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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Baby Calf and Weekend

I have been lazy this weekend .  I came down with a chest cold on Thursday.  I made it to the gym on Friday and tried running, but I got to coughing and would have to stop. So I decided to do the Elliptical instead and some  upper body workout. 

The bank called Wednesday to see if I could help them out on Friday. Of course, I could help them out, not knowing I would be felling like crap.  Than on Thursday the boss calls and want to see if I will work till 6:00, instead of 4:00, I am a sucker I cant say no.  Boy, it was a long day. 

My plans for Saturday was to get up and go to the gym but my chest was so congested, I decided just to take it easy this weekend.  Wouldn't you know it Sunday   we spring forward  1 hour, so we lose 1 hour of sleep.  I'm thinking that's ok, because I'm not going to the gym anyway.

Normally  I'm always up before my husband,  because I go workout in the mornings.  This morning I heard the  hubby get up and go outside to do chores. I just  rolled over and went back to sleep which is something I don't do very often.  I don't know how long he had been gone, but the phone rings I new it had to be hubby.  I was just wanting to sleep in.  He needed me  to come out to the barn and bring  a jug full of hot water and some dry clothes for him.  We are calving now and it can be long and tiring hours.  I'm thinking all I wanted to do is sleep in. Darn it. 

   So I get up and took him what he needed.  When I get out there he is trying to get a baby calf to suck it momma, but it is not going very well.  He finally got the baby calf to suck, which is great otherwise we have to bottle feed it twice a day.     Here is a couple of pictures of the baby calf that was born this morning.
This little calf is so cute
I'm not complaining, it just that  I am a planner of my day.  So sometimes I struggle when I have down to do this and he calls and needs me to do something else.  That's life and I am still trying to do better about having my daily  plans interrupted.  I'm work in progress.The main thing is  he gets to do what he loves which is farming. It not a 9-5 job where you come and go, but  we wouldn't trade this life for anything. I have a great husband and two awesome boys.My  boys are planning  to come back home after college and help their Dad farm. So it  truly will  be a family farming business. How sweet is that.  So, that about sums it  up how my  weekend has gone so far.

                                                    How's your weekend going  ?
                               Did you get a run in this weekend?
                            How do you deal with change of plans?


  1. that calf is so cute! I remember as a little girl in my jammies with feet going to see horses birthing in the mare barn. Awesome memories :)

    So sorry you are not feeling well. It seems like this year was really bad as far as flu and cold bugs go. We are on the mend but I am still tired often.
    This week I want to run. Its supposed to be warm all week and I just need to get back out there.

    I have a hard time with change of plans but work at it. Its hard to let go when you put so much energy into thinking and planning. Hope you feel better soon :)

  2. The calf is so cute! I remember being in WI and hearing various friends talk about how they had to go out and help calve during the night or that they wanted to go home early to see if the new one arrived yet. It can wreck havoc on a planner's schedule though.

  3. hey pink hat penny! if you want, i can mail ya' my tutu. it didn't get too sweaty. =)
    or, i can make you a freshie if u wanna trade it for a donation to my TNT fundraising.

  4. That little calf is SO cute! I hope it finds its way. I hear you on being a planner and having things interrupted--it's tough. Hopefully smoother days ahead this week!

  5. That calf is so cute! Really big animals kind of freak me out, but their babies are cute!!

  6. Amazing! Love the baby calf--adorable!!

    I hope you feel better Penny!!

  7. So cute!! It's amazing how cute babies are =)

    I am a planner too, so I feel your pain. Hope you feel better!

  8. cute calf! do you ever have them at the state fair? i've never been but i hear it's the thing to do....
    mailed your tutu today. thanks for the donation. =) awesome!

  9. How awesome! You are living my husband's dream life on a farm!
    You're so lucky to have met Angie and pick her brain on barefoot running. I would have loved that!


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