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Saturday, November 5, 2011

RCC Run the Woods

The RCC Trail Race  didn't start till 11:00.  This race is only 4 miles from my house, so I just had to do it. Right!   The 4-Mile trail runs over open pasture to dense timber; including rocks and
rough terrain, steep upgrades and water crossings.

 I loved that I got to sleep in this morning.  Good thing, because I didn't sleep worth a crap last night.  My buttock was aching all night.   I don't know what I did because it has been feeling a lot  better lately.  DAM BUTTOCKS.  

When I got up I had to get hubby's lunch ready for him to take to the field. Than  I had a few errands in town  to run before the race. 

  I did this Trail Race last year and said I wouldn't run it again. It is a tough trail race. This trail  race is literally a pasture where they put cows to pasture for a short time. You are mainly running in the cow path that they make when they are put there.  So you're not only running through creeks or jumping over fallen trees, your trying not to step in any cow pies.   It looked like to me the cows hadn't been moved very long ago.  The cow pies were  looking  pretty fresh to me.   I was trying so hard to watch my step because I didn't want to sprain an ankle or screw up my knees, that I unfortunately kept stepping in those DAM cow pies.   

Water CrossingI'm not use to running  trails, so for me this is very challenging.  I fell 2 times, each time I was praying I wouldn't land in a cow pie.  Thank goodness that didn't happen.   I was already going to smell like shit when I got done with this race from stepping in so many cow pies.  Last year, I don't remember having to deal with fresh cow pies, they  must of moved the cows earlier last year.

Yes, I finished in 45 min.   I really liked doing this race this year.  It was a nice change from always  running  on the pavement.

My next race is in two weeks, it is the BIG Living History Farm  Off Road Race.  We're dressing up as the 3 Little Pigs. 

                                        Have you ever done a Trail Race?

                                 What do you like about running Trails?


  1. Great job! I have never done a trail race b/c I do not want to kill myself! lol I like running on the road. You never know about your footing when you are running on trails..I don't need to break an ankle...although I think it would be nice and peaceful running on trails, I will stick to pavement.

  2. I've never done a trail run...it kinda scares me! I have the feeling I'd spend more time on my bum then on my feet!

  3. Great job getting out there and doing something you aren't comfortable with! Trail racing is really fun, but yes, really hard! (especially w/ cow pies to fall on!).

    I did a 35k trail race in Australia last year. It was SO far out of my element. In real, big, scary mountains. I was really spent at the end, but so glad I did it.

  4. I LOVE trail races. I've done a bunch of them. In fact, I just did one yesterday, and I have a long one in two weeks. The first time I did a trail race, I fell twice. On the flattest, easiest parts of the trail. I like them because it's so much prettier than running on the road, and having to really pay attention to where you're stepping makes the time go by much more quickly for me since I'm too busy to think about the fact that my heart is about to explode. :)

  5. I don't know if I could handle a trail race. Falling doesn't appeal to me and I fall on trails walking so running would be downright dangerous.

    Thank goodness you missed the cow poop when you fell!

  6. I have only run trails a few times with the local running club. But I would like to try an actual race. My biggest fear is that I am navigationaly challenged & fear getting lost!

  7. I have done one trail run but I would not consider it one since it was done one a paved bike path. I was a little disappointed by that.

    Great job! I can't wait to see your three little piggy pictures!

  8. Wow! I'm impressed! Awesome job, my friend. I love your pictures too - you look so pretty!

    I have done a couple of trail races and while I really enjoyed them for the challenge, they were rough on my knee. Someday, though, I think I might like to try a trail half marathon - I need to really work up to that though!

    Nice work! :)

  9. I've never done a trail run...looks awesome though! What a cool way to run! I might have to see if these take place here in Texas!

  10. Wow, that does look brutal! Yes I have done a couple of trail races and what I LOVE about them is I don't care about my time. I just go running. It's so different from a road race.

  11. Looks like so much fun! I like trail runs because you're always on your toes looking out for obstacles and constantly changing your footfalls. It keeps it interesting and time goes by faster!

  12. I did a trail 5k once, but wasn't a fan over how crowded it got in spots. Great run!

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  14. I've never hit the trails before...only some hiking and very little running. Looks like it would be a fun new challenge though! I just have a hard enough time getting the hang of the pavement thing ;)

  15. hey just found you through "run on" and I have yet to do a trail race but I run trails as often as I can b/c I just LOVE running even more when in nature :) nice job and time

  16. I need to do a trail race! I can't imagine running around dodging cow pies- talk about an adventure :)


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