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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

County Fair

Sorry I've been MIA.  We have been camping at the Madison Co. Fair.  My youngest is showing a couple of breed heifers and two feeder calves.  We had a great time, but boy was it hot and humid.  The first night there  our air conditioner decided not to work right.  It wasn't keeping the camper very cool.  Good thing I took some fans, they helped circulate what little air it was pulling from the air conditioner.   The next day I told Mike we had to do something, because I was not staying at the fair if the air wasn't working.  Luckily  the trailer company that we took our camper to get fixed last year was at the fair.  They had a service guy come and look at our camper.  Bless their Hearts they were able to  get it working right. OH BABY, We got air now. 

This is my two boys geting the feeder calf ready to show.

Love seeing them work together

I tried to get lots of pictures of the two boys working together.   Believe me they don't always get along that well.   Parker only has one more year to show cows.  I just wanted to take it all in, because I know we will only be doing this one more year.   When  I look at them I cant believe how grown up they are.  Where did my baby boys go? 

Parker's feeder calf he got first place with in his class.

Parker's breeding heifer that he got RESERVE CHAMPION with.
We had alot of fun at  the fair and Parker did great.  Now we need to get ready for the State Fair.  Parker will be showing his breeding heifer at the State Fair in about two weeks. 

My oldest boy is on a Livestock Judging Team in college.   He will be Judging at the Humboldt County Fair on July 29.   This is his first time to be judging livestock at a county fair.  The whole family is going to Humboldt so we can see him judge.   I'm so excited to see him actually be judging  livestock. 

Where has the summer gone?  I can't believe it is the last week in July.  Our kids start back to school on August 15.  That is before the State Fair even gets over.  Luckily we show the week before school starts.

                             How is your summer going?

  Do you go to a County Fair or State Fair during the summer?


  1. wow!! what a fun family experience. Going to the fair is seriously one of my most favorite summer time activities. Good luck to your son at the state fair!

  2. How fun! Congrats to your boys on their accomplishments. I know how much work goes into showing cows. :) Our fair starts next week and we are SUPER excited. We don't show any animals, but we sure enjoy the whole county fair experience.

  3. Thank you so much for giving me a peek into your world. Yes, we go to the state fair but we're lightyears away from showing livestock.
    Summer has been great so far. Hot but that's ok. As usual, its slipping away too darn fast.

  4. Congrats to your son on his wins! That is great! I looooveee the state fair...the one in my hometown is always during my birthday so it was always like one big birthday party for me!

  5. Penny - you won a car emblem - e-mail me.

  6. We have a State Fair close by, but I'm not aware of any County Fairs. I've never been to the State Fair though either. I think it would be fun. Love the pics!

  7. Love the fair. My husband was born and raised in Brooklyn and can't figure out the attraction I have with the fair. I tell him it's what country living is all about: hardwork, family, good food, and lots of fun. However, he says that's what city living is all about too.

  8. I think it's so great that your boys do this! And congrats on their success with it.

    Yes, summer has flown by. It makes me sad--it is by far my favorite time of the year.

  9. wow, very cool! My husband showed animals in high school and LOVED it. Very neat that they worked together so well! We love going to the county fair around here...brings back memories because that's all we did in high school :) I think my hubby still has his FFA jacket!!!

  10. I feel like summer really is going by so fast! You really live the life. And I'm glad the air conditioner got working again! That makes such a difference in the comfort level!

  11. So far my summer is going good only a few more weeks until all the kids start back to school. I am excited and sad to think about my youngest going off to preschool. :) and I wanted to let you know you won my GU giveaway and if you email me your information today at ericarunning@hotmail.com I will try to get it in the mail today other wise it could be a couple of weeks because we leave for vacation on Sunday. :)

  12. I'm a little afraid to ask, but does feeder calf mean dinner?


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