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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Crazy/Stressfull Week

It has been a crazy week.  We are trying to get our crops in and it keeps raining.   Needless to say it can get a little stressful around our place, this time of year.   I don't handle stress very well.  The first thing I want to do is eat. I know I need to replace that thought with go workout, clean house anything but food.  That seems to be easier said than done.  I missed my workout this morning, because I had to be around to make sure the guys got moved to what ever field was next to plant.  I know it will be over soon. But I really hate missing a workout when I have a race coming up.

The other thing I have been dealing with since last weekend is an ankle problem.  I got 28 miles in last week with my vff's. On the last  two runs I noticed my ankle was hurting when I plant my  right foot and pushed off   when I'm running.    On Monday I thought I would try running in my running shoes to see if that made a difference.  It still was hurting. On Tuesday I thought I would try running in my vff's for 3 miles.   Starting out it was hurting quite a bit, by 2 miles it still was hurting but not as bad.  I was able to get the 3 miles in.

 I didn't have time to ice my foot before I  went to work on Tuesday.  My foot was bothering  me the whole day.  Finally when I got home I got some ice on it.   The ice  helped relieve some of the pain.  I know I sound like a broken record, but I have a 20k on June 4.    I was so hoping on running that race in my vff's.  Right now I'm not running at all due to the pain. 

 I got on the Internet to see what it might be.   My pain is right around the back of my right ankle bone.  It looks to me like it could be a peroneal tendon strain.  I think I might of  over did it in my vff's.   "SHIT"  pardon my french. I only have 2 1/2 weeks to get this ankle better before my race June 4.  The Internet said to rest it and do some strenghting  exercise for the tendon.   So  my workouts consist of  the elliptical and weight training along with some strenghting exercises for my ankle.

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                       Do you use  food as your stress reliever?


  1. Ugh. So sorry about the ankle. That is rotten. I hope your ankle is feeling better really quickly so you can enjoy your race.

    And i am the opposite of you...when I am stressed I don't eat much at all, but when I am happy I could eat all day :)

  2. Aw, man, so sorry to hear about the foot pain. Injuries just plain suck!! I'll be sending my healing powers your way for your June 4 race. I'm a totally food-aholic when I'm stressed out... which I have been lately and gaining like crazy! ARGH@!

  3. I am so sorry! :(

    I hope your ankle feels better soon. I tried a run today. My knee hurt. Not a lot of pain. But enough to know to stop. :(

    To answer you question. yes I eat when I am stressed. First thing I said when I got back from my "run" was "thank god I don't have any junk in the house"

  4. I am so sorry you are having pain! hang in there and stay positive...there is definitely still hope for your race!

    I DEFINITELY eat when I am stressed...it seems to be the only solution at the time...then later I am so sick of food...so I eat? It is a vicious cycle...especially lately because I seem to be stressed to the max!

    thinking about you! and hoping for the best!

  5. Unfortunately I OFTEN use food as a stress reliever. It is a very bad habit!

    I hope your ankle is feeling better in time for the race. REST and ICE. But keep active. Sounds like you are doing all the right things.

  6. REST, REST, REST. Get some VFF time in walking, etc. but don't run for a bit. Hope it heals quickly.

    For me, stress = constant grazing. Why yes, I have been doing a lot of that lately, why do you ask? ;o)

  7. ugggh! Shit is right! Sorry to hear this. Hopefully it will feel better really soon and you will be rockin' it on your race day Penny! I hear ya on the stress eating. :)

  8. Sorry to hear about your ankle.. I used to be mamarunsbarefoot.. feel free to shoot me any questions! Stick your foot in some cold water a few times a day.. I would suggest(sorry if the advice isn't wanted) not using the vffs. When you run barefoot it teaches you to not push off or back like you would in shoes. It is a lift up instead.. :)

  9. Part of my 1.5 year injury was swelling and pain in that same area. YUCK! Thinking of you!!
    Try to stay sane during this busy season!!

  10. Thanks so much for checking out my blog! I am so super excited to follow you too!

    I really hope your ankle pain gets better quickly for your race. And that some of this stress subsides quickly. I grew up in a farming community so I know how important timing can be! Good luck getting everything planted!

  11. I am with you on the food... It is a great stress reliever.

    Hope you heal quickly...Ice Ice Ice and throw some Rest in there too

  12. hello dr google, really he has provided me with some terrifing news in the past that a few days of rest and ice take care of... hope that is the case for you!!!

    i know when i feel overwhelmed i eat, so i'm working on that1


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