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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Darn water bottles,VFF'S, Happy Mother's Day

                                 I want to wish  all the  MOM'S,  A  HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY.

1-800-Flowers® Fields of Europe™

What a great way to start  my Mother's Day.    Got up at 5.30 to get ready to meet T at the gym, so we could get our long run in this week.  We drove the route and dropped off our water bottles, so we would have something to drink on our run. As we are dropping off our bottles we are talking and not paying much attention to where we are dropping them off at.

As we are coming up to our first water stop, we  were able to find them pretty easily.  We continued  on our run and  as we are getting closer to the next water stop, we can't seem to remember where we put them. I thought is was close to a road sign.  So here we are looking for our stupid water bottles. I couldn't believe that we couldn't  see those  bottles, but in the  grass it was not  easy to see them.    We get to our last water stop before the turn around.   I thought we put it at one sign and T thought we put it at another.  We missed that one the first time  around as we went by.  We were hoping to  catch it on the way back.  On the way back we are looking for those water bottles.  We literary had to stop and search  the side of the road, we couldn't find them.   We did not give up tho.  Finally we  found them by a sign.   LESSON LEARNEDPut water bottles closer to the road.   You would think we would remember that  from last year.

Today, was the longest run that  I have done  in my vff's, which was 12.4 miles.  At mile 5 the inside of my right thigh felt like something had gotten strained.   I just kept trying to run threw it.  By mile10  the balls of my feet were  feeling sore and tired.  I just kept going , because I didn't want T to have to stop because of me. In the end Got're done. Yahoo

Dam to Dam 20K is in 26 days.   COUNTDOWN TIME

 I went  home and iced my inter thigh and my feet.  I have been using the foam roller on them. You are probably thinking how am I doing that?  It has been working really well, especially for the balls and arches of my feet.  Here is a picture.  I'm holding on to my washer, in order to keep my balance.


                           Have you ever used a foam roller on your feet?

                         How did you celebrate Mother's Day?


  1. Nothing worse than counting on water and then not having it! That's very cool about the run and I would not have thought about doing the foam roller on the bottoms of feet. Glad it does the trick for you.

  2. nice job on the run. i have never tried rolling my feet, next time my feet are sore, ill give it a try!

  3. oh! i am so glad you posted how to use the foam roller on your feet. it always seems to be such a good idea to me but then I can't figure out how! nice LR! on the garmin stats: I had to take a screen shot and it saved the shot automatically to my desktop in jpg format. I then just added it to my blog like a picture. On my mac a screen shot was command/shift/4 and then you could select the stuff you wanted in the shot. Not sure about other computers!! good luck :)

  4. Maybe you guys should get a fuel belt or camel back? I would have been very upset if I couldn't find my water! You won't lose it again I bet. I've never tried the foam roller on my feet. I'm pretty sure I would fall off and kill myself.

  5. Invest in a tennis ball and use that instead of the foam roller. The balls of your feet will thank you. Trust me.

    The foam roller is great for everything else but it just doesn't work the greatest on your feet. I had also tried the foam roller on my feet and when I saw your post I tried it again. It doesn't COMPARE to how good the tennis ball feels.

    Don't take this the wrong the way but I had a sigh of relief when I heard you have issues with the balls of your feet in your VFF. I use the Nike Frees and on really long runs I experience issues with my arches and balls of my feet. I think our feet are just trying to get used to how we are SUPPOSE to run. ya know?

  6. It's really frustrating to need water and know you put it somewhere and have to stop and search for it! Too funny though! Great job on your mileage in your Vibrams. Take care of those footsies! I've heard of rolling your feet on a frozen water bottle too. I use a wooden foot roller and it hurts more than the foam roller so it means it's working right?

  7. Thank you for posting the foam roller picture! I roll out everything, but my feet. Totally doing that!

  8. Wow! 12 miles in the VFFs! That gives me a LOT of hope. I just purchased the Merrell Pace Gloves (from what I've read very similar to the VFF except no sep. toes) and broke them in on a 5 mile trail run. HEAVEN. I hope to NEVER go back to my concrete-block running shoes!

    Renee :)

  9. what a smart way to roll your feet! I usually do it while sitting down, but it looks like you get more pressure doing it your way.

    and sorry, I had to laugh at the image of you looking for the water bottles : )

  10. Hey P! Nice to have found you! I have run 17 miles in my mizunos and the only thing that seems to have helped is ice, ice baby, right after my run. Like immediatly. I feel good but then it comes right back. I dont have a foam roller but I am thinking of getting one. It just stinks- my knees are bad and just as soon as I get that semi under control my stinkin' feet come around. I know you feel my pain! Let me know if you find a solution (or a cause!)!

  11. I haven't ever used a foam roller on my feet. I'm like 99% sure I'd fall off and break my leg, but if it works, it might be worth a shot!.

  12. Hey Penny,
    When I talk about my gorilla feet it is my off brand of VFF's. I haven't run in normal running shoes since Thanksgiving. I have a pair of Evo's that I rotate between my gorilla feet (Gist brand) and the VFF's. Honestly the VFF's are my least favorite. They just don't fit me as well. I still don't know what I'm wearing in the marathon this weekend. Ahhhhh!
    Sorry about your ankle pain. Get in to see someone and maybe there's exercises you can do to strengthen it. I am kicking myself for waiting so long. I think you're doing great! It's fun to have someone else to share this new found love of barefoot and minimalist running with!


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