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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm Back - 10 Things About Me

     Last Saturday I posted 10 things about me.  On Sunday I decided I needed to change  a picture and than I was not able to get any pictures posted. I still don't know what happen, but I'm Back. How sweet is that.   I'm going to try posting 10 things about me again.  I'm feeling so left out, not being able to post anything.
This blogging is addictive. 

1.  I have been married for 23 years and have two amazing boys.

                                                            We hate our picture taken, but M's family loves to take pictures

2.  I have 4 brothers and 3 sisters.

3.  I have a twin sister.  We are the youngest.   
Nickle and Penny" just call us small change".  

4.   I have  a Casey's French Vanilla Cappucino every morning.

Bad habit

5.  I love to shake my bootie.  

SHAKE, SHAKE   Party Bus

6. October 2010 I did my first Marathon. 

                                             Here I go again.  I had to show  my bootie.

7.  I had my 30 year class reunion last August.  Have I been out of school that long? 

Don't we look young?

 8.  I like to mow the lawn, that is why I have a big yard.  I like to keep it very  manicured.

I love all my trees

9. I love to dress up for races.

Living History Farm race.   "Just a good old hippie"

Red Flannel Race 

10.  I  get to drive a tractor in the spring to spray  the fields.

Than I get to drive a combine in the fall to harvest the crops.


What are somethings about you that your fellow bloggers might not know?

Have you ever been on a party bus?

How many years have you been out of school?

Do you like to dress up for races?

Do you have a bad habit?


  1. Wow, what cool things! You're a twin and you get to drive a tractor and a combine! Plus you got to do the living farm race. I would love that one!

  2. Candy is a very bad habit for me!! I love jelly beans :)
    I have been out of school for....18 years.
    I do like to dress up for races!! I need to do more races so I can dress up!
    I don't know if there is anything bloggers might not know....I kind of spill the beans on my blog :)
    Never been on a party bus. We did and often talk about living on a bus and traveling around....

  3. I love "just call us small change!" You guys are both gorgeous!

    I'm right behind you with time out of school--25 yrs, although my class did not have a reunion--what's up with that?

  4. My stickers arrived yesterday! THANK YOU!!!

  5. So great to find your blog! I have a pink hat too! :) Never been on a party bus. I've been out of school....hmmmm...does graduate school count? Well, I graduated from undergraduate in 2001.


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