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Sunday, January 1, 2012

HBBC Roundup #6/ Resolution Race 5k

Saturday- 3.1 miles Treadmill, 45 minutes cardio/weights
Sunday- Christmas- 4 miles outside awesome weather, 3 mile walk with my sis, along with 30 weight/cardio
Monday- Great 12 mile run with Rachelle.  Haven't run that far since the Marathon in October.
Tuesday- 1 hour of weights/cardio with Rachelle, 2 miles barefoot on the treadmill, 30 minutes on the stationary bike

Wednesday- ran 6 miles, 15 min cardio, 15 min bike
Thursday- 1 hour weights/cardio, 30  min bike


What a great Resolution Race 5k this morning.  The wind was a killer it was so strong, it nearly at times would almost push you over.  My 5k ended up being a hair short of a 5k.  I ran 2.80 miles in 24.37.  I couldn't believe when I looked at my Garmnin, that I had  ran it at a 8.47 pace.  Holy Moly, Never ran that fast before.  Starting out my leg were feeling so heavy and tight, but once I found my rhythm it was all good. My leg were still feeling the effect from the 13.50 miles yesterday.

Great Resolution Race this morning with all the girls.

For 2011, I ended up running 1127 miles.  What an amazing year in my running  journey.
February- was my lowest miles at 53
September- was the highest miles at 163

                                How did you start your New Year's off?


  1. Way to go running an 8:47 pace after a 13.5 mile day!!!!

  2. Nice job Penny! And WOW - speedy!!

  3. WAY TO GO PENNY! That is an awesome year!

    Keep running happy and healthy in 2012!

  4. such a fun pic of your running group! you had a GREAT 2011 Penny! cant wait to see what 2012 holds for you. and crazzzy speed on the resolution run! way to go!

  5. YAY What an awesome race!!!!! I ran on the 1st.. just a training run though. Great job!


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