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Sunday, December 4, 2011

3 Little Pigs / Living History Farm Race

This was my second year to run the  Living History Farms Off Road Race.  It's 7 miles of woods,creeks and corn fields.  I love doing this race.

I love dressing up in a costume for this race.  Tree's daughter came up with the ideal of dressing up  as  the 3 Little Pigs, now  how appropriate is that for a farmer's wife.  I was totally  up for that one.  We decided to get pink sweat suits and ordered the nose,ears,tail of the pig off the Internet.  Than Tree's niece decide to run with us, so we had to come up with a costume for her. It was to late to get another pig outfit ordered, so she ended up wearing Tree's hippie costume from last year. 

3 Little Pigs and a Hippie

The race didn't start till 9, but we new we needed to get there early, because it gets very crowded at this race. We met at the Kum and Go in Desoto  at 7:15 and followed each other  in to Des Moines. As we are getting off  on the off ramp their is a  long line of cars already.  Last year we parked at Living History Farms parking lot, but  this year we decided to  park at the hotel across the street.  Last year it literally took us at least 30 to 40 min to get out of the LHF parking lot.  This year it took us 10 min.

Rachele  in the slippers  and her friends that she runs with on the weekends

The first mile we ran around LHF and than threw a tunnel that lead out to the fields and creeks.  We kept a pretty steady jog. We couldn't run to fast because one of my friends that was running with us, normally doesn't run at all, but she loves doing this race.  So, I told her I would stay with her.   Tree's knees  have been hurting when she runs, so she was OK with not pushing it to much and just having a fun time with this race this year.  Tree and I would get to talking and than we would  get ahead of Laurel, but we would just keep looking back to make sure that we could see her.  If we couldn't  see her we would stop and wait for her.   Once we hit the creeks it wasn't a problem with her staying with us.  

Before we hit the creeks they have this hill you can run up one side and down the other. I always have to run up it and stop and take a picture of all of us at the top.

On top of the Hill

This  was the first creek we came to.  Their was this couple dressed up as a old man and woman. The man actually ran with a walker and the woman  was running  with a cane. It was a hoot to see them crossing the creek. 
Old man and lady trying to get up the creek bed with a walker and cane
 Tree and Penny.  So far we are  clean  Little Piggy's
As we are into the race about 4 miles we are still pretty clean pigs. Everyone was telling us we were the cleanest pigs they had seen. But we let them know these 3 Little Pigs wouldn't be clean for long.

This is Tree's daughter and niece running to the finish.  You can see one of the other 3 little pigs coming up behind.

This little piggy got dirty

I was so  happy this year that my twin sis got to come and watch me run this race. 

We had a blast this year. We're already trying to come up with  a costumes  for next year. 

                                         Do you like to dress up for races?

          What is the funniest costume you've wore to a race?

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  1. I love your costumes!! I've never ever worn a costume for a race! I think I need to, though. How much more fun is that!?!!

  2. That looks like a great time! Too bad you couldn't have Tree's niece dress as the big bad wolf. :)

    I wore a witch costume for a Halloween race.

  3. Oh my gosh, that looks like so much fun! So cute!

  4. Congrats! You look GREAT! And how fun that your twin got to come. Love the costumes and the pics. Have a great rest of your day!

  5. OMG, those pig costumes are a HOOT! Love costumes!

  6. This is so great Penny! How fun. You guys did a great job with the costumes, too. I've never done a costumed race, but it sounds like so much fun!

  7. love the costumes!!!
    I have never dressed up for a race but I would be game to do it..maybe with my boys that would be fun!!

  8. What a fun race Penny! Like the new pictures at the top!

  9. I remember reading about Living History race when I lived there and never did it. It sounds like you had a really real time!

  10. How fun! I've never dressed up for a race, but I think I wanna do a reindeer run before Christmas! Ya'll look so cute and looks like such a fun time!

  11. What a fun race! And I LOVE your costumes! I think costumes always make a race seem more fun!


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