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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I need Light

Wouldn't you say getting up at 3.45 a.m. to run is crazy.  I would, but my  running partner has to be at work by 7.00 a.m.. Me on the other hand, doesn't have to be to work till 8.30.  But, you all know me I love to run with my running partner. So what the heck is a few more hours of lost sleep.  It's not like I've been sleeping great at night  anyway. 

We met at the gym at 4.15, because we needed to get started by 4.30. Just  what does one wear that early in the morning to run, so they can see where they are running.   It's just so happens that I took a picture of what I wore.  I use to only wear a reflective vest. But I had people from in town coming up to me and saying that they could  see me, but not till they got pretty close.  So I went out and bought a headlight to wear on my forehead.  I found my headlight in the camping section at Walmart. I love it. I use to have to run slower in the dark, because I could not see where I was running very well and gravel roads where out of the question way to dark.

This morning I got in 6 miles and half of that was gravel roads. The headlight gives you just enough light for you to see where you are running. Know one can say that they can't see me running now. But you still have your crazy drivers out there that you have to watch out for.

Now time to get ready for the rest of my day.

Do you run in the dark?

What do you wear when you have to run before the sun comes up? 


  1. I don't wear anything, but that's a bad idea! I need to figure something out. I do have a reflective tag on my Pup, when I take him, but that doesn't do much for seeing where we're going...

  2. Good for you! Safety is so important and running with your buddy is part of that too.

  3. I've run with a headlamp before, but it scares me not to be able to see the road clearly. I am a klutz in the light of day...so darkness is not really my friend.

  4. I always wear a headlamp and reflective vest if I am running in the dark. I hate it, but better safe than sorry.

  5. I run in the dark (5am) and usually with a headlamp and a reflective hat. My winter running jacket is well marked too. I have not worn the headlamp as much in the summer but it's starting to be darker longer on my runs and I'm going to have to start running with it again.

  6. I need to get me one of those! And a reflective vest too. Better to be safe than sorry!

  7. Wow!!!!!! I used to run in the dark when we lived in Fl. We met with our group to start at 5:30. Now I don't need to because I run alone


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