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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dam to Dam recap

I will start off by saying  since I haven't been able to train right for this race I'm not feeling very confident about running it.

I got all my clothes laid out the night before so I wouldn't have to worry about it the morning of the race.  I decided on a white tank with my name in pink duck tape on the front and purple and pink Nike shorts with my name in duct tape on my butt.    

Ok I think I'm ready. OH, I forgot to take a picture of my butt.

I set my alarm for 4 but ended up getting up at 3:30.  Since I was up early I was able to  to get all my stretching exercises done before I had to meet  Tree at the school.  

Alan, Tree, Me, Phil waiting to get on the bus
 We made it   downtown Des Moines and got on the buses that are busing us all out to Saylorville Dam to the starting line.  When we got to the Dam, we than had to walk one mile across the dam to the start line.   By this time my bladder is so full I think I'm going to pop. Walking across the dam and seeing all that water didn't  help my bladder problem at all. Once  we got to the other side I  looked at Tree and said the heck with the porta potty I'm hitting the bushes.

 Before we started the temps were  already up there  along with the humidity.  One blessing was the sun wasn't out yet anyway.  The race started at 7.00.  Tree and I started off running with Steph, who is also from Earlham.   

I would  have to say I  don't remember the first 6 miles.  I was talking  so much,  which was a  blessing it kept my mind off  how  dam hot and humid it was.    I felt like I couldn't get enough water to satisfy my body.  I finally told Tree to go on with out me I had to stop and take a break.  We decided we would meet at the Kybos by the overpass. Of course they didn't have the Kybos there this year.  We never did find each other till the end of the race. 

At mile 8 I ran into another friend and I ran with her for a little bit.  Than we came to a hill I told her to  go ahead I was to darn tired and hot to run up that hill.  By this point I  was ok with running  by myself ,so I could just go at my own pace, which  was going to be a walk , run pace.  I was so thirsty, I  couldn't  get enough water.  When I stopped at the water stops the cups were only  1/3 full, hell I need more water than that. 

At mile 11, I stopped to stretch my hamstring  and I see Steph.  She stops to make sure I was OK and we  end up running to the finish line  together.  I was never so glad that this  race was over.  Now, let the good times roll.  FOOD AND DRINKS, HELL YA!

HELL YA! It's over now. Time to celebrate

I just felt this year I wasn't  prepared mentally or physically, due to  some hamstring and ankle issues that I had been having for the last 3 to 4 weeks before this race.   Last year seemed like a  piece of cake compared to this year. It also was raining  and alot cooler last year.  I thought to myself I don't want it to be cold and rainy like last year.  OH Boy!  After running in that heat and humidity, I would take last years weather any day.  It's funny how we forget how much heat and humidity  effect our bodies.

                                                                    10k          20k       chip time    pace
Penny Frey, 48*, Earlham, IA   1:05:17     2:21:10    2:22:41   11:21  

Got're done


  1. Penny!! Fantastic job in TOUGH conditions! Congratulations!

  2. So proud of you!! I am really bummed that I missed it :( I was just too tired and that heat would have wiped me out. Next year though!!

  3. GREAT JOB!!!! I am a heat WIMP. You rocked! congrats!!!

  4. I hate running in the heat, it just wipes me out, so awesome job finishing!

  5. you finished!! nice work...HEAT is the worst! I know that "can't get enough H2O feeling"

  6. nice job Penny! you are so strong for pushing through that heat and humidity! it is SO tough to run in the heat. I feel ya on the water cups...that kept happening to me today as well. I just wanted a FULL cup of water and they would be 1/3 to half full!!! so crazy! you should be proud of yourself though! you pushed through a tough race! glad you celebrated at the end!

  7. The heat and humidity are absolute killers!!! And those first few runs/races in the heat are just so hard to adjust to. Great job getting through it!

  8. Great work, Penny!! I'm plenty worried about the heat at my upcoming race. I hope I handle it as well as you did!!! Relentless forward motion gets the job done!

  9. Wonderful job! I admire your determination. I enjoyed this race report too - thanks for sharing!

  10. Congrats!! It says a lot that you stuck with it. Heat and humidity are horrible for running, especially when not used to it.

  11. Nice job on the race!! Its tough when you are so thirsty and there is just NOT enough water!

    and to reply back on a comment you left me a little while ago, trail running was fun, very different. You have to pay such close attention to the ground, you dont focus on how many miles are left, which was great. lol

  12. Humidity can really take it out of you. It makes for tough racing conditions for sure. But you did GREAT! Wow, way to hang in there and finish strong!


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