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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A little faster

Yesterday  I was able to catch up with my running partner for an early morning run.  We had so much to catch up on.  I had my vff's on and I new I would be running a little faster than,  I normally  do by myself.  I was anxious to see how my feet would feel when I upped the speed a little bit. They  were feeling a little sore right after the run, but by lunch time they  were feeling great.  

Mile 1- 10.22                           Mile 4- 10.11
Mile 2- 10.23                           Mile 5- 9.58
Mile 3- 10.01                           Mile 6- 9.44

This morning I wasn't planning  on  running. I was going to give my  feet a little rest, but after my workout with my guy Bob Harper, I was feeling like a little run.  So I  decided to do 3 miles on the treadmill and see if I could speed it up again. I wanted to see how my feet were going to feel after my faster pace yesterday.  Believe it or not my feet were feeling great.   Today started  with 6.0 and continued to go up and down from there. The last half mile kept it  between 7.5 and 7.8  I was tired but it sure felt good. My hamstring and hip are still feeling good.  Got  my 3 miles done in 29 minutes.  Which put my pace at 9.39.

Every time I run with my vff's I'm amazed at how I feel during and after my run.   When I first started running in the vff's my calves were killing me.   When I did my first  6 miles I could barely walk afterwards, my calves hurt so darn bad.  My go to people that I emailed about  running in vff's and questions I had were Angie @ Barefoot Angie Bee and Neil @Because all the cool kids are doing it.   I learned  a lot from them.  It is normal to have some calf soreness, but not to the point where you can barely walk.   For me  I needed to  bend at the knees and  relax my legs. I was amazed how that helped with my calf soreness and it made for a much easier run.   


  1. Way to have negative splits on your run! I'm curious about VFF and am going to go to my Fleet Feet to try some out soon.

  2. That's great that you are catching on to natural running so well! And great job with the splits!

  3. i think barefoot running is really great for teaching people to have better running form

  4. VFF's are on my 2012 New Year's goals. The spontaneous me wants to start running with them now but the cautious me says, wait until after racing season is over. Great tip about relaxing and bending the knees. I will remember that. Great job on the running!


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