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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Feeling it today in my vff's

Since my long run did  not  go so  well yesterday. I'm looking to redeem myself.

Weather permitting I was going on another long run, but this time it was going to be in my vff's.  Cold toes or not.   I got all my stuff on and headed to town. I'm thinking I'll do at  least 9 miles in my vff's.  My thoughts were just to take it slow and easy.  To see how my feet were going to feel today.

 The  1st mile I was feeling pretty good, so much easier then yesterdays run  in my running shoes. At mile 3 I'm checking myself to see how my legs  and feet are  feeling.  My  legs are still feeling pretty relaxed and no  pain in my feet.. ( I wish I felt this good every time I ran).  For the first time since last October I was starting to get into a rhythm and it  was feeling  pretty good. I can't say  that I have had much rhythm, due to the lack of running  long distance.  By the time I reached 9 miles, I was already thinking I should push  it to 10.  Yahoo, 10  miles in my vff's.  That is  my  longest run in them so far. 

I'm running   Dam to Dam  in June and it is a  20k.  I've been playing with  what shoes I should wear for a while now..  My running shoes vs  vff's. After today's run I'm looking at running the whole 12.4 miles in my vff's.  So  I better get down to business and keep on pushing it.  I have  2.4 more miles to push it.

I know how I think, so when the race  gets here I  will  probably be second guessing myself.  Can I really run 12.4 miles in my vff's.  I know it is a mental game I  play with myself.  I just hope I don't have a panic attack at the starting line, because I'm stressing out about running Dam to Dam in vff's.

My Chief

Mile 1- 11.10                   Mile 6- 11.07
Mile 2-10.56                    Mile 7- 11.16
Mile 3- 10.50                   Mile 8- 11.10
Mile 4-10.50                    Mile 9-11.25
Mile 5-11.46                    Mile 10- 10.52


  1. You can do it lady! I'll be running my Half Marathon in June in the VFFs and planning on running Portland in them as well...might be a new pair though, these ones have lots-o-miles on them :)

  2. Just keep up the long runs in the VFFs and you'll totally be ready by June. I'm planning to run the Philly half next fall in mine and I'm only up to 5 miles in them at this point.

  3. i agree...if you keep up these LRs in your VFFs you will be more than ready for your race! way to go!

  4. I totally think you can do it!!! You're already doing great with it.

  5. I have had a MILLION problems with poorly fitted running shoes and I'm SO intrigued with the VFF. I have a half marathon next weekend... how long do you think it takes to get use to this type of shoe?

  6. I'm curious about the VFF's as well. Please, post more! And, yes, you can do it!!

  7. You can do it! Listening to your body is key, and you are great at that!!

  8. You can do it!!! Don't ever second guess yourself. I need new shoes....have to look into the vffs. And congrats on my giveaway!!! It will be in the mail today!

  9. i found you through TPG's blog! i am going to buy a pair of vff's and would love to hear your thoughts and adventures! :)

  10. Wow Penny! that's a LONG run in vibrams! I keep reading that it takes quite a while to build up that kind of stamina in vffs! Well done!

  11. WHAT ARE VFF'S? I never heard of them. one site said it meant "very f------ Funny" but you are indicating they are some type of shoe.


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