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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wright Socks Review

Wright Socks HERE sent me  3 different pairs of sock to try out.
 First, let me say all three of these sock were great.

The mesh panels in these socks were awesome.  The mesh panels helped to  keep the sock in place along with a great fit around my feet.  The mesh panels also allowed for my feet to breathe in these sock and stay fresh and dry.



The first one I tried was the Coolmesh II sock.       
1.  Lightweight 
2.  Mesh panel ensure Maximum breathability
3.  Stabilizer Zone provides stay in place performance fit
4.  Friction Free, Cool, Dry performance= Blister Free

Fiber Content:
Inner Layer:
70% Dri-WRIGHT II™ Polyester
27% Nylon
3% Lycra®
Outer Layer:
71% Dri-WRIGHT II™ Polyester
22% Nylon
7% Lycra®

I ran  several  of my runs with this sock.  I loved it the first time I put it on.   The material was nice and soft  and  fit so nicely around my feet.   Loved how light this sock was.  This sock would be  great for summer running. I was curious to see if my feet would be wet  after my run.  When I took my sock off  my feet didn't even look or feel wet at all.  I noticed the socks felt a little damp, but my feet were dry.  I didn't feel any friction with this sock at all.   

 The next one I tried was the Running II sock. 
1.   Friction and foot shear are eliminated by the interaction of the inner and outer layers.
2.  Moisture wicks away from the foot by our skin friendly Dri- WRIGHT II fiber.
3.  The air space between the layers acts as a insulator from cold and heat resulting in a friction free, cool, dry environment.
4.  Stabilizer Zone promotes stay in place comfort.

Fiber Content:
Inner Layer:
70% Dri-WRIGHT II™ Polyester
26% Nylon
4% Lycra®

Outer Layer:68% Dri-WRIGHT II™ Polyester
24% Nylon
8% Lycra®
 I really  liked that this sock had some cushion to it but not enough to make it bulky.   I wore it on several of  my long runs. My feet didn't feel sweaty wet when I got done with my run.  The sock was wet but not my feet. "NO  SHRIVELED UP PRUNE FEET HERE".  I didn't notice  any friction between my  sock and shoes that might cause a blister..  This sock fit so nicely around my feet.  " AS SNUG AS A BUG IN A RUG" 

The 3rd sock is the  Cushioned DLX
1.  Cushioned Dri-WRIGHT II foot bed protects against shock. Stabilizer Zone mesh panel enhances fit and comfort.
2.  Mesh panel and enhanced Dri- WRIGHT II fiber allows for fast moisture evaporation away from the foot.
3.  Friction and foot shear are eliminated by the interaction of the inner and outer layers.
4. 2 layers trap air for effective insulation from heat and cold

Fiber Content:
Inner Layer:
66% Dri-WRIGHT II™ Polyester
30% Nylon
4% Lycra®

Outer Layer:
68% Dri-WRIGHT II™ Polyester
24% Nylon
8% Lycra®
 This sock had a little more  cushion than the Running II sock  in the foot bed of the sock which,  made for a nice soft  landing.  It is a great sock. I think this sock would be great for running in cold weather.   The Stabilizer  Zone  mesh panels made for a great fit and comfort while running. 

A little about the Anti-Blister System:

 WRIGHTSOCK™ patented Double Layer® construction coupled with the most technically advanced fibers, delivers the blister protection that you need. WRIGHTSOCK™ Double Layer® provides year round comfort and performance with no blisters - guaranteed. Double Layer® delivers the no blister promise through a three part system:
1. Moisture Management
2. Temperature Regulation
3. Friction Reduction
Outer Layer:
Outer Layer is constructed of performance fibers specific to each activity. Interaction between layers absorbs friction- prevents blisters. Two layers trap air for effective insulation from heat and cold.
Inner Layer:
Smooth, undyed, hydrophobic Dri-Wright™ wicks moisture away for cool, dry feet.
Patented 3rd attachment keeps socks properly aligned.

And about the WrightOnes:
  • Seam Free technology ensures smooth comfortable toes area.
  • Y-heel promotes anatomically correct fit.
  • Stabilizer Zone™ in the arch enhances performance fit.
  • Dri-WRIGHT II™ polyester keeps your feet cooler and drier in all rigorous activities.
  • Lightweight to Cushioned - WRIGHTONES™ meet your needs.

Go checkout Wright SocksHERE  their a great sock and affordable. You won't be disappointed. 


  1. wright sock = my favorite sock to run in besides my compression socks!!! they are amazing! woo hoo!

  2. It sounds like they make some nice socks!

  3. Oh my goodness. I feel like this post is speaking to me. I've been looking for some good running sock, and this post has helped so much! THANKS!

  4. What did people do before drifit socks??? LOVE them.

  5. Those look great! BUT.. I don't wear socks.. :( I honestly hate them! If I do I wear toe socks.

  6. These look awesome! I have the hardest time find socks I like. I hate the super thin ones...I will check these out!

  7. been looking around at your blog...right now when I run 5 miles, I feel like my body is falling apart, 26.2 just doesn't seem possible for me, EVER??!!! Wow, you're an inspiration!

    Newest follower, can't wait to read more about your journey! I have two boys as well, and they sure keep me busy! SIgned up for my first half and made it for Houston in Jan, I'm a nervous wreck :)

  8. FYI - you won!! http://www.theboringrunner.com/ get over quick & email me! :)


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