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Thursday, May 17, 2012

My youngest boy's Graduation Party

The last couple of weeks have been so busy. I've been trying to get ready for my youngest boy graduation party. Most of the people that know me, know I hate giving parties. Giving a party is very  stressf for me. I tend to get obsessed with making sure everything is perfect.   Trying to get this  Graduation Party planned and ready was a tad bit stressful.   I wish I could be like some people and say" It is what it is" but that is not me. Everything has to be perfect.

We've had the party in our  3 car garage, so that meant alot of cleaning for me.  My garage hasn't been that clean since our oldest boy graduated three years ago.  I had to haul everything out and take it over to the shed out by the barn yard.   Than I had to wipe all the walls down and garage doors of course.  I told my hubby after wiping all the walls down that I just might have to  start wearing  his carpal tunnel wrist bands that  he wear at night, because after this I'm sure I will end up with carpal tunnel syndrome.

On Wednesday, my mother-in - law came over and we got all the tables and chairs set up.  Than we put up all the decorations, school pictures, awards and scholarships to display.  It came together really well.  On Thursday I had to get the lawn mowed and all the weed eating done. My yard is not small by any means.   

  Friday consisted of  pulling weeds out of flower beds, mulching trees and cleaning my house. It made for one heck of a week. We haven't even had the party yet and I'm exhausted. 

Parker actually graduates on  Sunday the 20th.  I wanted to have Parker's  party a week early, so we would be done and stress free when graduation day came.  It also lets us enjoy the other graduation parties on graduation weekend.  Here a few pictures of Parker's Graduation Party.


Parker and his girlfriend Mackenzie

Harrison my oldest boy playing a game with his cousin

My parents and me

My niece, brother, me and my sister in law

It was pretty cool in the morning, but by 4:00 it was perfect. The sun was out and the wind was down, compared to what the wind has been here lately. We  had  perfect weather for Parker's Graduation Party.  

  It's been an  amazing journey  watching my two boys grow up into young men.  When I look at them, I see that all my hard work has paid off though the years.   Raising kids is not  an easy job at times.   I constantly worried about how they would turn out. You see so many kids now days going in the wrong direction.


Do you have someone graduating this year?

How are you handling your childs graduation?


  1. Goodness just thinking about nmy babies graduating chokes me up. Congrats on your youngest graduating high school. Hope the party is great! I love your big lawn, but I bet it is a lot of work!

  2. My oldest graduates kindergarten this month. lol. A little ceremony and everything. The fact that you worry about how your sons will turn out means that you are doing everything right. If you didn't worry that would be the issue! Congrats!

  3. What a big moment for your family! I'm sure I will be a big mess when that day finally arrives for me. Sounds like a great party--maybe I need to have one to get my garage clean! ; )

    Congrats mama!

  4. Even though it took a lot of work getting ready, looks like you all had great fun! Congrats to Parker!!

  5. My oldest son is graduating and it makes me physically sick to think about it. I've been pushing out of my mind all year and now that it's here, I'm freaking out a little. And he's my oldest. If it was my youngest I think I'd be breaking down. You are doing really good!

  6. Congratulations to Parker on graduating! Looks like all of your hard work for the party really paid off and everyone had a great time.


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