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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Calving season is here

It's that time of year again, calving season.  One of our  heifers had twins earlier in the week, but the twins didn't make it.  We've had several other  good healthy  babies though, like this one.

This baby calf is so cute

The other night my son's girlfriend was over at our house, when hubby came in and told us that their was  a heifer out in the barn trying to have a baby calf.  Mac lives on a farm, but her Dad buys calves and finishes them out than sale them.   So, Mac has never seen a baby calf born.  Mac was all over it when hubby asked her if she would like to see one born.  Parker and her got their coats on and  headed out to the barn to watch the heifer.  They were out there probably an hour and they started to get cold, so they  came in to get something to eat and get warmed up and than  headed back out.  As for me, I've been up since 4am and I was starting to get really  tired, so I was  heading to bed real soon.  This all was taking place around 8pm.

The heifer finally had her baby and Mac was right their to watch it all.  Living on the farm we take for  granted that everyone has got to see baby calf  born.   Calving every year is such apart of our  life, that  we forget that  some people from the city have never got to experience the birth of a calf.

The next day Mac's  Mom called me and said Mac  had a hard time getting to sleep, because she was so wound up from seeing that  baby calf born.

I was working   at the bank last week and asked  the bosses son, Noah if his wife and son still wanted to see a baby calf born.  Noah said yes, they were still  wanting to.   I got Noah's phone number in case we had one this weekend.  Hubby called me this afternoon  and said that one of the heifers water had broken and it would be soon..  Hubby than called Noah's wife to see if they were able to come out.  They hopped in the car and were out here in a few minutes.     

The little boy loved watching  the birth of that baby calf .  The only bad thing was we were all  getting cold waiting for that calf to get here. I never dress warm enough when I go to the barn, that's just me. Needless to say they didn't dress warm enough either being from the city, but we all stuck it out and watched this little calf being born.
It's hard to see, but the feet and head are coming out.

Baby calf just born.  Momma is licking  the calf  so that it  gets all cleaned off and will get up and start moving.

                                Have you ever seen a baby calf born?

                                 Do you live on a farm?

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  1. So exciting... and yes, cold. It always seems to happen during the night. Sorry about the twins.

    I never lived on a farm but I have many many aunts and uncles who have been farmers and all of my summer vacations as a kid were on one farm or another.

    I loved branding the best cause we all got together with neighbors from miles and miles around.

    Calving time was pretty exciting too, but yes, cold. Foaling was later in the year and warmer!

    Thanks for bringing back some happy memories with your pictures and stories. Love it, Penny.

    1. Branding is one of my favorite times too.

      I don't think they brand much east of the Mississippi do they?

  2. Bummer on the twins :( poor little guys.

    We lost our first calf this year, he was a leap day baby but never did breath good and died within 24 hours of being born. Now his momma isn't doing so good. We think she maybe has a twisted gut. My dad had a calf with no body, just the back legs attached to the front and the guts floating around it. She was born via c-section and never survived of course. I bet you have seen some interesting ones too through the years.

    Hope the rest of your calving season goes good, I love that you share the experience with others!

  3. I hate the twins didn't make it. That was always sad for me. I'll never forget the year we lost almost several calves. It was rough.

    We were very fortunate to see a few calves born from time to time if the cows weren't in hiding. I pulled my first calf when I was 15 and it was one of my first calf heifers that was having trouble calving so it was really rewarding to save both of them.

    Glad Mac was there to experience the birth of the baby calf!


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