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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Another Confidence Builder/18 miles solo

 This morning got up early to get my long run in today.  OH BOY! It was 55 degrees  this morning when I got up.  What great running weather. I got some arm sleeve from YMX  that I have been wanting to try out.  This morning with 55 degree temps it  seemed like the perfect time to give these babies a try.  When I put them on, I couldn't believe how soft and light weight they were.  It felt like I didn't have anything on my arms.  They were perfect for this mornings weather.  I was pumped knowing I wasn't going to have to stop to take off my long sleeve shirt that I usually wear  over a tank.  By mile 9, I decided I was getting pretty warm so I decided to take off the  arm sleeve.  I was able to just pull one than other as I was running.  Boy, it doesn't get any easier than that.   I absolutely love them. The first 10 miles were great. I just got into my own little rhythm and went with it.  When I hit mile 12, it started to get a little tougher.  My knee and *SS  were starting to ache.  I went to the  chiropractor  yesterday to get a  treatment. Doing a long run the day after a treatment, is  probably not the smartest thing to do.  But, I was anguish to get a long run in this week.    By mile 16 my knee and *SS were killing me. I knew I had to dig deep inside myself to get 18 miles in the way I was feeling.  Each mile got tougher and tougher.  When I got to 17 miles, I just kept telling myself 1 more  mile you can do this. BOY, That  last  mile was hard.

Now, it was time to head home and get some  weed eating done.  By the end of August I'm ready to be done with mowing and weed eating. If my hubby had his way, I probably would be weed eating the whole town of Earlham.  He's  kind of  a perfectionist.   Me on the other hand in not a   perfectionist and he still married me. Can you believe that?  What is that saying opposite attract.  In my case that is true. After 23 years of  marriage " HE'S  STILL A KEEPER."    

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       How do you handle aches and pains on your long runs?

      Does it take you awhile to find your rhythm?

                                     What do you do after a long run?


  1. Great job on that run! I did 18 too today....but it was supposed to be 20...sigh.

  2. So proud of you! You are awesome! Im totally a solo runner and it really can become an awesome treat if you let it. Yeah you! I actually just know that the first 4 miles stink, then it gets better. And I divide up the run because if I sit and think about each mile or that I need to run for more than 3 hours I just about freak out. I love podcasts because they help me take a mental vacation!

  3. ...and after a long run I make lunch for Thing 1,2 & the Nerdphew, do the laundry, bellow at above slug-like children to go out and play. And today is my favorite day because the lament "but I'm tired. We did 10 miles on West hill at XC practice today" means I can say: "wimp. I did 18. Go outside.". Lol!

  4. Nice going on the 18 miler! Awesome.

  5. great job on 18 miles!! that's a long time to spend with yourself ;)

    It takes me about 4 miles to get into a rhythm and I don't feel like I'm all over the place.

    After a long run I eat, stretch, foam roll, take an ice bath, shower, eat again...it's quite a process!

  6. If i'm sore after a long run I fill the tub with cold water and ice cubes. Then I sit in it for 10-15 minute. Yep I'm crazy like that!

  7. Great job gutting it out. It always takes me a while to get in a groove, which is one of the things I love about long runs..I can get into that groove.

    Glad you liked the arm sleeves. Perfect weather indeed!

  8. PENNY!!!!! you are amazing!!!!!!!! so excited for you and love that you pushed through this run!!! you are amazing.

    it is definitely tough to push through a run for me at times and the first miles are always tough for me but once I get into a groove I can usually do a bit better!!! another great run for you!


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