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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fun Weekend, Glow Run

This weekend was pretty busy.  Friday night we went to the Raccoon River Music Hall to hear the Rumbles. The Rumbles are an awesome  band. I love to dance, so I was in heaven shaking my bootie.  Their was about 30, of us that were going to hear the Rumbles. We started out at my sister's house  first for happy hour and than headed on over to the Music Hall.  I slept in Friday morning, because I new it was going to be a long night.  I ended up getting my workout  in by dancing till my hearts content. I had sweat running everywhere. I looked like a drenched rat. We had so much fun. 

Sure hope he doesn't let  go.



Saturday morning I got to slept in, than later that morning  I tried to catch up on my cleaning.   My running partners husband had a routine Colonoscopy a week ago and it came back positive for cancer. He went in for  surgery last Wednesday.  When Tree talked to the doctors after surgery they  said they got all the cancer and  he was cancer free, "Answers to prayers".   They  released  him  late Saturday morning to go home.   Tree and I were suppose to run the Glow Run Saturday night, but she  didn't want to leave her husband  home  alone, since he just got home from the hospital.  Tree's daughter said, she would come and stay with him so we could do the Glow Run.  Mike hasn't been able to get in the field, for several weeks, because it has been raining here off and on, so  he thought he would go to the race with us.   I said sure he could be our chauffeur and cheerleader at the race.  It was so nice to have Mike there and enjoy the fun with us. Mike has never went with us to a race before, mainly because he's usually  in the field or just to busy with the farm work.  I was one Happy Girl.

The starting line, showing my lighted glove and pink hat. 

Finishers, but I lost my DARN PINK HAT, BUMMER

Sunday we had two birthday parties to go too and one visitation. Mike's nephew's daughter Lily Grace was turning 7, and her dad was having a birthday party for her at Grandma's house.  The second birthday party was at our neighbors  that help Mike during planting and harvest time.  His little girl was turning 7 and his little boy was turning 5. We stayed at the second birthday party for about an hour and than had to leave to go to a visitation    I was glad we went to the visitation early,  because their was a line of people  already when we got there.  I was so happy to finish my day off  by vegging  out at home, before bed time.  

                                  Have you ever ran the Glow Run?



  1. I'm doing a Rave Run in a few weeks which is pretty much the same thing. I didn't realize til after I signed up they had a Glow Run too...you get a medal for the glow run, none for the Rave Run...oh well it's just a 5K and truly just for fun. Love the outfit. I plan to have fun with mine as well.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope your friend recovers from surgery well. Glad to hear they were able to get everything!

    I've never done a glow run before but it looks like so much fun!

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  5. Looks like fun! I think Chicago has a Glow Run coming up in June. Doubt I'll do it cuz I'm too far from the city, but if I were closer I would.

  6. Thank goodness your husband is cancer free now! I've never been to a Glow Run before.

  7. that looks like so much fun! can't believe I haven't visited your blog in a while...glad all is okay!!!

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