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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sleeping with the baby calf

Mac had to get up early Saturday morning to go to an FFA Competition.  She said it was a long day.  We have a baby calf that lost it's mommy and we're having to bottle feed it.  Mac loves the baby calves, she went out to see the baby calf and ended up taking a nap with it. This shows you  just how tired Mac really was.  


Rachelle, Tree and I met up at the bike trail in Des Moines to get our long run in yesterday.   Starting out the temps were in the low 30's.  The wind wasn't as bad as it has been. Yahoo, we even got to run in  the  daylight that sure in the heck doesn't happen very often. It was so nice not to have to put all that other stuff on.  I'm falling in love with running the bike trails, it's so much better than  running the  highway.  I love seeing all the other people out their running, walking and  riding their bike.  It just makes for a much nicer run when you know your not the only one out getting exercise.

Our training plan called for  14 miles this  morning.  The other group of girls only wanted to run 6 miles.  So us three met up early and got 7 miles in before we were to  met up with the other girls.  Those first 7 miles were great, not much wind temps were awesome for a morning run.
We get back to the car and the other girls were waiting for us.  The other girls like to go a certain way on this bike trail  which is cool, but  it has a slight  incline most of the way. .A couple mile into it and I start to get the cramps my stomach is not feeling very good.  When we stopped at the car to meet the girls, Tree took some IBP.  I was so hoping she had some more with her, but she didn't,"DARN IT".
Normally running in general would get my  mind off the cramps, but that wasn't working today.  I think as I'm getting up there, my body is changing, " DARN IT"  that's the cycle of life.
So for me those 14 miles ended up being a little tougher than I was wanting, but I got them done. I can't dwell on a  not so good long run, because  their is always the next one that I am going to kill..
Last night we celebrated my hubby's birthday.  We all went to his favorite restaurant . His favorite restaurant just happens to be in a small town not far from where we live. They have the best food. This little  restaurant  actually   won a contest for the best hamburger.  Believe me they are delicious.
                                          How did your long run go?

                  Have you ever fallen a sleep with a baby calf?

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  1. I have never slept with a baby calf...I would though...I have only slept with my Maggie (golden retriever) :)

    good for you for doing the 14 even if you were not feeling 100%
    stomach cramps suck..it can take your mind out of the LR really quick...

    I had 10 today, I did not want to do it and it ended up not so bad after all!

  2. That picture is adorable! Good on ya for doing the whole 14 miles even though it was rough. Wonder if your dinner out last night might have led to bad tummy.

  3. awesome run even when not feeling your best! ha, my long run didn't happen due to horrible weather here in texas and it's suppose to be like this ALL week :-(

    that baby calf is precious...i keep telling my husband about your blog, so he'll read about your ffa experiences and it'll remind him of high school. he loved doing all of that!!1

  4. Great job getting through it - it's tough enough when we feel GOOD...

    I've enver slept with a calf, but I've fed lots of them :) THey are so darn cute!

    (for Grandma's, I'm staying at the Holiday Inn downtown...I'm lucky in that my mom travels a lot for work and could get me the room with points. I never even thought about staying on campus - what a great idea!)

  5. Awww what a sweet calf!
    Way to get the 14 done. No easy talk for sure!

  6. I've fallen asleep just once with a baby calf that we had to put in the barn because it was sick and even in the south the winter wind can be tough on a little one.

    Belated Happy Birthday to your husband!

  7. I love that picture. So sweet. New baby calves are so precious.


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