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Saturday, March 17, 2012

No Spring Break & LARABAR Winner

No Spring Break.   Spring break for us is right in the busy time of our  calving season. Needless to say we have never gotten to go some where for spring break.  I wont say that upset me,because it doesn't. I'm not a big fan of  vacationing anyway.  It all sounds good, till it come time to get everything ready and than I just don't want to go.  Going to different places doesn't make me as  happy as  just staying home and being with my family.
Family Time

My oldest son just got back from Texas.  He was there for a Livestock Judging Contest.  They didn't do as well as he had hoped, but in my eye he always does great.  He was so happy to be home.  He's hasn't had a lot of free time, due to all the Livestock Judging practices and competitions that he has been doing.

We had some more baby calves.  We had a couple of heifers that needed a little help with getting that big baby calf out.  I love watching the natural process of giving birth.   I just wanted to go and get some ice chips for that momma.  Can you tell I'm having flashbacks of giving birth?  Bring on the drugs.

This weeks training has been going really good.
Monday- 4.50 miles, Elliptical - 30 min
Tuesday- 1 hour weights/cardio, Elliptical- 30 min
Wednesday- 16.50 miles long run. So happy to get my long run in  early this week, now I can really enjoy my weekend.
Thursday- 45 min weights/cardio, Elliptical- 30 min
Friday- 4.23 miles,tanning.
Doesn't tanning count as an excersie? OK, It was either do the elliptical or tan, I was running out of time, before work. So I opted for the tanning.  I can't stand to have white legs and it shorts season.

Sorry, I was late getting the LARABAR  winner picked, I totally forgot all about it.   I've been helping out at the bank so much that I haven't had a lot of time to do much with my blog.

The winner of the LARABAR'S is   meredith mMar 11, 2012 07:11 PM i I like Larabar on Facebook and told them you sent me!!!  mermont84 at yahoo.com

Meredith shoot  me an email at pinkhatrunner@hotmail.com with your mailing address and I'll get the info forward.

                          Thanks everyone for participating in the LARABAR giveaway.

 Don't forget to enter my Chobani Greek Yogurt giveaway- 
                                     ends 3/25.


  1. I'm impressed with your workouts! Way to go!

  2. We never had Spring Break either. Looks like you got some great workouts in over the week!

  3. Great job with your workouts this week. Who needs a spring break anyway? I used to love livestock judging, I was never that good at it, kind of medium really, but it was so fun to get to socialize with all the other agricultural kids from around the state.

  4. Spring Break is never a break for me either :)

    Nice workouts this week!

  5. great workouts and i bet when my boys are in school, spring break will be crazy for us too...i know when i was a teacher, i'd cram as many fun things as possible because i knew the week would be over TOO soon, and it always was!

  6. Awwww calving season sounds plenty exciting to me! If by chance I'm lucky enough to win the Chobani, know that I'll be in the middle of the ocean on 3/25 so may not be around to claim it right away. See? I'm being optimistic. :)

  7. did you get your long run in during the week? I've tried that but it just doesn't feel like I'm getting all my miles in when I have short runs in the weekend.


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