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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

        I call my hubby a clean fanatic.  Isn't it funny how opposite track.  I would say I am average when it comes to keeping thing clean. On the other hand M  likes every thing to be clean.  He has been giving me little hints that the garage needed something done to it.  After the winter it does get kind of dirty, but isn't that what happens in a garage ' cobwebs,flies,dust,water,dirt'.   The forecast for Thursday was supposed to be nice, so I got to thinking maybe I should just get the darn garage cleaned.  That way  I can check that off my to do list for my spring cleaning. I finally got the garage cleaned it took a while.  It is a 3 car garage. Finally I hear  M coming up the  driveway, so I go to the garage door look out.  I have to see his face.  Yup, he has a smile from ear to ear.  He love it when I clean.  So I can check that off my to do list for spring cleaning, Yes.

This is a do whatever I want day.  This morning got in a good 6 miles  along with a 20 minute power sculpt DVD.   What a great way to start my day.
Mile 1- 10.40
Mile 2- 10.45
Mile 3- 10.42
Mile 4-10.58
Mile 5 11.03
Mile 6 10.59

When I look at this I wonder, how in the hell did I run a marathon. You can tell this winter has taken a toll on me.

          Is your significant other a clean fanatic or a messy person?
                       Did you have a race this weekend


  1. your times look awesome to me!

    BTW the sticker arrived, and the mailman wanted to buy it off me. Looks like you've got a winner here!

    I'm the messy one at home ... well actually the 19-year-old has me beat but he doesn't count. Apparently I'm the man in the family.

  2. While my hubs is no clean freak, he's the less messy one....oh well.
    But the garage is totally his department. I wouldn't lift a finger to clean that out!
    Yes! Race tomorrow--half marathon in thunderstorms...hopefully it won't be too bad.

  3. My hubs is clean, but I'm the clutter-free freak! :)

    Winter is annoying isn't it?! I have some winter lbs to lose by marathon time. You are doing great Penny! Your body will remeber where it is supposed to be!

  4. nice workout! My husband and I are about the same, although I wonder if he knows how the clothes get from the floor back into his closet, clean.

  5. It was a loooooong winter. I am so glad that its finally over.

    I had my race this weekend. It was tough. Lots of hills. I didn't PR but came close. Considering I had to walk some, was cold and not used to hills I think I did pretty good.

  6. my husband is sooo messy, but I'm a germaphobe, so I'm always cleaning.

    I had a 5 mile race this weekend. It was great. Glorious weather and a run along the waterfront.

  7. Hi Penny!! Sorry I am just now getting back to you and your question about running form!! I'll try to do a little bit of a post on it but my friend Kurt did an awesome post after he worked with a coach!! you can read some of his tips on running form here:


    I by NO means have good form but keeping some of the tips in his post in mind really helps!!! I hope you can get something out of it too!!!


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