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Friday, July 1, 2011

The Old Gray Mare Isn't What She Use To Be.

Yesterday was the first time I had worked out for at least 12 to 15 days.  I haven't been sleeping well and when it was  time to get up, I had just gotten to sleep.   At one point I thought,I  just  might become a couch potato.  " JUST KIDDING".  I just was not feeling like doing much of  anything.  I got threw my daily stuff, but not much  more.   I  know how great a workout would make me feel, but not able to accomplish that even.

When I woke up yesterday I felt like I actually had some energy and  a run would feel pretty good. I got my running clothes on and headed to town. " I all most forgot where I keep my running clothes".   I turned my Garmin on to get a satellite, but it said low battery.  So know Garmin, that's OK I would  only keep looking at it to see if I was keeping on pace.  Not feeling a pace today anyway.  Than I get my Nano on and earphones in my ear turn it on and it has low battery.  WTH is up with all the low battery crap.  Apparently I forgot to recharge them since I haven't ran for so long. I got 6 good miles in and it felt so good getting back in the saddle as they say.  How easy it is to forget, how  great you feel during and after a run. 

This morning was a little different.   I really needed to get some weed eating and weed pulling done before it got to hot here.   So I decided that I would do my workout after I got all the other stuff done.  This is outside my routine, because usually if I don't do it right after I get up it does not get done.  Actually I was feeling like this was doable today.  When I got done with all the other stuff, I was still feeling like I had a good workout in me so headed to the gym. 

I decide to do my workout inside. 
Elliptical 30 minutes
Weight DVD
4 x 400 with a RI x 400
1 @ 2.20
2 @ 2.25
3 @ 2.00
4 @ 2.00
Boy this interval stuff is tough and tiring.

I have  noticed  as the years creep up on me, my body is changing.   The  women thing comes every 3 weeks instead of 28 day.  Which by the way sucks.   From one month to the next I feel like my body is doing things that I'm not use to.   My emotions are off the chart  and physically I'm not feeling as strong. Needless to say I think the OLD GRAY MARE ISN'T WHAT SHE USE TO BE.  I'm approaching 49 in 39 days.   That is way to close to 50 for me.  My two boys and I along with some other siblings moved  my Mom and Dad to a retirement home closer to where we all live.   My Mom has had a slight stroke, but she is  still able to drive. My dad is blind and has had some heart problems.  As we are moving things into my  Mom and Dad apartment, I tell my mom to be careful while she is trying to help move things.    I keep telling her to let us lift the heavy things so she doesn't get hurt or have a fall.  

As I'm telling my Mom this, my boys are saying the same thing to me, when I'm trying to help lift a dresser.   OMG THEY THINK I'M NOT ABLE TO DO ANYTHING BECAUSE I'M GETTING CLOSER TO 50, WTH.  It really did make me feel  a little old.  I know my boys meant well and that they were just making sure I  didn't get hurt moving Mom and Dad. 
Actually the 40's have been awesome.  My oldest boy will be in his 3rd  year of college and youngest  boy  will be a senior next year.  I'm  really enjoying  watching my boys turn into young men.   Life just doesn't get any better than this. 

          Have you notice your body changing as you get older?

   Does you parents live close to you?

           Do you have a race this holiday weekend?


  1. Good job on getting out for that 6 miler after so many days off!!! You rock!!

    I totally noticed my skin starting to go south on me when I hit 40. First it was catching my neck skin in the mirror at the gym and realizing how crepey it had become without me even knowing it. Now my whole body is like that. CRAP! When you are young you never think you'll care about your skin when you're old and 40!! and now I'm 40, feel like I'm 20, and look like I'm 60 ;-) Grrrrrrrr.

    It's funny...at our after party this weekend, we had a laptop scrolling through our pictures the coach took during the race and when my swim pictures came up, I couldn't figure out who "that old lady was". It ended up being me...HA!! Oh Crap!

  2. I try to ignore the fact that I'm getting older.. pretty soon I'm sure I won't be able to do that. :(

  3. Intervals are tough, but you did great!
    I'm trying to appreciate my 40 year old self, since I didn't appreciate my 20 year old self. I don't want to look back when I'm 60 and wish I would've "liked it when I had it".

  4. Nice job on the workout!!! I know exactly what you mean. I've still got a few year to go until 40, so I know things will only get worse. But even now I find myself more tired, and I agree with Julie the skin is starting to look like crap. I remember my mom always had brown spots on her skin and now I'm staring to get the same thing all over my face :( Getting older sucks!!

  5. I am so excited for your run! Seriously...that comment you left me the other day about it made my day! And made me realize...just because you take a break...doesn't mean you will lose the fitness or passion for running. Thanks for the reminder :)

    My parents live back in KY so I do not see them very often. They are both in their 50s now and I give them a hard time about it. your boys sound so sweet to want to look out for you! I usually just make sarcastic remarks ;)

    Enjoy your holiday weekend!!

  6. Nice job getting back to the run. I don't think I could do 6 miles after a long layoff. Getting older, actually watching our parents get older really sucks. Sorry.

    I am racing on the 4th! I think holiday runs are really fun. Lots of good energy.

  7. Have a wonderful holiday weekend! You are still young, don't let your boys give you too hard of a time about it.

  8. Good job!! I am still pretty new to this running stuff but I am in better shape now than I ever have been which feels really good. I plan to keep it up as I get older. :)
    My parents live in NY but are very supportive and very involved. We talk a lot and they visit a lot. :)

    No race for my today but I am racing a half on the 9th!

  9. Nice job with the workout! I totally find myself getting spacey as I get older. :( My mom lives nearby! And my husband's parents too. :) We raced today and had a blast!

  10. I live three miles from my parents, 4 miles from my sister and 3.5 miles from my brother. I have three Aunt's in a three mile radius and two grandparents close by. SOoooo lucky! Now if my little sister would just move home :)

  11. Sounds like you have a very full plate right now. Sometimes taking a break is just what we need, a chance to slow down a little bit. And the, when the time is right, you just start back again, rested! Good for you for listening to your body. And 6 miles, way to make a comeback!!!

  12. This was a great post! Way to get out even with the electronic failures.
    I have to say that at the moment I am really regretting sunbathing so much when I was a teen.. My skin is really starting to show it. I find myself worried about moles and wanting to airbrush wrinkles out. :/

  13. i am really excited to be turning 30 because I know my 30's are going to rock...but yes I started running at 20 and boy do I notice a difference now


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