often but it helps!
    I have had a great week of running. I hope it lasts cuz it hasn't been like this for a while and I really need some time of good running.

  7. Great run!!

    I am SOOOO not good with change. Never have been. Unfortunately, I passed that trait on to my 5-year-old.

    And yes, I got pissy today. Pissy enough that it's gonna be in my blog post tomorrow.

  8. I have one of the new calculators, but I'm not actually doing WW right now...maybe I could send you mine :) Great job on the run!

  9. Way to go on your long run! That is great. It's so hard to function without good sleep. And I hear you on teenagers keeping you up just like little babies! I get pissy too sometimes. It's not pretty.

  10. That would TOTALLY make me pissy. Completely ridiculous.

    I had a good run today, but accidentally ended up going 10 miles instead of 8 and now I'm EXHAUSTED. Oh well. Tomorrow's a rest day :)

  11. No running today :( and YES I get pissy. Usually, no always, it's work related!!
    Good job on the long run!

  12. Great long run! I can't imagine running on little sleep, I don't think I could do it. I hope my note about the calculators helped a little. There are a lot of pissy members these days and it is all calculator related (well, most of it is because of the calculators).

  13. Nice job with the long run! I know what you mean about getting the gear on, fueling up, stretching, using the bathroom, it tacks on so much extra time!

  14. Thanks for checking out my blog and my giveaway!! excited to follow you :)

    AWESOME JOB on your run today!!

    I attempted a run but had a lot of pain still so decided it was best to stop and hit up the cross training...that definitely left me in a pissy mood. haha. Hoping to be back out there full force hitting the pavement soon :) have a GREAT night!

  15. That is a great run! You accomplished a lot and early good for you!

  16. Great run Penny way to push through it!! You had me cracking up at your title!!!!

  17. I gotta say 9 miles in VFF's is awesome! You go girl!


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