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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

OH Baby Treadmill

When the alarm went off at 4.15 this morning I really didn't want to get  out of bed.  I actually stayed in bed for 5 more minutes.  I decided I  better get my butt out of bed or I wouldn' have enough time for my workout before work. 

 When I got to the gym I  decide I would  do my weight training first, hoping that it would get me pumped up or give me some energy, that I just wasn't have at that moment. 

I love doing this DVD by Jackie Warner. " Could I please have those abs. Heck, why not  the  whole body".

Personal Training With Jackie: Power Circuit Training (DVD) ~ Ja... Cover Art
I love feeling the burn with this lady.
Now time to get my treadmill work out in.  After that 40 minute weight workout, I'm feeling a lot more energy.  YES.   I  did 3 x 1600, OH BABY that was hard.  My splits were 8.42,8.15,8.13 with 5 minute RI.  I  can't believe that I was able to push it to the 8's.     
Cartoon of a Woman Working Out on a Treadmill Drinking a Protein Shake clipart
That last mile I was dying.

 I really think running  longer at a  slower pace is my cup of tea.  

But the reason I am trying to run a little faster is because, we have a big celebration in the little town that  I live in,  along with a 5k race.  I ran the 5k  last year  in 24.57.  I would really like to beat that time. 

                            How do you get faster?

                 Do you like short or long runs better?


  1. Great job Penny! That is awesome! I am a firm believer that a combination of long, slow runs and speed work like this are the way to get faster overall. Congrats on a great run! :)

  2. Good for you for knocking those out at a great speed! Yep, speedwork is a necessary evil if you want to get faster, especially for a 5k. Throw in some quarters next time too. : )

  3. Great job! I have no idea how I've gotten faster. A combo of hills, mile repeats, 800s, and some 2000s tossed in. Of course, I haven't actually tested my "speed" in a 5K so who knows if it works. Good job getting up and getting it done!

  4. Great job on pushing yourself! I heard the phrase somewhere that "if you want to run faster you have to run faster" so I remind myself that all the time when I am doing speed workouts, because I want to be faster!

  5. WOW - Great job on the intervals! The 8's - you are fast already! I find spinning really helps my leg speed, and of course, intervals... but I hate doing them! I'd rather run long and slow anyday...

  6. Yeah, her body is awesome! And great job on the speed workouts! You're gonna rock that 5K!

  7. I'm not sure if I like shorter or longer. Short runs I feel like I should run faster...

    I totally believe that three things helped me with my speed this year:
    1) track w/os
    2) hill repeats
    3) running with people faster than me

  8. Fantastic repeats! I bet you'll blow your 5k time out of the water. You'll get faster by running faster so youre on the right track with the speed work.
    I love running short and fast. It's the endurance i need to work on.

  9. Um, wow. You ARE fast! I am still kind of slow, and it seems like you are headed in the right direction as far as speedwork goes! So I probably don't have anything you haven't already heard! Seriously though. YOU ARE FAST!!

    P.S. Thank you for your comments on my blog! I am so glad that you found me. :) Now I get to be YOUR stalker!

  10. I like the medium runs...8 miles. short bursts of faster paces (fartleks) during a more moderate paced run really help me get faster. Also some repeat 400's always help too.


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