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Sunday, August 14, 2011

One Happy Girl/10 Miles

This week has been a great week  for running, weather wise and  motivation wise for me.  Wednesday I pulled off a 16 miler solo, which was just  the confidence builder I needed.  Friday  I was hoping for 8 miles, but my  knee was acting up, so only did  4 miles instead.  Saturday planned on only doing  3 miles, because  I was going to be doing  a long run on Sunday with my running partner.

                  WHY I'M ONE HAPPY GIRL
I got to run with my running partner this morning.   "OH BABY"  I have been looking forward to this all week.  We had a 10 miler planned today.   We meet up at 7.00 to get started on our run.   Tree has not been running very much at all, so we just took it slow and I let her pick the pace. HECK, I was so HAPPY I wouldn't even of cared if I walked 10 miles.  MAYBE NOT WALKED.     At 3 miles we're finally getting into a good rhythm.  We're  talking so much I couldn't believe when I looked at my Garmin and we're at 6 miles already.  BOY, this run just keeps getting better and better every mile.   At 8 miles she is getting tired, I keep on talking to keep her mind off how tired she is getting.  We got all 10 miles in this morning. I'm so proud of Tree she just kept plugging away at those miles. 

Tree is almost done with her Body Sculpting workout sessions.  We are going to try to fit our long runs in on Sunday mornings. Sundays seem to be the only day we both can get together and do them.  Heck, I'm  just so excited that we'll be training together  for our half marathon in October.   It's the small things that make me the happiest.  Life is good.

                                      ONE HAPPY GIRL

Avg Pace
Summary                    01:43:28                               10.00                                    10:20
100:10:31 1.00 10:32
20:10:51 1.00 10:51
300:10:05 1.00 10:06
400:10:21 1.00 10:21
500:10:15 1.00 10:16
600:10:24 1.00 10:24
700:10:10 1.00 10:10
800:10:09 1.00 10:09
900:10:12 1.00 10:13
1000:10:21 1.00 10:21

                     Did you do a long run or a race  this weekend?

                Did you run with a running partner or solo?


  1. Beautiful splits! I like the idea of having someone to run with on a long run. Since those long runs are supposed to be at a pace where you can comfortably talk to someone. Great job!!!

  2. Nice going. You sound so happy!

    Great that you and your friend are going to be able to train together.

  3. great job Penny! It is so much fun to run with a friend, and yes, the miles go by WAY faster that way. :)

  4. yayyyyyy!!!! love this upbeat post and so glad your running partner is back in action! that headband looks so great on you!!!

  5. Wow! What a great job! You rocked it!!Woohooo!

  6. Yay!! Your splits look so awesome! Keep it up my friend!

  7. Nice job to both of you! How great to have a running buddy.

    As far as sugar free fueling, I'm not planning to take it that far. I use Hammer gel, which supposedly is a lower glycemic product. That will have to do.

  8. Nice job. Today I totally relied on a running partner to get me through my run. You that help are inspiring and necessary! Cute blog.

    have a great day!


  9. dis 10 miles on Sunday. I had my babysitter (16 yrs younger!!) with me for 8 out of 10 miles and her dad came with us this week. He is a good runner faster than me for sure and so is she. But she just started running and the long runs are new to her so she stays at my pace. That is really great for me. I am used to do it all solo and this is much easier.!!!

  10. your splits = perfection! GREAT job!!

  11. Penny.


  12. A mid-week solo 16 miler? You're awesome!!

    I had a long run this weekend that I did with my mom while she biked next to me. This weekend I'll have my normal long run running buddy to keep me company. I think I'd probably go crazy on long runs by myself.

  13. awesome!!! no long run for me this weekend...I gotta step it up! Love that last picture of you, you are looking super happy :)

  14. Nice job! I have a 5 mile race this weekend. Nice picture you do look happy in it!

  15. Lovely splits! I need to get running farther again soon.

  16. I love it when I can do a long run with a friend, it really flies by! Nice splits on your run too!

    Last weekend I deferred my long run to early this week because of weather. 13 miles: I ran it alone, and no music! (It ended up pouring on me...so I'm glad I left my music at home).

  17. I LOVE running with someone. I get soo bored alone and I am convinced that my music is going to make my ears quit working.... great job running last week. You are inspiring


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  18. You DO look happy; good for you! Way to bust out 16 solo, but glad you have a running partner too. Friends make the time go by so much quickly!


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