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Friday, June 7, 2013

Our farm is a Century Farm this year


Since the land of Iowa was opened up to settlers in 1833, agriculture has been the heart of Iowa. The family farm represents the traditions and heritage upon which our State was built. Today, those individuals and families, who followed in the foot steps of their ancestors, continue to produce crops and livestock on that same land.

The Century Farms Program recognizes and honors those individuals who have owned the farm land for 100 years or more. The program began in 1976 as part of the Bicentennial Celebration, when over 5,000 certificates and farm markers were distributed across Iowa at local ceremonies.

The program was sponsored by the Iowa Department of Agriculture and the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation, with the endorsement of the Iowa American Revolution Bicentennial Commission.

Members of the original Century Farm Recognition Committee were Ronald R. Woodin, Deputy Adjutant General of Iowa; James Meimann, Iowa Department of Agriculture; Gene Maahs, Iowa Farm Bureau Federation; Murray Goodman, Iowa American Revolution Bicentennial Commission and Kris Lischefska, secretary.

Since 1976 over 15,000 families have been recognized. The Awards Ceremony is held each year at the Iowa State Fair.(SOURCE)

             CHANNEL 5, News came out and  interviewed us for a                   segment on the news about our Century Farm. ( VIDEO

        This is  what the old homestead looked like.  My husband's father was raised in the house.  We lived in the house till 2000, when we decided to build a new house just north of the old homestead.    We were going to dig a hole and bury the old house, but my running partner at the time was on the Fire Dept and suggested we let the Fire Dept use it for their training.      The fire dept came out and burned our house down and got some great training out of it in the process.            

February 2001 we move to our new house, which is just north of the old homestead.

                        This is what our  homestead looks like  now.

       In August we will be presented with an award at the Iowa State Fair for having a  Century Farm.

                              DO YOU LIVE ON A CENTURY FARM?


  1. That is awesome. We are not a century farm, but getting closer! I can't remember for sure but I know we are in our 90s. My great grandparents homesteaded in the early 1920s. Love that kind of rich heritage :) Did you grow up on a farm too or just get lucky enough to marry into it?

  2. How cool is that?! Wish we lived on a farm. Those pics are amazing!!!

  3. Congratulations! That's really neat.


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