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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Harvest / Color Run / IMT Des Moines Half Marathon

We started harvesting  about the second week of September, that is pretty  early for us. We  normally don't start till around the first week in October.   We new going into harvest it was going to be a hard one. We were farming more land and the boys were both going to college.  Thank goodness Parker was going to a community college and living in Des Moines which is only about 20 miles away from home.  Parker was able to come home on the weekends and help  with harvest.  It's been a very long harvest, normally we would have some  raining days and than we could get caught up on all the paper work and the bills, Not this year. The bills,  they never stop just because your in the  field.. We didn't have one rain day the whole harvest, so that meant that we had to do the paper work or bills when we got in for the night. Most nights we were out to around 10 pm or later. One night we didn't get to bed till 2:30 in the morning, because we were at the field that is about 9 miles from our home, it's the farthest farm away  from our home that we own.  We  finished this field  around 11 pm and hubby wanted to  get every thing moved back closer to  home.  Moving equipment from farm to farm doesn't just take 30 minutes it can literally take anywhere from 15 min to 2 hours, just depending on where the farm is from where you have to move all the equipment. I was pretty tired the next day, but we still had to get  up early get chores done and get the equipment moved to the next field so we could get started for that day.  Harvest has taken toll on my good eating habits and  my workout/ running schedule.YAHOO BABY!  We finally got done Oct, 9, thank GOD. I love my hubby, but things can get kind of intense sometimes when we are trying to get the crop in.  I understand why he gets stressed and I usually do really well with keeping it together for him and me, but this year with not having any rain days and staying up late, it was taking a toil on both of us. 

Last year at the Farm Progress Show I saw this  Pink John Deere Hat.  I told my hubby that a farmers wife should have a Pink John Deer  hat to help on the farm.   So, when I got home one day from working at the Insurance Company what was sitting on the  island in my kitchen.  It was a Pink John Deere  Hat. YAHOO!

Loving my Pink Hat


I was able to  do the Color Run 5k a week or so ago.  It was just what the DOCTOR ordered for me.  My stress level was rising and I needed to just go run and have some fun.  It was pretty chilly the day of the race.  The race didn't start till 1,but we wanted to get there early so we could get a good place to park and line up.  We lucky enough to get into the  first wave.  As we were running up the long hill to the finish line we went by all the runners  that were still waiting for their wave to start.  Their  was a Hell of a lot of people at this race.

Tree, Me and Liz . Waiting for race
Liz,Tree and Me.  Were all lined up and  having a little fun wasting time.

We made it .  It was a great time.  Just what the Doctor ordered for me.   Some running and having fun with some great girls.

The trees that line our driveway are finally turning, they're pear trees.  They seem to always be the last tree to turn into it beautiful fall colors.   I like to sit in my  hubbies office an look out the window at the beautiful colors of all the  trees  this time of year.


I was finally  able to get back to Nxtbend Fitness and workout with my Nxtbend buddies.   OH, how I've missed them. I feel like since harvest my body has went to pot.   It's funny how it seem to take a long time to get your body into shape,but not a long time for it to turn to jello.  I've got some Major work to do.  

This Sunday I'm running the  IMT Des Moines Half Marathon.   Am I  well trained or ready  for it, NOT.  I'll do my best and have a heck of a lot of fun doing it.  Normally I'm able to train without to much of a problem, but this year with harvest earlier it made it a lot harder to keep  up with my running schedule.   I knew it would be hard with both boys away at college, but  I didn't think it would take away time from my running time.  You never know what to expect from year to year when it comes  to farming.   I've had to learn to  go with the flow.  However,  I'm very lucky to have amazing running partners, that totally get when harvest comes around  I might not make a run here and there. So glad I didn't sign up for the Full this year.  

                                      How has your fall been?

                 Have you ever done the Color Run 5k


  1. Wow, you guys have been insanely busy around the farm. That's great that one of the boys was able to be there on the weekends to help with the harvest. Your pink John Deere hat is quite cute! Good luck with your upcoming race!

  2. They are actually having a color run here this weekend and I am unable to do it as we will be going to a football game.

    Good luck with the half marathon. Glad you survived getting all the crops in!

  3. I'm pretty tired, but your harvest schedule made me feel way MORE tired. Wow! Glad you're finished with that now. There was a color run here a month or so ago...seems like everybody and their brother was there. I should probably have been there since its charity partner was Autism Speaks and I'm a special ed teacher, but my crowd tolerance is low and there was a massive turnout.

    Good luck with the half marathon!

  4. Wow, I'm tired just reading all that!

    I hope you have fun at your race! :)

  5. Good luck this weekend! I bet you will surprise yourself. Our fall has been crazy busy as well - not farming but starting and coaching a youth xc team.

  6. what busy times in your life! That color race looks like SO much fun, can't wait for ours in Feb which seems like forever away! Love the fall pics of the trees...so pretty! races are always fun with friends, glad you girls had a good time!

  7. I love hearing about all the different harvest stuff! Despite growing up in IA, I know NOTHING about farming. Love the Deere hate too!

    Hope you had a fun half! :)

  8. Sounds like the color run was just what you needed! I loved your tights! And your trees are beautiful. I dream of having a tree lined lane someday.

  9. It looked hard but when you heard it from a real farmer. You realized that it is even harder.

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