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I am a farmer's wife,runner and a mother of two boys. I help my husband with our farming business. I did my first marathon in October 2010 and loved every minute of it. I'm now looking to do my 4th marathon in Little Rock, AR

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Got up before the alarm went off, that is pretty normal for me.   We're hoping to get there early so we could get  a good  parking spot.  Boy did we ever  get a good parking spot.  We ended up parking right next to the finish line. Sweet.  Tree,Rachele,Nickle and I all met at the Kum & Go, so that we could follow each other in to the Drake area.  Once we got to parking lot and parked, we  walked over to check out the starting line and than high tailed it back to the car to get warmed up again.  Tree and I decided to wear our jackets. We were being pansies, but Rachele decided to tough it out in the cold. She went with shorts and  a trash bag over her to keep her warm till the start of the race.  I just couldn't go that route. 

Me,Tree and shorts runner Rachele
I do,however think Rachele was the smarter one, because by  2-3 miles into the race we were pulling off our jackets and tying them around our waist.   At the starting line we told Rachele to run her own race, because she can run faster than us, we didn't want to slow her down. So she took off and we never saw her till  the end. 

The first 3 miles we were keeping a good pace for us. Tree even saw one of her high school teachers on the street cheering the  runner on. I couldn't believe that Tree  recognized her after so many years.  We had a lot of fun hollering and  yelling at people on the side of the street. We high five the little ones, they loved it just as  much as we did.  By mile 6, I could  tell my energy was  getting low, so we stopped  and grab a water and I tore  the top off my gel.  I had picked up a Strawberry Stinger gel to try.  I put a little in my mouth and I instantly spit it back out. It tasted awful to me. That's some nasty stuff. Won't be buying that kind again.  I only took one gel so I was all out. We start running again and I told Tree that the Stinger gel was awful. She said she had a Power Bar gel if I wanted it I did, but I had to get to the next water stop to take it. I can't take gels without water.  At  the 7 mile marker their was a water stop, so I stopped and downed the gel and water and than got to running again.  I was amazed at how much better I felt as soon as I took that gel. I was feeling really tired, before I took it. Believe it or not, mile 8 was one of my faster miles, with a pace of 9.35.

Loved running with Tree again

We're having so much fun

By mile 10, I feel like I'm wearing down, but that didn't stop us for having a good time. We love the feedback from the spectators. When we hit mile 11, I thought that had to be one of the longest miles so far  and we still had 2.1 miles left.  At mile 11 my stomach was feeling like I either had to take a dump or fart.  I was afraid to try and fart for fear I might shit my pants.  Those gas pains hurt like crap.  I'm not going to lie those last two miles seem tough to me.  When I saw that finish line, I just  took off running  as fast as  my legs would carry me. 

Finish line in site. SEE YOU LATER


YAHOO! We did it. Me, Tree, Jay and Rachele

Jay is the guy that runs the weight classes, that I've been going to M,W,F evening.  I've loved adding  more weight training into my fitness routine. 

My twin sister Nickle is my biggest fan. She is my picture taker and my biggest cheerleader at the races.  It wouldn't be the same without her at a race.

Nickle and Penny

Penny Frey
bib number: 165
age: 49
gender: F
location: Earlham, IA
overall place: 1232 out of 1363
division place: 42 out of 49
gender place: 596 out of 691
time: 2:19:10
pace: 10:38
10k: 1:04:00
                                                          Who is your biggest fan?


  1. Congrats Penny!!! a well run race! and i was loving all the pictures. you all look like you were having a blast...love how much you fed off the energy surrounding you :)

  2. Congratulations!! Sounds like a GREAT race, and I love that your sister was there cheering for you :)

    My hubs is by far my biggest fan, but with kid duties, he's not always able to come to races. I LOVE it when my whole family is there though. There's nothing like it!

  3. Awesome Job Penny!!! My Mom is my biggest fan:)

  4. Nice job Penny! Allan is probably tied with my parents for being my biggest fan. I love the YMX shirt on you. It looks really good!

  5. Fantastic Penny! You guys did a great job sticking it out together (and I love the YMX shirt, btw). Love that your sister is out there cheering you on. I'd have to say my kiddos are my biggest fans!


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